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    Gigabyte Z390 Gaming mATX
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    16 GB DDR4-3000
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    ASUS STRIX 1080
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    Meshify C Mini
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    1 TB 860 EVO + 2 TB Seagate HDD
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    Seasonic 750W
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    Dell AW3418DW
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  1. TeenTesla

    DAC to Computer Via USB Hub On Monitor?

    So I just realized that I never mentioned that the unit has a dedicated power supply, and the USB is only for audio data. Does this change the answer?
  2. TeenTesla

    DAC to Computer Via USB Hub On Monitor?

    This has a dedicated power supply, the USB is only for data
  3. TeenTesla

    DAC to Computer Via USB Hub On Monitor?

    Unrelated, but do you know where I can get high quality audio from? (Like does spotify/amazon music/google music,etc have an option to download FLACS or stream very high quality?) If not, any sample files so I can test the difference between the dac/amp and built in one on mobo? (just got it) Lastly, if I turn up the knob all the way up, and turn on high gain, can that damage the headphones? (It'll get loud enough to use as speakers)
  4. TeenTesla

    DAC to Computer Via USB Hub On Monitor?

    Sennheiser HD 579s. I'll try to look for a longer cable (it's just usb to micro usb), does it matter if I use an old phone charging cable?
  5. TeenTesla

    DAC to Computer Via USB Hub On Monitor?

    So the usb cord from my amp/dac (O2+SDAC) combo is too short to reach my PC from where I want it, but can reach my monitor's built in USB 3.0 hub. I am wondering if using that hub will have any negative effects on the sound quality or cause any other issues? I wouldn't think it does, since the USB is carrying a digital signal and unlike analog is either on or off so doesn't usually suffer from quality losses in cables?
  6. TeenTesla

    What monitor "price up to $1200" do I couple with my RTX

    If you use reddit, follow r/ultrawidemasterrace for the latest news/deals and comments from knowledgeable people.
  7. TeenTesla

    What monitor "price up to $1200" do I couple with my RTX

    There is the AW3418DW, ultrawide, 120 hz, 4ms, IPS, G-sync, lowest price: $720. Ultrawide is really great if you are good with 120 Hz, if not and you still want ultrawide, wait a bit as 144hz & HDR options are coming (but will be closer to if not higher than your price limit). If you like 16:9 look at those options, but you don't necessarily have to lose your 4k monitor if you can just put it next to the new one. Acer, ASUS, Dell, LG, etc all have compelling offers in this area, and I would recommend shopping around and reading up on their reviews / waiting for one to go on sale.
  8. I found the issue. Both go up and down with each other no problem. However: when I hit fast on the right side, the left stabilizer detaches from stem, and thus the right side gets pressed but the left and middle don't. This also explains the momentary 'stuckness' feeling afterwards, as the stem has to go back on the stabilizer. Since inverting the spacebar does work, I think the issue is with the stem and not the actual stabilizer?
  9. No cracks, all three go in. Maybe I am being a bit too aggressive with my typing?
  10. Wait, people seriously invert their spacebar on purpose? Why? After about a day of using this spacebar config, the only difference I am finding is that it's a bit further away from my thumb, and curves awkwardly... Here are the pictures, I don't notice that anything is noticeably broken, but am not sure.
  11. So they just gave me a 25% discount and told me to go talk to CM about it. I flipped my space bar upside down, and now the problem is gone. (Except if I quickly press the spacebar on the left side). So I think that means it might be my actual spacebar key that is broken somehow? If so, how can I replace it? (bc it feels slightly weird with it upside down).
  12. Ok so this definitely isn't supposed to happen? I don't think I broke anything, it's always been like this. Should I contact amazon or cooler master about this?
  13. TeenTesla

    Is SLI still a bad idea?

    The main turn off for me is that not everything supports SLI, so a lot of the time you'll just have a second card there basically doing nothing. That and the extra power consumption is why I personally wouldn't, but you can make your own choices.
  14. TeenTesla

    Sound amp sorta?

    Why can't it just plug into your PC via USB? As that's much more standard, and you'll have an easier time looking if that works.
  15. So if hit the spacebar from the right side (as I use my right thumb) with enough speed (to type fast) it does this stupid thing where the right side dips, but the center and left side stay where they are. This means my click doesn't register, and it feels awful as it gets momentarily stuck. Basically the right fake switch gets pressed down, but not the actual switch or the left fake switch. The keyboard is barely a few weeks old, got it new from amazon. How can I fix this problem?