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  1. Hey Guys, Posting on this forum after 3 years now, So I'm really excited, I got into college and got a Dell Inspiron 15 7577. It's got an i7-7700HQ and a GTX 1050Ti with 16GB RAM. So I been using MacBook Pro before this and I love it more than windows 10 but my college work requires windows as it has windows exclusive applications and also I intend to do some gaming as well. But I dont want to leave macOS. So I was hoping to have a separate partition with macOS too. My system in 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD setup. ( I intend to have a partition of 300GB reserved for that). So I wa
  2. Hi LTT, I got addicted to reddit, but I am back Just wanted to know which song is used in this ad to show off the speakers. I cannot find it anywhere. Also is this the right thread to post it, its been long since i used this and I am not used to the new layout yet ! Sorry forgot to add link :
  3. I saw your comment to Dancel that you are a Malayalee.

    Well I'm a Malayalee too from Thrissur,Chalakkudy,Kadukutty.

    1. sms1202


      I am from pattanamthitta

  4. Just go to YouTube visit Jayztwocents channel Check out his recent videos and his shopping guide to liquid cooling parts There he mentions clear tubing melts or something This is not about the primochill at all I was asking is it safe?
  5. Iam sorryI meant to say I heard transparent tubes in general melt It happened to jayztwocents With some other transparent tube in skunkworks
  6. Not issues with the lrtI heard transparent ones melt
  7. Are the transparent ones safe to use ? I am planning to use EK's premix evo coolant I heard about issues about it ?
  8. Can anyone tell me which is the Plexi two way GPU liquid Bridge for EK R9 Fury-X fullcover Blocks
  9. I donno about bridging it, I guess I will just bridge it with tubes as I don't hear EK's terminals being compatible with fury block Won't the 140mm rad make a temp difference ?
  10. (I haven't bought anything,just asking) A loop consists of 240mm Radiator 360mm radiator 140mm radiator 1 CPU Block(for 5820K) 2 GPU Blocks(R9 Fury) For the loop I got 5x 120mm fans 1x 140mm fan 16x this fitting The coolant Tubes Pump/Res combo Did I miss anything ? Is the fittings what I need ? Case is AIR 540
  11. r9 390 otherwise extreme gaming would recommend you save up and get a GTX 980 insted
  12. 1st R9 Fury X (if you have a 120mm rad spot) 2nd r9 fury if case can accommodate 3rd R9 nano(Will fit for sure) Bad performance for $650 if you ask me But performance is not bad