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    Logitech g105 (Planned: Corsair k95)
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  1. What is Python Interpreter?

    You need to install the file that you downloaded and then select the EXE as your interpreter. Personally, I use the conda interpreter so I can't tell you where yours will be installed.
  2. What is Python Interpreter?

    It's kinda like the java JRE is to Java. You need to download it from https://www.python.org/downloads/ Install that and select its path as the interpreter location.
  3. Hard Drive is 90% dead - What can I Do?

    Unless you have a proper cleanroom, you shouldn't open your hard drive. Basically any dust that gets in there will ruin it. I would try copying the few files that aren't backed up, no matter how slow it is, and just get a new drive (which may be covered under warranty).
  4. What to WHILE ransomware is encrypting?

    I'll look into that. I'm not sure that it'll work for a standard user but I'll check it out.
  5. What to WHILE ransomware is encrypting?

    Yes, but I don't believe that the program could identify every variant of ransomware, so I would rather do something that is guaranteed to work.
  6. What to WHILE ransomware is encrypting?

    I can while testing this, but if people with a standard user account use this program it won't work. I want something that will work no matter what.
  7. What to WHILE ransomware is encrypting?

    Good idea, but I'm pretty sure you need administrator privileges to do that, which may not be possible in all scenarios.
  8. What to WHILE ransomware is encrypting?

    Honestly crashing it isn't a bad idea, not the best, but I'll consider it. Thanks
  9. What to WHILE ransomware is encrypting?

    It's a good idea but I feel that modern ransomware is designed to combat a regular user just stopping it with task manager. I'd also like to have something that works with all variants of ransomware rather than having a chance of not identifying the process. But thanks for your input
  10. I'm writing a program in Python that detects when ransomware is encrypting files. So far, it does detect when ransomware is modifying files such as changing their contents, renaming, or deleting them, but it doesn't do anything useful. All it can tell me is the fact that ransomware is detected, but not prevent it. So I was wondering what it should do to prevent the ransomware. Here are some ideas I had: Shutdown the system immediately, may not work depending on privileges of software or current open applications Log out, may not actually stop the ransomware if it's running as a system process I thought about stopping network access but that wouldn't really stop the encryption, just delay the key being sent As you can see, there's a potential flaw with all of these. What would you recommend I do?
  11. C# Project; Index two arrays in a method

    decimal total = 0; for (int i = 0; i < intArray.Length; i++){ total += decimalArray[intArray[i-1]]; } return total; Sorry, I haven't worked with C languages for a while. I hope that this will help you. Basically, it creates an variable for the total salary and loops through each number of years. It then gets the index of the years worked and subtracts one (because indexing starts at 0). Finally, it gets the salary based on the the new index number of [index-1]. I'd recommend using more specific variable names for the future and keep in mind that you can use the same variable names within different scopes, so your function parameters can be the same as the input parameters. Hope this helps you!
  12. C# Project; Index two arrays in a method

    Where are you calling CalculateTotalSalaries? I'm a little confused as to what each of the 4 parameters are for in that function. What I would do is create an array of all the salaries and then use the C# built in function to sum them: int sum = arr.Sum();
  13. Unedited LTT

    Even if they did provide raw footage, it would probably be nearly half a terabyte per project, which is kinda ridiculous to download just to learn how to edit.
  14. How did this happen to my USB drive?

    Your'e not gonna want to delete that Every drive has that (information about partitions) and you must have "Show protected OS files" enabled. I'd recommend disabling that so you don't accidentally delete something that you actually need.
  15. What do you do to get warmed up gaming?

    Play casual with your friends in a private voice chat and practice as if it's competitive with callouts and economy management.