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  1. So I could setup Storage Spaces with multiple pools like this...? Pool #1 = Parity over 3 7200rpm 3TB drives for Plex media pool. Pool #2 = Mirror over 2 WD 3TB Red drives for my NAS. Pool #3 = Mirror over 2 WD Red 1TB drives for my wife's NAS. Pool #4 = Mirror over 2 WD Purple 3TB drives for NVR(would have to buy a 2nd WD Purple). Can I format my single drives that are not OS drives ReFS or would NTFS be better for that?
  2. Problem is that I don't have 10 of the same drives. Instead, I bought the drives for specific uses. The 7200rpm HGST drives were to be my fast Plex drives, the WD Red's to be data drives, the WD Green drives for backups, and the WD Purple drive for the NVR. If I throw all of them into a single pool, I lose the hardware specific features they bring to the table.
  3. I need Windows for a couple reasons. First is that the best NVR program is Blue Iris and it's Windows only. No other similar product on Linux or FreeNAS even comes close. Second is that I will be using this server to learn Active Directory and I don't want to run multiple servers, my electric bill is high enough. Yes I would prefer ZFS, but I just can't without giving up both those options. Also, I don't know Window's Storage Spaces and ReFS. I would love to use them to create something similar to a RaidZ1 volume, not sure if I can. Any tips there would be helpful. Remember that this is a HOME server, so you can't use redundancy & backup logic that you would use in a business. I have to use RAID or something similar to create larger volumes as I mainly have 3TB drives. I don't want a ton of mirrored 3TB volumes, sometimes I need 6TB or more. For example, how am I supposed to backup the 3TB NAS to a 3TB backup, especially if I want revision history, ie multiple backups so I can recover a file several versions old if I wanted. Not about to buy 6TB drives, I want to use what I have. Also, what's wrong with RAID-0 as a backup? if it fails, all I lose are the backups and I can replace a failed drive within 24 hours and make an immediate backup. Considering that I also use redundancy, to lose my data, I would need both the backup and redundancy to fail, and the likely hood of that is extremely low. This is why I want both redundancy and backups, but because I use both, I won't need high levels of either. Remember that I already own all these drives, so I am stuck using them, so to create larger volumes, I have to us RAID. I can buy a couple things, but not a lot. If I had to buy a full hardware RAID card or another 3 TB drive, I can, but don't want to dump a lot into this. I could switch the RAID-5 to RAID-10 by just buying a 4th HDD and that would be cheaper than buying a hardware RAD card. I just would prefer to use the hardware I have if possible and if I had to buy something, keep it minimal. Basically these are the questions I want answered... 1. I like ZFS, but can't use it here, so is there any solution, either within Windows Server 2016 or a separate installed product, that will allow me to do something similar to ZFS's RaidZ1? Multiple volumes of this would be ideal. 2. When I do have to use RAID-1, which solution would be best, motherboard RAID, Windows software RAID, or LSI software RAID through the HBA? I would prefer if I didn't have to buy a hardware RAID card if possible. 3. Reconsidering what a HOME SERVER needs, are my spots for backup and redundancy solid choices or should I change?
  4. I am building a new all in one server for my home to take care of multiple functions. It MUST run Windows 2016 Server Essentials, so need help figuring out what the best redundancy options I have for all the hard drives. Functions: Plex NVR(Blue Iris) DVD/Blu-Ray Ripping & Transcoding(Handbrake) Two NAS, one for me and one for the wife. Client backups Hardware: Xeon E3-1231v3 32GB DDR3-1600 ECC RAM Asus P9D-WS C226 ATX mobo GT 710 video card(no iGPU on CPU) 450W Seasonic Gold PSU LSI 9210-8i HBA card (allows 8 additional SATA ports) Blu-Ray optical drive Define R4 case Two 2-slot external USB/eSATA HDD enclosures. Drives and my initial thoughts on redundancy setup... 3x3TB HGST NAS - Plex media using software RAID-5 1x4TB HGST NAS - Client & OS backup drive, no redundancy needed. 4x3TB WD Red - Two in software RAID-1 for my NAS with the other two in one of the external enclosures in RAID-0 as a backup for NAS. 2x3TB WD Green - in the other external enclosures in RAID-0 as a backup for Plex media. 1x3TB WD Purple - single drive for NVR storage, no redundancy needed. 2x1TB WD Red - Wife's NAS setup in software RAID-1. 2x500GB WD Re4 - Mirrored OS drive using motherboard RAID-1. 1x250GB MX200 SSD - single SSD for Plex client & transcoding, no redundancy needed. How would you setup redundancy if you had this equipment? All drives are already owned. My other option would be to buy a hardware RAID card like an LSI 9260, but nothing were is mission critical, just a home server. Ideas/thoughts?
  5. Practically Free Steam Link

    2nd link worked fine for me. Took you to the main Steam Link page on Steam, which shows several options, one being this sale. After shipping, mine came out to just under $17.
  6. What's better than a Noctua NF-A14 PWM?

    Right now, airflow is more important than noise, but don't want too much more noise.
  7. What's better than a Noctua NF-A14 PWM?

    Will 3x120mm outperform 2x140mm?
  8. What's better than a Noctua NF-A14 PWM?

    The way the H440 is setup, you don't see the intake fans from the side window unless you are looking at it from an extreme angle, so color is not an issue.
  9. I have a pair of these in the front of my H440, but they still struggle to bring in enough fresh air even at max RPM due to the restrictive front intake airflow of this case. I know a new case with a mesh front would be best, but are there any fans out there that would be better as intake fans in my H440 without sounding like a turbine engine? The sound of my current fans is acceptable, but don't want to get much louder. Suggestions?
  10. From that link... CPU torture tests... Meshify C with 2x140mm front fans = 47.3*C Define C with 2x140mm front fans = 53.2*C GPU torture tests... Meshify C with 2x140mm front fans = 56.2*C Define C with 2x140mm front fans = 56.2*C While the GPU numbers are identical, that's a big difference for the CPU. It comes down to the fact that the Meshify C pulls air straight through the front mesh of the case while the Define C pulls it through the side vents and thus the air has to make a 90* turn, which lowers the overall airflow of the case. If you watch Gamer Nexus's new H500P review and follow up video, it dives deeper into that. The trade off is that a mesh front cases tend to be louder, but usually not night & day.
  11. No, the R5 will NOT have airflow similar to the Meshify C. It will have airflow similar to the Define C as both have a solid front cover and pull their air in from top/bottom/side vents on the front bezel, as does my H440, and that is what restricts airflow. The Meshify C has a full mesh front, which is why its airflow is much better. Any case with a solid front won't be any better than my H440. One alternative I have is to replace the two front 120mm fans with very high static pressure 140mm fans and hope they don't get too loud.
  12. No, the R5 is NOT a high airflow case and wouldn't cool any better than my current H440. However, that Fractal Focus G in white is a good idea. While it's not as high quality as I would have liked and has a black front, it has everything else I want. It's the first one on my list, thanks!
  13. Lot of misses here. Remember... $120ish or under as I can't afford a $180 case like many of these recommendations are. HIGH AIRFLOW - this is the ONLY reason I am thinking about swapping out my H440. Many of these recommended cases don't have any better airflow.
  14. I currently have a NZXT H440, but find its airflow to be lacking. Any recommendations on a new case? High direct front airflow, ie mesh in front. Full or mid tower case. No cubes. Needs to support a 240mm rad(CPU) in the front/top and a 120/140 rad(GPU) in the top/rear. Need a side window, the bigger the better, and glass would be ideal if possible. $120 or lower. What I really would like a white version of the Fractal Design Meshify C, but they don't make that. So, any recommendations?
  15. 450W Gold PSU enough for Vega 56?

    Let me ask it this way, if I do get a Vega 56 this Xmas and my my PSU just isn't enough, what will happen?