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  1. I been using IFTT with my Amazon Alexa for the past year and I have it send me a notification everytime my alarm goes off and it is instant. I also have it track what songs it plays in a spreadsheet and other Alexa stuff. Other things I use it for is like weather notifications on my phone each morning, cross-platform social media posting, etc... The possibilities are limitless even with pre-existing Applets.
  2. https://ifttt.com/connect/nest_thermostat/wemo_switch https://ifttt.com/applets/184035p-if-your-nest-thermostat-drops-below-___-then-turn-off-a-wemo-switch https://ifttt.com/applets/184031p-if-your-nest-thermostat-rises-above-___-then-turn-on-a-wemo-switch
  3. Here is Linus's last Netlinked in 2015: Here is the WAN Show from that same week in 2015: They could easily do both still without any negative impact because they are very different. For Example this WAN they didn't even cover news and were over an hour late right after they moved to the new office and the views were decent:
  4. Supposedly they are over $35 million in debt with a few million owed to the owner. https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/2ff03f_c7fd76d183ba40668569eac31ff5f33d.pdf Also according to /u/exncix they only had one CPU left when they closed. I went back and read that user's posts and some of the stories were interesting. 2ff03f_c7fd76d183ba40668569eac31ff5f33d.pdf
  5. @ 51:13 linus talks about the channel and about how he would like to buy it but his relationship with NCIX hasn't been as good as it was for the last bit. You must be thinking about a few weeks back when he said it made no sense to buy NCIX as a whole. And at @56:36 linus said he would buy the channel. Also the channel is still getting views and subs even though the channel hasn't posted for two months.
  6. So with NCIX going out of business, what do you think will happen with the YouTube channel? It would be a shame to completely see it die since it has over a million subs. I know @LinusTech mentioned on a WAN that he would be interested in buying the channel but if that doesn't happen do you think something else could happen with it?
  7. NCIX's main website was finally taken offline today. Never bought anything from them because it was always more expensive than Newegg, Amazon, or Walmart (I say this because they do have some (not much) PC parts online and I have used my employee discount online before if it came out cheaper than other sites).
  8. If the clock speeds are the same it would be. go to ark.intel.com and compare them
  9. @19_blackie_73 You would have to get at least a 1060 3gb to have the same preformance. I have a 1070 in my rig and it is comparable to a 980. Here is the link to 3dmark results and set it to advanced search and just use a 7700k for the CPU since its a widely available CPU and it is one of the best ones for gaming right now (yes I know there is a 8700k out, but not many people have them yet) and then change the GPUs around and add it to compare. These are real results by people so you can get a general idea. https://www.3dmark.com/search?_ga=2.220365528.1187412964.1512584670-180670829.1512584670
  10. Did you try reseating the GPU? Also it could be your displayport cable so try a new one. I say that because I have had dead cables before because I use cheap ones. I have that same GPU in my HTPC and it works fine for me.
  11. I understand that. The Paul Brothers and a few others like Phil De Franco were there. Look at Linus's channel for example he has had over 55millon views in the last month. I agree Keem is not a good person but he has a point. Matthias has a good point on why he declined: http://www.tubefilter.com/2017/11/10/youtube-rewind-protest-matthias/ I even saw other Youtubers that gripe about the platform be fetured in rewind. YouTube is messed up.
  12. It's not even just tech tubers though. I would have like to even seen keem and a few known bloggers in it too. This is supposed to recap what's popular on YouTube in the year. I honestly hated it. My favorite one is still 2012.
  13. So the YouTube Rewind video leaked this morning (as of now it's unavailable until 10 am PST). I wondered after watching it, Why isn't Linus in it? KeemStar made a good point: Some of them in the video I didn't even know made videos anymore. Instead, why doesn't YouTube pick more relevant YouTubers like Linus and Luke to be in it? I will update this with the link when it's live again.
  14. I would never do that. In the past I have put the box in my front floorboard of my SUV with the heavy side facing the floor.
  15. I have seen somewhere that if it is transported on the side the GPU remove isn't needed. Plus my mobo has a metal reinforced PCI-e slot.
  16. I am at college right now and I am fixing to transport my ATX Mid-Tower PC back home for my month long Christmas break. Right now I am using my case box but the styrofoam is slowly breaking each time I use it and I am afraid the next time I transport it the styrofoam will be unusable. The case dimensions are 480mm x 200mm x 460mm and the Case is a Enermax Ostrog. I have been looking at plastic cases like Pelican but all I am finding are cases that cost a few hundred and I am not willing to spend that much maybe $150 at most. What suggestions do you guys have?
  17. Thanks. I will probably go buy another set for this build.
  18. Ok thanks I will contact them. Just wondering because I am fixing to buy RGB for another PC of mine and wandering because then I would just buy a hue+ and RGB lights for my rig and then just put my existing RGB in this new rig.
  19. ok thanks I will keep that in mind. I have two strips already, but I want to control them in software instead of the remote.
  20. Do Cablemod wide beam RGB strips work with the Hue+? Wondering because my C236A board doesn't have a rgb header.