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  1. yes as long as he is giving you a r9 390x and 50 $ go for it
  2. Well unfortunately I'm not an eye doctor but what i can say is the magnification is very little and most likely won't do anything but just to be safe go with the other glasses if it makes you fell better.
  3. There is a slight magnification on the gunner which is "designed for gaming" but in realty it doesn't make that much of a difference other than making the screen slight larger.
  4. The Bioshock Series is really fun So is the portal Series For a even cleaner game try to the moon one of my personal favorites
  5. That is true i have no clue whats going on
  6. In the gta settings you can change the resolution to higher than your native resolution make sure int the settings that the res is set to your native resolution
  7. That is weird u should be getting more performance.. make sure that your resolution is at 1440p at the highest in gta 5
  8. The mhz of ram literally changes almost nothing just go for the highest mhz u can find without a heat sink
  9. well i got that much but does anyone know anything other that
  10. Hi, i have a few questions about the .g64 file format. What is A G64 File? What can view it/edit it? is there anyway to convert it with minimal detail loss?
  11. Make sure the clips that are on the side of the slot are open
  12. That wouldnt change how the ram goes in the comp just wouldn't start
  13. Did you try to turn it around? I only goes in on on one side
  14. Hi, My friend wants a computer for streaming games on twitch he wants to store all his streams on his computer and his budget is 1000$ what do you guys think , is it possible? he has all the peripherals.
  15. If your not accounting for other latencys like monitor latency and proccing time then i think you are technichly correct.
  16. The connection from the gpu to the monitor might be lose or not have enough bandwidth
  17. I have tried this idea and it is simply very hard and impracticle to do. only specific routers can do it and it requires installing new firmware on the routerand it adds a ton of latency and slows down the speed considerably. you would be better off running a ethernet cableor power over ethernet to your basement then to another a router
  18. You should contact newegg ,bundled memory should be compatible with the motherboard it was bundled with
  19. And I thought gaming Laptops were bad... https://www.amazon.com/HORI-Full-HD-Monitor-PlayStation-4/dp/B00QXJF5V6/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1475435598&sr=8-2&keywords=playstation+4+hori&linkCode=sl1&tag=socialtech109-20&linkId=5633385209441afd6a34bbe7ccfbd8d0 What do you guys think?
  20. The TI-Inspire CX-CAS is the best calculator i know of
  21. What is your definition of 'advanced'? All a calculator has to do is solve simple and slightly more complex algebra equations and be able to graph and display shapes. There is no reason to waste money on more ' advanced' hardware