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  1. The greatest change in sound quality occurs when you change the headphones. I doubt buying a DAC, especially one by Steelseries, would create a noticeable sound difference, if it is a good one.
  2. As long as it has quarter inch jack I think most electric instruments will work.
  3. You could try a noise cancelling pair, quieting the outside and thus making you need less volume to counteract the outside sound. Although I'm not sure that blasting your ears off while trying to sleep is the best idea...
  4. If you're just using it to get rid of static, then either one is fine. Spending the extra $100 doesn't seem reasonable for your use case.
  5. In my experience, you don't need either with m50x.
  6. Pretty much made irrelevant by chifi.
  7. Non-native resolutions don't look as good, but it works as a substitution solution.
  8. That's true, so I guess I'd be looking at the 1660ti to 5600xt range? I don't want the problem where the GPU is not good enough for higher settings at 60 though, as those cards may present.
  9. I currently have a 1440p 60hz monitor and for day to day use it works perfectly ok. The problem comes when I try to push my system anything beyond esports gaming. The core system powering this setup is a R5 2600, 1060 6GB, with 8GB 2400mhz. I know this pairing is extremely not ideal. I am thinking of upgrading to a RX 5700 and 16GB of 3200mhz ram, which would definitely be able to run games at 1440p no problem. Then, there's the other option of downgrading to a 1080p monitor, perhaps still with the ram upgrade. The latter option will probably save me quite a bit of money that I can use for oth
  10. The AKG's are comfortable, but in my experience I would not expect plush, luxurious levels of comfort as you describe. The thing about the AKG's is that there is very minimal pressure on your head, but the stocks pads have little travel and could be softer imo.
  11. Wireless is convenient, and you seem to enjoy that factor. The fact that you have to question whether or not wired would benefit you makes me doubt that it actually would. Controlling all other factors, wired has virtually no benefits to the average person, with the exception of having to manage a battery. Now, if you care about getting a good sound for a smaller budget, than yes you would more likely have to consider wired. Think about what your priorities are at this point, they seem to just be getting something that has decent sound, convenience, and durability.
  12. The Massdrop 58x are well respected for the money.
  13. If you suspect your gear is faulty, try using the headset without the mixamp and see if it works. If it does, you know that the mixamp isn't working properly.
  14. Audio interfaces have a completely different purpose than a Schiit stack. If you are looking for headphone DACs and amplification, audio interfaces aren't the way to go.