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  1. LuckyCharm

    Tag Music Files

    The title says it all. I need a program that can find the name of song files in wav format. Any suggestions.
  2. You want the cards to be spaced closer, so there is less airflow between them, so you have to put a loud fan in to cool them of?
  3. Throw it in the microwave for 5
  4. I am looking for some laptop option somewhere between 1000 and 2000. The only thing I care about is having a screen res of 1440p and up. Other than that I want it to have the best gpu possible within that price point.
  5. Here is a picture of her inside my system.
  6. Find a dead board being sold on ebay as scrap.
  7. Only if you have a spare cooler that doesn't have the round asetek design. There are brackets made for this kind of thing but my cooler wasn't compatible so I went this route. You would also need something to cool the ram and power deliveries. You could use the stock coolers base plate but that was plastic and I thing the motherboard heatsinks do a better job. The good thing about this is that temps went down 30 degrees and it is much more quite.
  8. Is it possible to water cool a GTX 780 with an H60? What about an H60 that uses Corsair's proprietary mounting instead of an Asetec design? And just to complicate things only use zip ties? Behold! I had to use old heatsinks to cover the RAM and power delivery. Here is how hot the card got after playing Witcher 3 at 1440p. I have also flashed the card with the skynet bios. Unfortunately I still can’t change the voltage above 1.212. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.
  9. This isn't for play but for business. They don't have the time to deal with troubleshooting a DUI Pc.
  10. I'm helping out someone who is not super tech savy. They don't know how to build one.
  11. I am looking for a pre-built desktop. The main stipulations are that it should be around 500$, have good sound, and MUST come with windows 7, preferably no bloatware.
  12. Can you play with cpu strap ratios on your cpu board combination?
  13. I have a 970 strix and have gotten a max 1537 stable core clock that I am currently running. I have not changed voltage but it boosts up to 1.2 during load. I also have power at 120% and max tems at 91C.
  14. What type of OCCT should I use, standard, or linpack?