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  1. Mods, Please delete
  2. Not necessarily, depending on how the company and trademarks and other IPs were sold off most than likely it is being used for someones' business and there is no connection to the old NCIX. That's like how Circuit City exists again (online only) and they have nothing to do with the old company (in fact I read something a couple years back there were still a few trustees still working on closing out the old company). What was weird about that is on their about page (https://www.circuitcity.com/about) they used to show a picture a retail location from the old company and mentioned it
  3. So I went to the NCIS US site today to see if it is running and it looks like someone is building a website on it. https://www.ncixus.com/ Also note Ncix.com is still down and Ncix.ca still sends you to Amazon.
  4. @LinusTech Have you thought about partnering with Nalgene and doing a bottle with them?
  5. It's working for me now too. I'm in the same boat as you with the difference being my subscription is good til Nov though.
  6. Well Floatplane isn't working for me either. The first time I loaded it I got a CloudFlare error (Dallas is closest to me), then the second time it's stuck loading at this (see attached). @Slick @AJJaxNet Is FP down?
  7. As a user of both Linux and Windows, I think it would be common sense that everything may not work on the first try depending on what guides you use (I literally just had to nuke my Ubuntu install a few months back because I had screwed it up messing around with software and stuff). I use a mix of KVM (I've just started with messing around with advanced stuff like passthrough), VMWare (mostly because I use VMWare Workstation on my Windows PCs), and VirtualBox on my Ubuntu machine. Recently I had to use a OS X VM image (which are available online) for an Operating Systems class and
  8. My point was that unlike up there in Canada, US companies aren't required/pressured to do things like what happens up there. I know about finding a company that treats you well and such. My college has career services for free that helps students/alumni with jobs, plus I know people that have given me/offered me advise for jobs.
  9. My state (veries by state but Alot of the 50 states have the same laws) basically says it's up to the employer and gives "suggestions." My state is also "at-will" meaning they can fire you anytime for any reason (no probation period). The only way around the "at-will" is have a union (which is frowned at by most employers now, I personally have mixed feelings on them myself). Even other benefits/health insurance are kinda whatever too. I think it's neat hearing about other countries laws you don't normally hear about. I'm kinda jealous of y'all now.
  10. I guess the US is about that money and time then. Some employers still do holiday pay but that is getting less and leas common here.
  11. YOU GUY GET OFF FOR HOLIDAYS??? I say that because it still blows my mind you guys are required to be off on standard holidays. Here in the US the only people that are get off for standard holidays are government employees, banks (I guess because technically the FDIC is closed on holidays), and usually people that work education (if the school or such is closed). The private sector isn't required to be off (this varies by state). Working retail for the last 2.5 years has ruined holidays for me (I may be off of school, but then that typically means I am working) (my employer is only
  12. Honestly either one will work and there are great deals on used ones online (r/HardwareSwap and Ebay are two). I am still running a 1070 Strix in my PC almost 2 years later (bought it new for $370ish, now currently can be picked up used on Ebay for $250ish). I just looked up a 1080 and those can be picked up on Ebay for $300-400 USD. The RTX 2060 is around $400 and unless you need RayTracing I suggest going for last gen for better price/performance.
  13. I figured as such. I personally don't read Privacy Policy's for the most part (there are some exceptions) and I figured that you guys use the tracking data internally. Even with my website (It's mostly a personal blog where I write long posts and where I can share projects I've done (It's a Linux server with cPanel, so I have flexibility)) I used the standard Privacy Policy from Wordpress (plus a few changes) and called it a day. Honestly, I pointed that out to the OP just so they can realize that even web hosting for a small website that is somewhat decent isn't cheap. I remember
  14. It's @LinusTech site, he and his team can do what they want. I personally have the Google tracker on my personal WordPress site. The Amazon is probably for ad revenue and affiliate links. TBH, I don't see why people get butt-hurt about these having trackers. If you don't like a particular site having info then run it in a container (Firefox has this feature) and call it good. I only do that for Facebook, because I know Amazon and Google both have their own cloud services so they know a thing or two about user data and how to keep it secure (that's why Google+ us shutting down because of a bug
  15. You make a good point. Some states here in the US have made it illegal for the Tesla sales model (direct to customer sales instead of franchised dealers) (because of auto maker and dealer owner lobbying), so if your car breaks you may have to drive or ship it to a Tesla Service Center (because your mechanic can't fix a Tesla for the most part because of their closed system). Here in my state (Arkansas), the people that have Teslas (which I've seen more and more of, especially the Model 3) have to take them to St. Louis (closest people would be 4-5 hours away at least, 9-10 hours at
  16. You can also search for this: And once you connect and stuff you should get this in your Explorer's Quick Access with two OneDrive Options (top is my school's, the bottom is personal): Just keep in mind that anything in your school's OneDrive the school can have access to and they don't have to guarantee storage. I have a tb but will never fill.
  17. Remember ATT is faking 5G and is simply rebranding their areas that have faster LTE. They did the same thing (even got Apple to play along) when they were slow to roll out LTE by simply taking their faster 3g and rebranding it to 4G (on some devices it was HSPA+).
  18. It is funny because I just bought an iPhone 7 last month and in the App Store, Apple is trying to get me to buy a XR.
  19. Also @LinusTech, are we going to still have access to the Floatplane part of the fourm for discussion about videos? I (and others) prefer that over comments.
  20. Thanks Linus. FP Support got back to me all good. I knew you are also technically the CEO of Floatplane but I didn't know if you had taken an active role in the operation of Floatplane yet. Thanks for the help. I understand the holidays, I work retail so yesterday was my first day off this week (I'm off til Friday?), then I start back in college the third week of January (my winter break will be about 5 weeks total). So days of the week have felt different. P.S: Thanks, I realized I should of put the screenshots in a "Reveal hidden contents" thing. I was sending this fr
  21. @Slick I had sent an email to your Floatplane help email about my LTT yearly sub and I basically got a reply with the guide you posted on the form for monthly subs. I responded with the message in the last screenshot.
  22. Here is this years thread. Mods can you lock this old thread please?
  23. I said that last year, but people were like "NOOOO." You know whats funny is that MKBHD is now smaller than Linus both in views and subs.
  24. It's funny because I know the Fortnite reference (only played it a few times because it isn't that great on PC).