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  1. Better than making minimum wage at McDonald's while paying off your college debt... Everyone pay tax. doesnt matter what you do or how much money you make... I'm not thinking of having kids anytime soon, but I've heard that the gov gives you money if you have kid here in Canada.
  2. Make sense, a coworker of mine has a similar job doing security or something for AT&T. He makes lots of money too lol Wish I have this problem Another question, what did you study in college?
  3. Make sense. Thanks so much man! I probably wont end up getting it then. Cus even though its cheap for VR, $400 is still a lot of money.
  4. damn man!!! Do u mind if I ask what you do? Im surprise you didn't get like top of the line 10 cores, custom water cooling etc. lol Actually if i made that much money I would spend it on other "unhealthy stuffs" and not computer hardware lmao.
  5. I agree with this. But again, its his money, and its not like hes spending it on drugs or hookers lmao.
  6. when did he get it? and how long did he use it until it becomes boring for him?
  7. quick googling http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-1773912/asus-anti-surge-problems.html
  8. yeah I was thinking the same thing, since all the videos and article online says the same thing. And theres even rumour that new headsets are coming out early next year
  9. exactly! any gpu is good enough for him let alone a 1080 or 1080ti. I'd say go with the give him 1080, and then u can even get a 1080ti and even a second one for SLI after u sell the other 1080
  10. I have a ultrawide 3440x1440 and I think even the 1070 is good enough. I'd say the 1080 is good enough. You are an awesome brother tho, to spend $500-$750 on gift, my brother never done that for me lmao. Just a thought but you can even save money and give him one of your 1080 lol.
  11. So I've been looking for a VR headset, and I settled on getting the Oculus Rift, since its cheaper and I dont have a lot of room for the HTC Vive. I found a deal on Kijiji for $400 Canadian, I offered him $370, waiting on a reply. So around $300-$320 US. The combo includes: -The headset -2 sensors -Touch Controllers -Xbox controler and adapter -And some accessories I'm pretty sure my PC is capable of running VR: i7 4790 & GTX 1070. Can I afford it? Yes. But I don't like to waste money. So that's why I'm asking, is VR worth i
  12. I downloaded the file, extract it on to a usb, boot into bios, go into tools, click on bios update flash (cant remember exactly the name), then I click on the file, and it ask me "do you want to read this file" i clicked yes, it said "do you want to upgrade bios" I clicked yes. and it start to load and then when it done it resets itself. and I double checked, the bios version number changed to the one I installed. So yeah im pretty sure its upgraded. I resetted the computer a few times too, it still in the same version.