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  1. Hey everyone, first of all thank you for reading my post and hopefully trying to help me. I live in Venezuela and unfortunately our internet issues are as bad as they can get, together with our government. I can't play online with my ADSL Internet as I can't have a fun experience, my only choice is to browse the internet and play online with my LTE connection via hotspot, however I can barely get 6 mb download speed and 100/150ms ping during the day, at night the LTE gets better giving me 30+ mb download and 15+ upload with 90ms ping, unfortunately I can't always play with my 4G hot
  2. It shows 0 results. Maybe it's because my card is detected as a 31mb? It doesn't show up as 32GB. I don't want to lose all my hopes
  3. So I contacted LC Tech as they are recommended by Sandisk and they want to charge me around $300 for my 32gb. Anyone could possibly help me fix this myself please? It's been days and nothing
  4. I don't have a recovery center nearby unfortunately. I'm not in the US ?
  5. Hello everyone. I really need help with this problem and would be very grateful if you helped me. I accidentally took out my MicroSd card from my phone, when I tried to put it back in it wouldn't read it so I went ahead and plugged it to the computer, when I try to access it it says "The disk in drive H is not formatted. Do you want to format it no?" I always press no. Here's what it says in the Disk Management Please I really need the data back any help will be much appreciated?
  6. Hello everyone, so just about tonight I found out about Internet bonding, saw a video from a guy named Nerdgasm, and then another one from Linus, I saw they both used a device and connected two different ethernet cables from two different modems and it seemed like that device combined both internet connections and provided one including both speeds. So my question is, will this work as I suppose it should work? Like having double download speed and upload? I'm from Venezuela, unfortunately we have a monopoly in terms of basic services such as electricity, internet, etc. I already got the
  7. I'll fly to the States from Venezuela. I'll be there for few days and then fly to the Middle East! I will buy few other usbs to back everything up and leave them here. You had an external hard drive or a normal hard drive?
  8. SanDisk Ultra Fit 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Sounds good? 64gb is plenty of space for what i have btw thanks for your responses
  9. lmao!! To the main topic should i get another hard drive and back up everything and leave it here? What should i look for? I only need about 100gb.
  10. I've read that they are allowed to check them without any order " No surprises here: according to a 2008 ruling made in a federal court, customs agents at U.S. airports can inspect the contents of passengers’ laptop computers. They don’t even need any evidence to do so. The Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco declared a computer to be no different to a suitcase, car or any other property subject to search at an international border. " Source: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/smartphone-laptop-searches-know-rights/ I have been to Italy and France more than
  11. You're right but i don't know what could happen i may get too unlucky what is considered illegal in the States? Forgot to mention i'm travelling with my father, his spouse and my brother so it would be embarrasing if they checked my personal stuff if you know what i mean
  12. Hey everyone. I will travel to the United States in may for the first time, i'll be there for few days and then head to the Middle East. Since i'll be for a few months in the Middle East i wanted to take with me my external hard drive with everything in it. What concerns me is would the security at the airport take it from me or check everything in it? I have a lot of personal things such as, pictures, chat history, memos and stuff like that. What would be illegal inside of it? I have pictures of friends and don't know i'm kinda concerned. I'm so paranoic i want to get myself another external
  13. Intel = Quality! You are talking about an i5. The i7 4790k is way better!