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  1. I got together all the courage i had left and repasted the laptop with liquid metal. It didn't go over 91 yet testing on gta, but to be fair i expect it will anyway
  2. Well that's great so they design them to run games for 4 minutes and then let them throttle down to 6 hertz and run half life 2 at 14 fps?
  3. TLDR: Overheating laptop - repasted but didnt help a lot, any suggestions? Hey, i recently purchased this laptop, slightly used, as a display model. When I got the laptop, it was overheating a lot, so i took it apart, cleaned the fans, there was almost no built up dust, repasted the cpu and gpu with thermal kryonaut. This did not help at all, the temps stayed around 92-98c where the components would throttle. So I thought maybe i put too much paste, I got arctic mx4 and tried it again today, also replaced the vram thermal pads, but now im running
  4. Hello, I am running at these settings, and i get around 41-44mh on phoenixminer/ethermine - it is around 41-44 when im on +1500mhz memory too, and core has no effect on the hashrate. my gpu is an RTX 2080S Waterforce by gigabyte, that cools the memory too. My question is, is it safe to run my gpu like this, with the memory overclocked so high, or will my gpu die sooner? We have talked about this with my mates, but i realized i dont really know whether its the heat or the high clocks that damage the memory over time. Thanks.
  5. Im so ashamed of myself, that actually worked. I placed a jumper on it and the pc now boots ok and displays. Im so sorry for bothering
  6. this is what im seeing, should i get a jumper from my old s775 board and place it on this? the bottom and middle one i presume
  7. I didnt, ill try to now Ok i checked and i dont see anything that is connecting the jumpers as in this picture. There is no red thing like that, just 3 pins. Could this cause the issue?
  8. Hello, as the title says. Ive just built a pc and it refuses to display. Neither from the igpu nor from the dgpu. When i take the ram out, the pc gives 3 long beeps (ram issue) but when i input any ram, it doesnt do any beepcodes and doesnt beep. Specs: intel desktop board dh55tc i3-520 2x4GB DDR3 1333 AMD HD 5850 Rexpower 400W PSU (w/2x6pin pci-e) I have tried reseating the memory, tried different memory, tried to boot without dgpu and also tried a different PSU - Fortron Hexa 500
  9. Hello, I am looking to buy new speakers. My old ones are kinda janky and look really awful - although they sound good. I would like speakers for about $150, im not an audiophile. Should I get the nommo or any other set? I prefer design over slightly better sound
  10. I suppose I should just wait till i plug it in my friends pc then, right?
  11. Hello, I recently got another R9 390. This time its the strix edition. I am looking to give it to my friend in exhange for his 1050ti, to help him out a little. His PSU can run it, but I didnt get to test the gpu yet and would like to do it before going to him and installing it in his system. My Nexus RX 6300 is missing most of the modular cabelage, only having 1x8PIN PCI-e despite supporting up to (4?) of them. I dont even have molex to use it to convert to pcie 6pin (it would WORK for 10 minutes just to check if the card displays). Can I use my SilentiumPC Supremo FM2 Gold´s modular cables t
  12. Yeah I know but you have to buy a very specific kit, preferably ryzen certified and even then its not guaranteed to work. Id prefer not losing my nerves when im confuguring my pc for first time use and then again every few months. Ive had this issue before on an a320 board too i did short the clr cmos jumpers
  13. Welp @TofuHaroto turns out its not working after all. It did for a bit, but the bios battery wasnt in. Now i put it in, started it again and there is no video and i cant do it even with a single stick again. I regret buying amd because of these stability issues, never again