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  1. ummm ok let me put my 750 back in the shell them thanks a lot
  2. yes but i ask because the new encoder form nvidia uses less bandwith
  3. am usin AMD codec because my cpu is old (i5 4690 non-K) and if i use x264 i lost fps
  4. am reading some people using 2 NVidia cards 1 for encode 1 for play ( gtx 980 and 1080ti) bot nothing with multibrand
  5. Hello toy talking with a friend about streaming and the bandwith for that, in my country have a 2-3mbps upload speed and we want to stream with good quality but using the less banwith, he tell me that in th enew OBS they added a new codec for nvidia and i remember i have my old 750ti 2gb on my closet getting dust and my actual GPU is a AMD RX 580 my question is: can i use my old 750ti to codec the stream (in OBS) and my RX 580 to play videos games? and if i can how? Thank for the help
  6. I have a VPS with DO, i use primarly as a openvpn server, i used a easy to setup script (wget https://git.io/vpn -O openvpn-install.sh && bash openvpn-install.sh) and everything work fine, but i cant download file over https, if i connect my clients and even try a apt-get update, it cant download anything, i wanna use the vps for a Metatrader 4 program (forex exchange broker) but it need to download some file over https and cant get it to download. i try another vps just created and work just fine, but i cant afort aonther vps at the moment so i like to use the one i have.
  7. Vibit

    Internet Bonding

    aonther thing if you use Netflix you have to make another configuration using static IP on the devide and telling to pfsense use the ISP 1 or ISP 2 gateway (not the VPN conections) to go to internet, because netflix have a proxu cheker and almost all VPS are on their list of proxy you cant use de VPN conection to watch netflix
  8. Vibit

    Internet Bonding

    Hello im from Venezuela too and i bonded my 2 ISP conection (Inter & some private ISP) and have a total of 6mbps, you can do it buy yourself but is a little complicated if you dont know about networking, i use an old pc to run a PFSense router with 3 NIC's 1 lan 1 ISP1 1 ISP2, i rented a VPS server (the cheapest one 5$ a month) and dispacht a VPN Server, in my PFsense router i make 2 Conections to my VPN each one goin out with 1 ISP, them i loadbalance both VPN Conections and configure my NAT to get to the internet from the new gateway (both VPN-ISP Conections) and suceffuly bond my 2 IPS, but there is something to say, i not every time download at 6mbps (600kbps) because to download at that speed the download server/provider have to use multiple channels to download (to use both VPN Conections) if i download in steam can use 6mbps od with jdownloader too, but a direct download from website is goin to use only 1 conection because wotn support multiple channel, speedtest uses multiple channel on their test too.
  9. 2018 Update. I can do this with my 2 different ISP on my home office, just use a openVPN on my VPS my pfsense router and my 2 nic's withdown paying more or use only 1 ISP. am bonding my 2mbps (isp 1) speed with my 2ish mbps(isp2) speed and download steam update at 4mbps even 5 mbps in the nights (just a video recomendation or video update 2018)
  10. Hello i already have y 2 new nics, and want to buy the intel pro 4x nic but in a future, and already with de use of a VPN and PFsense i can bonde my 2 speed in to 1 and can download and 12mbps and upload at 3mbps, right now i have only 3mbps download an 2.25mbps upload because 1 isp still wont speed up my conection to 10mbps. am planing to bring another ISP but firts need the inter NIC because my MB have only 2 PCI slots and bith are used on my 2 ISP
  11. im setting up a PFsense router with an old core 2 duo i have laying arround in my house, if you want can give a try.
  12. Hello am setting up a router from a old pc i have (core 2 duo) to use in my home office, but the pc have only 1 NIC 10/100mbps. I need to buy 2 more NIC for my 2 ISP but im not sure what speed is better kepping my cost low, because my speed conecction are not too fast, i dont know if a 1GBPS NIC will be better than a 100mbps NIC in my scenario (i know it will be better in general, but as i say want to keep my cost low as possible) My ISP Speeds are: ISP 1: 2Mbps Upload 2Mbps Download ISP 2: 1Mbps Upload 10Mbps Download My plan is to buy only 1 1Gbps NIC and 1 100Mbps NIC and use the 2 100Mbps NIC for my ISP conections and the 1Gbps NIC to my Switch and LAN Conection. keep in mint that in my country (outside USA or Canada) is hard to find and even hardder to buy a 1Gbps NIC or a 4x 1Gbps NIC. All the NIC i have in mint to buy are Intel PRO 100 or 1000 Mbps and can only find 3 in my country.
  13. Hello i want to know if i can use 2 audio board for diferents purpose at same time, in one i wnat to listen music (youtube, itunes, spottifi, etc) and from the other (my usb headsets) want to heard the audio from my game (Cs:Go, GTA V, etc) at same time, Am usin Windows 10 64x my Audio boards are: 5.1 CH HD Audio (VIA® VT1705 Audio Codec) (want music come out from this board) USB Audio Device (Some generic USB "7.1" headsets) (want audio from my game come out from this board) Hope you can tell me something
  14. Thx for the fast reply, I will wait to the arctic termal paste arrives and give a try and post the result, the las time i check my i7 cooler dont have cooper on the core just aluminium. But readding the P4 have one of the highest temp of the intel CPU so this is why I want to try on a i7. Can you tellme if my temps are normal or are highest than the rest. I have 2 120mm Thermaltake FANS that come with my case 1 pushing air to the case and one pulling out and 2 80mm Generic fans on the side panel pushing air too.
  15. Hello this is the first time I post on the Forum and hope you can helpme with this. I have a P4 stock cooler that's 2x bigger than my i7 2600 stock cooler, I want to know if putting the P4 cooler on my i7 the Temp will decrease. My Temps right now are: Idle: CPU: 35C CPU Core 1: 34C CPU Core 2: 37C CPU Core 3: 44C (this one is always hotter) CPU Core 4: 38C 100% AIDA Stress test: CPU: 50C CPU Core 1: 72C CPU Core 2: 73C CPU Core 3: 78C (this one is always hotter) CPU Core 4: 75C I want to buy a 212evo or any aftermarked cooler but in my country (Venezuela) is very hard to buy one so will pass some time till I buy an aftermarked coller so I want to try this cooler I found. I'm waiting for the arctic number 5 to arrive the next week and hope helpme with this TEMPS