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  1. I have a paid version of Acronis and LOVE the event triggered backup option. Basically, it does the backup when I shut down the system and only does it once a day. I don't have the deal with a missed backup trying to run when I first login after missing a day. I have several other systems around the house and with other family members that I would like to do this on, but don't have the funds to buy a copy of Acronis for each system. There are a lot of free backup utilities out there, but I can't find any that offer event triggered backups on their free version and their paid versions are more than Acronis! I have a spare HDD in most of those systems, so would like to run a differential event triggered backup on those systems to that spare HDD. I found a site that said Aomei does it, but after downloading and installing it and trying to do it, it says only the Pro version at $59 does that.
  2. System I am selling... Xeon 1650v2, 16GB DDR3-1866 ECC(Quad-channel) & an EVGA GTX 760 SC 4GB. With all other things being equal...would this statement be accurate? "Gaming performance similar to a Ryzan 5 1600, 16GB DDR4-3200, and a GTX 1050."
  3. Running Windows & a server from the same PC

    Something else to consider is your electric bill and how much keeping a gaming desktop on 24/7 for server use might cost VS a lower power dedicated server. Remember that those high powered gaming GPU's suck a lot of juice!
  4. Server as a gaming PC

    While a server can and will play games with an added GPU, some things to consider... 1. CPU/RAM - Games are designed to only use a certain amount of CPU cores & RAM. Servers tend to have a lot more of those than needed, but they tend to be slower, which is why gaming PC's focus on fewer but faster cores and RAM. 2. Power - Power requirements for servers is often higher than normal PC's, so make sure you have a high enough PSU to run your GPU on top of the extra power the server needs. 3. Noise - servers tend not to be very quiet and in fact can be very loud. You might need to do some fan replacement to get a server down to a decent sound level. 4. Heat - servers are built to have small fans blowing a lot of air over their components on a tight chassis, hence the reason for the high noise levels. Make sure the server case & fans are able to handle the added heat from a GPU. I would say that a PURE enterprise level rackmount server would NOT make for a good gaming rig. However, a small business server with good specs in a tower case likely would.
  5. Worth water cooling a 1080Ti?

    Those are stock numbers. I do have an OC applied, just a minor one. I have the voltage, power, and temp sliders on Afterburner maxed. I know it runs stable at 2012Mhz, so thinking about finding the min voltage needed to keep that stable and see what temps I get. Then I will OC the RAM until I find it's max stable OC and the temps I get. From there, I will see if I can get to 2025Mhz and at what voltage and keep increasing the OC & voltage until I get reach my cards max. If I become temp limited, then the AIO might be a good idea, but worried about warranty issues as I don't want to loose the warranty on this card in case something does go bad. I could also just remove the cooler and reapply a higher quality thermal paste or maybe even liquid metal, thoughts?
  6. Worth water cooling a 1080Ti?

    Forgot to add... I have a custom fan profile, fan speed % = Temp-10, with a max of 70%. So 60* would have the fans running at 50%. Under long gaming sessions, card maxes out in the low 80's with the mid-high 70's being average. Case is Corsair 570X with 3x120mm intake fans, a 120mm exhaust fan, and a Corsair H100v2 on the top which cools the CPU and is another exhaust.
  7. This past Xmas, I bought a MSI GTX 1080 Ti Gaming Trio GPU. I didn't get a great chip as it runs hot and becomes unstable when it hits 2025, but is stable at 2012. I tried OC'ing the memory, but that also didn't go far, but was more temp limited. So I was wondering if switching to an AIO(G12,x41) would help me OC farther, or would it only run cooler and quieter? Also, was wondering if anyone has ever undervolted a 1080 Ti? An undervolt wont take my card any higher, but might let it run cooler.
  8. I just got a new Dell 7577(i5,1060) and it came with one 8GB stick of DDR4-2400 CL17, basic Hynix memory. I want to take the system to 16GB total. For around $75-$90 I can buy another stick of the same RAM. However, that CL17 seems high to me as I have seen multiple other vendor's RAM at the same speed with CAS ratings more around 14-15. I am debating if I should buy a 2x8GB kit of DDR4-2400 with a lower CAS and just sell my stick, or just buy one matching stick of what I currently have. Will going from CL17 down to CL15 or even CL14 make any difference and would the added cost be worth it? I will use this laptop for gaming around 50% of the time with the other 50% being general Internet use. Any recommendations/comments/tips/suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
  9. I recently bought this PSU... https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817182263 Several years ago I had a Rosewill Capstone 550M and bought it because it was listed as a Tier-2 PSU on the PSU list. It lasted a few years before I sold it with a system. It ran perfectly, so when I saw a sale on a 650W version, I jumped. However, after buying it, I noticed there is another Capstone listing on the Tier list, and that's for the Capstone-G Series, and at Tier-4. The new PSU I bought had a different/newer box than the one I originally bought a few years back, but it doesn't have the gold triangle logo of the G-Series. Basically what I am asking is if the unit I bought is still considered a Tier-2 PSU, or the lower Tier-4 version, or if these newer Capstone's fall into a different Tier?
  10. With everything else being equal, which set of DDR4 RAM would be faster for a H270 system?
  11. Interesting article... https://www.altaro.com/hyper-v/client-hyper-v-vs-virtualbox/
  12. So Windows 10 Pro has a built in Type-1 hypervisor? Any links to tutorials, either written or video?
  13. Hot Deals 0f 21/2/2018

    MSI ARMOR RX 580 4G at Newegg is back in stock, just ordered one, but don't wait, doubt they have many.
  14. Couple reasons. First is that I am ONLY familiar with Virtualbox at the moment and learning how to do a full type-1 hypervisor isn't something I want to do at this time. Second is that this system will spend most of it's time as a general purpose PC, including gaming. Not sure I want to run that in a VM.
  15. Simple FreeNAS backups?

    My other option is to use the Sophos UTM box I use as a router/FW and instead of running Sophos UTM on bare metal, I VM it inside Windows and then use that Windows system to make backups from one NAS(FreeNAS) to another NAS or external HDD off that box.