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  1. I havent tested the lan ports directly but i dont think i really have to since the same problem occurs when the ps4 is connected wirelessly so the problem cannot be in the switch thanks for the replies so far
  2. Yes both connected to a new switch(that isn't the problem for sure). We are using optical fiber … Though I don't know much about the modem because we've got it from out ISP. The whole circuit goes like this: optical fiber -> modem -> Router -> Switch -> PC,PS4 etc. At this point the problem could be either in the router, modem or the ISP. Also I've tried doing couple of connection tests here are some results: Duration of test 10m 33s since 2020-12-28 14:33:53 Licensed duration of test
  3. both are connected through cat 5e ethernet cable, i havent noticed any other device having this problem though i dont use any other device xd. Just sometimes when the ps4 is on, wifi connection on my mobile phone gets weird and i have to reconnect in order to make it work properly
  4. Pretty much any game i play on my internet loses connection every once in a while. Lats say i play LoL, every few games its says connecting please wait, though i have to restart the game cause it never starts working. The same thing happens when playing lets say Fortnite, the game just"freezes" i can look around but i cant shoot move and everything just stays still. It happens in pretty much every game. The problem is not in my pc since it happens on my PS4 as well. The speed of my internet is something about 600mbp/s so that shouldn't be the problem. Any ideas of what is causing the problem??
  5. yes I used splitter like this... the problem must be that there are only three rings. I only use the cable that came in the box. I need to get som2.5mm to 3.5mm with 4 contacts then thanks though
  6. I've realized im using 2,5mm jack.. Does it have to do something with the fact that i cant listen to stereo music and use microphone at the same time
  7. So I've got these Sennheiser hd 40BT headphones and yesterday i found out they've got pretty decent mic(i could also hear myself which was cool) but it only works when they are turned on and connected via Bluetooth. I was wondering if I could you the microphone as a primary mic because my current one creates lots of noise and is pretty shitty in general. When i connect it through cables the headphones automatically turn off...I've tried connecting the cable to splitter for mic and headphones, I didn't work. Is there any way i can get that microphone working through wires since I
  8. Yes i just found out, the surface was the problem agh .
  9. it is optical, and i've just noticed that the mouse moves just fine when its right on the desk without mousepad so there must be the problem..... Though i dont get why would it just stop doing what its supposted to do.
  10. im using a official mousepad from the exact same company "BLOODY"
  11. so I ran into a problem where the mouse moves perfectly when lifted by few millimeters and barely moves when i put my weight onto it I suppose the pads have gotten thinner and that causes this problem. Is there any way to recalibrate it or something of that kind cause I've already disassembled and assembled it back to the original state and i guess i would have to put a little more glue underneath the pads thanks this is the mouse= https://www.bloody.com/en/product.php?pid=10&id=107
  12. I mean I know to placement and everything needed since I can write those 80wpm though I was asking if its worth adding those extra fingers and if it would not improve the speed or accuracy (that's what i feel i'm the worst at)
  13. So today I decided to relearn my typing technique. I got really used to using 6-8s fingers which is not bad but I would want to get that 9-10. My typing speed was between 70 and 80wpm. Today after first day of learning I got to like 40wpm and it doesn't feel comfortable typing with those 10fingers. The question is that should I keep on practicing with 10fingers or it is not worth and should try to improve accuracy and speed with 6/8 fingers instead. My goal would be to reach 100wpm by the end of this year.
  14. hey guys i lost all of my old mouse configs and so now i have make some tho i dont know what 400dpi into CPI is . ive read that its the same but ive also read that 400dpi=800cpi thanks
  15. hey guys in case i would build myself a new pc how could i install the ms office 2016 that i am currently using on my pc...when i go into subscription on microsoft page it only says about microsoft 365, and i cant find any proof that i own that 2016 version. It is only in the product information tab in for example word. How could i download the same ms office onto a new pc thanks