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    Don't study biology. Kappa.


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    Intel i5-760 2.8 Ghz
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    Asus P7P55D
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    4 gb of AData DDR3 1333mHz
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    AMD Readon HD 5700 series
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    Cooler master Elite 330
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    Recom Power Engine 600
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    1 Samsung P2270
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    Logitech G500 (Broken)
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    Win 7 Prof 64-bit

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  1. It was in the bottom left for me. It should tell you in the manual for your mobo. If you don't have that look it up on internet. @MrPizza0021
  2. Found some time to quickly check, switch a am somethinh plug with hd audio did it.
  3. Will try later, haven't got time rn. Ill tell you guys later
  4. Speakers don't work either. @ImperialSteele
  5. My speakers are plugged in in the back, which do work, but m earbuds are in the front, which don't work. Goning to try switching them and see if the speakers work in the front.
  6. @openthatchest The thing is, it worked just before it.
  7. Just found it weird, because I didn't move the pc (so the cable would be in place) or removed my earphones (Dunno why it busted then)
  8. Hey guys, I was watching a video when suddenly my front audio jack stopped working. Speakers also didn't work but they weren't plugged in well. Earbuds still work, played a video on my phone and worked well. Any tips?
  9. Might just be a screenshot from a yt video.
  10. Rest of sepcs, resolution of monitor? @PackMaster
  11. Well, I've found an app to stream the phone's sound to a device connected to the same network, but you do need rooting.
  12. Any ways I can stream music from spotify to my xbox one (without rooting)> Thanks in advance guys!