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    Threadripper 3990x
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    Asus ROG Zenith ii Extreme Alpha
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    256 Gb Trident Z Royal (Custom Sterling Silver plated) (8x32)
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    Titan Xp Collectors Edition, 2x nVidia Tesla K80
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    Thermaltake View 71 TG
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    4x Barracuda 16tb
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    Corsair AX1600i
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    1 Samsung 49" Curved Monitor (C49HG90DMN)
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    Noctua NH-14u
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    Steelseries Apex Pro (Custom Keycaps
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    Razer Naga Epic Chroma Wireless Laser Mouse
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    Astro A40 TR
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    Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2
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    MSI GS65 Stealth Thin 8RF

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  1. Ok ok i understand this is a very very weird case, but currently in my system i have a titan xp and a thread ripper 3990x. that is all on a axi 1600i. so here is my question, i want to condense my graphics system with my threadripper and i wanted to throw the two tesla k80 gpus but they are powered by 12v eps not pcie so i was wondering if i threw in a second ax1600i or similar power supply. I have seen the adapters, but i am dealing with a tad more power than those flimsy cables can handle. thanks
  2. I was thinking of trying windows server because I ussumed server had better scaling over many cores and numa nodes.
  3. Thats the thing it doesnt give an error it shows 128 cores and pinns all to 100% but in host, ity only uses half. guest was tried as windows 10 ent and ubunto 10.04
  4. Hello all, I was trying to virtualize my Threadripper 3990x and I run into the problem of only being able to virtualization half of the cores in hyper v eve n through it has the full 128. I also tried vmbox and got the same max of 32 cores. is there anything in the bios i need to change?
  5. I have 2 8 pins but there is a 6 pin right next to it and none of the power supply’s I own have the cable. Not even cablemod sells a 6 pin eps. Could it possibly be for a pcie plug?
  6. Hello all, I purchased a tr 3990x and a asus rog zenith I extreme and on the motherboard it has 2 8 pin eps 12v and a 6 pin my power supply is the Corsair ax1600i but it only comes with 2 8 pin eps connectors what do I plug into the 6 pin connector at the top right of the motherboard?
  7. thank you very much for your input I didn't account for the recharging of both of them.
  8. it is generally advised against running two different kinds of ram in the same system especially since they are different capacity, what is the speed of the second
  9. it was from amazon, they let me keep it because I ordered somthing else but they sent two of the same things. its amazons policy.
  10. Hello, i purchased one cyberpower or2200pfcrt2u and received a second one on accident, i was wondering if I could plug one into the other to extend my time?
  11. I have this old MacBook that I found when cleaning out a storage room, but I want to still use it. Is there a way to update the software or put Linux on it. It is the Powerbook G4 and the model number is a1085
  12. Hello All, I was wondering if anyone knew of a direct to garment printer that isn't over 1k. Ik its asking a lot. I would be willing to build one from a cheap printer, but I'm not looking to spend a lot of money.