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  1. Google Photos(For photos I WANT to keep.), Flickr(keep ALL photos including ones deleted, cause free 1tb storage...), then to a external HDD once a month. (Pretty much everything, or anything I want to backup.) Also note I don't take pictures too often.
  2. I've seen people use TrinusVR its a viable solution for casual VR gaming on pc. Obviously nowhere good/perfected as an actual VR headset. (ex. vive, oculus)
  3. I typically go with G. Skill. The amount of speed doesn't really matter at all for gaming. Just get the cheapest one with good reviews, you should be good to go.
  4. At this point your best bet is to directly contact msi. If you are confident in taking off the backplate and taking a look, go for it as it usually isn't too difficult. (I have not had experience with msi backplates, but have removed other brands with ease. ex. EVGA) But again I'd recommend just contacting them.
  5. What card do you have? 1060 Gaming X? Also from what I've found people needed to download msi help desk software, to get the code. I'm unsure, msi being difficult i guess... Try that and get back to me.
  6. S/N should also be on the sticker? (side of the box)
  7. Honestly I didn't even look but get the cheaper one. I have a feeling one has rgb and one doesn't.... ...lol just checked. Yeah seems like one has RGB lighting, so if you don't need that then go with the cheaper one.
  8. Yes. It will, but like others have said why not go with a newer cpu? Don't both have 4 cores, 4 threads? I'm fairly certain a i5 2500k (EXPECIALLY when oc'd) would beat out a i5 4400.
  9. I personally use Panda Antivirus as its the most lightweight imo. But I heard Avast now is also fairly lightweight as well with "gaming mode" on. NOTE: I personally do not buy anti-virus software because imo its useless, when you can just pair it with malwarebytes. This of course is your choice to make. 9/10 times you are paying for features/gimmicks not needed especially for an "experienced" pc user. (again back to the point above, not clicking random links and such, using common sense.)
  10. Honestly windows defender is fine as long as you use common sense online. (aka. don't click the ad that says "FREE $100 STEAM GIFTCARD CLICK NOW") I personally like to combo a free antivirus software (ex. avast) and then malwarebytes. I highly recommend "pairing" windows defender with malwarebytes as well.
  11. Just looking for a cheap tablet or laptop that will mainly be used to watch/play media on. (spotify, youtube, netflix, hulu) Anyone have recommendations?, should I just pick up any cheap tablet? Thanks. NOTE: I prefer Android, as I like to root. And I do prefer windows over chrome os.
  12. yes, that's fine. Start worrying once its over 80c.
  13. J/C

    AMP or Armor?

    I went with the armor, don't like the look of the amp. (no real diff. in performance so get the one that looks better to you)
  14. The 960 you have there is the same price/lower as a 1060. (ex. EVGA $250, EVGA SC is $260, the MSI one I have is $270.) note: I'm guessing the system your building is the pcpartpicker link below?
  15. I use g2a often, and only used shield if its over 10 bucks as well. I have never had any real issues as I only buy from "known sellers". (I did buy tomb raider 2013 w/ no shield and it didn't work. But I contacted the seller and I recieved a new code plus an extra for free. )
  16. Is the $1200 just for parts? or other things too?
  17. If you can find a GTX 950, that be a good buy imo. I see new ones going as low as 115 usd - 102 euros. Good card for medium/high settings 1080p 60fps. OR go for a decent used card.
  18. If you don't really need the full 2TB, just go with a new 1TB drive for like 50 bucks.
  19. 1440p no brainer for visuals, but if you are a competitive gamer or just like high refresh rates, go for 1080p 144hz.
  20. Use rainmeter and download a few monitoring widgets to your liking.
  21. Yeah my 650TI on my htpc is doing fine as well no real issues. Just MANY reviews I've seen points out NVIDIA's "terrible" driver support in the long run and saying it can be a factor in choosing between the two.
  22. So recently I had a post up called "like new" GTX 970 or a new GTX 1060", I concluded that I was most likely going to get the 1060 (Many did recommend a RX 480). Now I'm aware that NVIDIA isn't always the best with their drivers and keeping up with their older cards, and this upgrade needs to last me around 3-4 years. My question being, is it WORTH getting the RX 480 still because of its driver support in the long run? Also I know pure performance wise the 1060 slightly beats out the RX 480 with lower temps and power draw. But I also completely understand the DX12/Vulkan optimizations and its strengths in future games. In future games how much of a performance difference do you guys actually expect between these cards? (using dx12/vulkan) Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks Note: Prices, I am asking this question with the prices in mind at MSRP. (RX480 8GB at $240 and GTX 1060 at $250) as I am expecting to wait for prices to drop. My budget is also ~$270 so yes I am willing to spend a little more on a 1060 if that is the better choice. Also I do think I will benefit using CUDA in programs like premiere pro.