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  1. Hello everyone, I have lined up 3 laptops. Have to decide which one to buy. HP Pavilion Gaming vs Dell Inspiron G3 vs Lenovo Ideapad L340-15IRH. They all have the same specs (the only difference is Lenovo having just one RAM slot): i5-9300H GTX1650 256 GB SSD I've decided that i will make the decision based on the thermals but the more i read the more mixed reviews i get. Depending on the source, the results vary a lot. I am wondering whether any of you have any experience using one of those and can offer some guidance. Thanks!
  2. Hello, Maybe you guys will think of something because I've run out of ideas. I need to sync my business office 365 calendar with any other calendar that is available on mobile. Could be iOS, Google, even another but private Office 365/Outlook calendar. I need this because I travel a lot for business reasons and my lovely company does provide a pretty good laptop but no mobile phones whatsoever! So, anytime I land on an airport or arrive at the train station i have to get my laptop out of the bag, turn it on and check whether anything changed while i was in transit. Now in it's greatness, the company restricted installation of any software that requires admin rights, and also blocked the official way of syncing the calendar via the office 365 options. I also cannot access the business office 365 account from my mobile due to the company's limitation on MobilePass tokens (one per employee, which is used for the laptop). I am counting on your creativity. Is there any way this can be done?
  3. How would you describe the amount of pre-configuration that is required for KeePass to work with Nexcloud. Is it an out of the box functionality?
  4. It sound like he has found a webiste that requires login to access and is also geoblocked. He can log in but cannot access because it is geoblocked and when he's using VPN, he can access but the site logs him off automatically and does not allow him to log back
  5. This happened to me as well but the SMS password reset option worked like a charm. That sounds perfectly reasonable. Great multi-level backup. The only thing i have against Keepass is that is not really intuitive and is intended for offline use. That works for some people just like yourself but what i really love about LasPass is the fact that I can update the password on my PC and can use it on my phone 30 sec later. I'm thinking about simply downloading passwords from LastPass running LastPass Pocket and then transferring them to KeePass or something similar but there are 2 problems with this. First of all this has to be done manually and for it to work i would have to do it every lets say 2 months, for companies that can even be weekly. Second of all, i don't know how KeePass handles duplicates with batch import and this may be a huge issue for power users.
  6. Don't get me wrong, i love LastPass and have used it for a couple of years now but there is always this one thing at the back of my mind. I do realize that they provide a really good level of security so I'm not really worried about data being leaked etc. but let's imagine that LastPass ceases to exists tomorrow for some reason and users are unable to access their passwords. (I don't have a scenario for this so just bear with me) Now for regular users like myself using LastPass Password Generation thingy this will be fine, i cannot remember passwords like" !HF%(&HFGD$JDS89@" but i can request password changes for 10 accounts or whatever but imagine that happening in case of Linus or any other power user. This would be a disaster possibly causing some serious financial setback especially for companies. With Linus strongly promoting data backup, keeping at least one offsite backup of the data etc. I wonder, whether users should keep additional copy of all the passwords? Possibly using another program similar to LastPass?
  7. I agree. I have used multiple cables with multiple bricks of various manufacturers. Some work quicker some slower depends on the amperage but they do work every time. The fancy rapid charging brick from OnePlus works with IPhone as well
  8. Any of you guys use Disroot cloud and/or mail service? I'd like to get your opinion. For those who do not know it, it is pretty much a community base project that focuses on privacy and safety of the data. It does not sell any data and the only thing it collects is the minimal amount of data. It encrypts whatever is possible to encrypt and you actually own the data in the cloud. Unlike the popular mailing/cloud services, even admins cannot access whatever you decide to store. Their goal is to be as transparent as possible and they use only open source software which is personally a huge thing for me. More informations here: https://disroot.org/about I'm using it for a couple of days now and it works great. I really like the idea and the community seems to be great but i cannot find anything that would confirm or refute whether they are really as secure and private as they state. Opinions are welcomed!
  9. @Drak3but they really help concentrate. You don't have to deal with other people's bs.
  10. @Minibois hah, haven't heard of that one but it took me like two weeks to understand the Miltank thing so... and yeah being around 8-9 does not help @Daring I've seen English, German, Japanese, Korean and Chinese ones. There are probably also French and Spanish but that's probably it.
  11. What? You know they had REPEL in the shop? it prevented wild Pokémon from attacking you
  12. @Cyberspirit it depends on what type of cubicle it is. The smallest ones are really depressing but the one I have right now (it's like 4 small ones together) is really fine.
  13. Really guys noone have linked this yet? But I agree with @Ezzy-525 tea every time.
  14. During one of the live streams Linus was unboxing something (I have no idea what name he used for it) that would allow him to automatically switch from one mobile carrier to another. It was pretty much a box with a couple of sim card slots. Don't you guys have data roaming in US/Canada?! I means I was really shocked. In most EU countries if there is no signal from your carrier, your phone automatically switches to another one and you can still use your data plan like nothing happened. Sure, the transfer speed is a bit lower but it's still more than fine.