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  1. 18 minutes ago, williamcll said:

    Does it mean that they're back?

    Not necessarily, depending on how the company and trademarks and other IPs were sold off most than likely it is being used for someones' business and there is no connection to the old NCIX.


    That's like how Circuit City exists again (online only) and they have nothing to do with the old company (in fact I read something a couple years back there were still a few trustees still working on closing out the old company). What was weird about that is on their about page (https://www.circuitcity.com/about) they used to show a picture a retail location from the old company and mentioned it too.


    EDIT: Found the pic of an old Circuit City retail location on their corporate site and it just simply a picture. http://circuitcitycorporation.com/

  2. 13 minutes ago, LogicWeasel said:

    5 mins later Edit: I got in now, looks like it may be fixed for me.


    I am (was) also having this issue.

    For reference: I have been using the floatplane site fine ever since the forum section got cut-off and my subscription was good until June 2nd, so I know I'm paid-up for access to the site, it's just not working right now and doesn't say I have a valid subscription ... at all.

    It's working for me now too.


    I'm in the same boat as you with the difference being my subscription is good til Nov though.

  3. As a user of both Linux and Windows, I think it would be common sense that everything may not work on the first try depending on what guides you use (I literally just had to nuke my Ubuntu install a few months back because I had screwed it up messing around with software and stuff). I use a mix of KVM (I've just started with messing around with advanced stuff like passthrough), VMWare (mostly because I use VMWare Workstation on my Windows PCs), and VirtualBox on my Ubuntu machine.


    Recently I had to use a OS X VM image (which are available online) for an Operating Systems class and guess what? I was one of few people in that class that got the VM image supplied to work on my Windows PC (wouldn 't work on my Linux box), but that was after modifying the image (as per instructions for this image) and even then it was painfully slow to do the tasks required (I was running this on a NVME SSD, plenty of RAM and CPU too).


    Since hackintoshs are hit or miss thats why I won't use them and since Apple won't do Mac Clones nor have user fixable computers anymore, I guess I will never have a PC with MacOS (I really want to switch to MacOS because of Windows 10).

  4. 4 hours ago, comander said:



    My point was that unlike up there in Canada, US companies aren't required/pressured to do things like what happens up there. I know about finding a company that treats you well and such.


    My college has career services for free that helps students/alumni with jobs, plus I know people that have given me/offered me advise for jobs.

  5. 15 hours ago, dalekphalm said:

    Here, employers have no choice. You want to stay open on a Holiday? Cool. Pay your employees time-and-a-half. Outside of retail/restaurants, most businesses will close on stat holidays in Canada.

    My state (veries by state but Alot of the 50 states have the same laws) basically says it's up to the employer and gives "suggestions." My state is also "at-will" meaning they can fire you anytime for any reason (no probation period). The only way around the "at-will" is have a union (which is frowned at by most employers now, I personally have mixed feelings on them myself).


    Even other benefits/health insurance are kinda whatever too.


    I think it's neat hearing about other countries laws you don't normally hear about. I'm kinda jealous of y'all now.

  6. 45 minutes ago, dalekphalm said:

    In Canada, for a Statutory (Mandatory) Holiday, you either:


    1. Get the day off, or

    2. Get paid 1.5x your normal wage


    Each province has their own set of Statutory Holidays - but they pretty much all have the same 6-8 base holidays, with minor variations here and there. For example, In BC, Remembrance Day is a Statutory Holiday. Whereas where I live, in Ontario, it's a non-statutory holiday. Very few (if any) places are closed, and no one gets bonus pay.


    On the flip side, Ontario is the only province that observes Boxing Day as a Statutory Holiday.

    I guess the US is about that money and time then. Some employers still do holiday pay but that is getting less and leas common here.

  7. 1 hour ago, nicklmg said:

    we observe all standard holidays in BC (10 workdays per year, or 320 manhours per year if we're looking solely at the effect to the editing workflow)



    I say that because it still blows my mind you guys are required to be off on standard holidays. Here in the US the only people that are get off for standard holidays are government employees, banks (I guess because technically the FDIC is closed on holidays), and usually people that work education (if the school or such is closed). The private sector isn't required to be off (this varies by state). Working retail for the last 2.5 years has ruined holidays for me (I may be off of school, but then that typically means I am working) (my employer is only closed on Christmas).


    It also blows my mind that maturity leave is so long up there too.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Reddave515 said:

    I'm starting my first ever build and I was curious about the type of graphics card I should buy, I was thinking about a GTX 1070ti because I can shave a couple of hundred pounds off the price if I avoid a 1080, any advice on the steps I should take or what graphics card I should buy? Maybe I should just take this post into the build guide section but I really just need advice on the graphics card at the moment 

    Honestly either one will work and there are great deals on used ones online (r/HardwareSwap and Ebay are two). I am still running a 1070 Strix in my PC almost 2 years later (bought it new for $370ish, now currently can be picked up used on Ebay for $250ish). I just looked up a 1080 and those can be picked up on Ebay for $300-400 USD. The RTX 2060 is around $400 and unless you need RayTracing I suggest going for last gen for better price/performance.

  9. 20 minutes ago, colonel_mortis said:

    For what it's worth, per our Privacy Policy, we don't sell, trade or rent any of your data to third parties. Information that we gather is only used internally, for monitoring how the site is used and making it better.

    Amazon does collect some data, as governed by their Privacy Policy, and Amazon ads do help to offset the substantial costs of running the forum.

    I figured as such. I personally don't read Privacy Policy's for the most part (there are some exceptions) and I figured that you guys use the tracking data internally. Even with my website (It's mostly a personal blog where I write long posts and where I can share projects I've done (It's a Linux server with cPanel, so I have flexibility)) I used the standard Privacy Policy from Wordpress (plus a few changes) and called it a day.


    Honestly, I pointed that out to the OP just so they can realize that even web hosting for a small website that is somewhat decent isn't cheap. I remember how Linus has said before about the Forum funds itself it makes sense there are Amazon ads on here. If people are concerned about privacy in general then maybe they should move to a place like the EU or not get on the internet. Richard Stallman (founded GNU) goes through great lengths to protect his privacy and it seems like a hassle. You give some freedoms up for exchange for others. 

  10. On 1/26/2019 at 2:34 PM, firelighter487 said:

    EDIT: yeah probably, but like why though? i thought LMG had their own sponsors etc.. why amazon? 


    the google one doesn't bother me as much. it's easy to block and get rid of, and i can understand the use. the amazon one is unacceptable IMO. 


    do they need a tracker for that though? doesn't that work like the affiliate links? 

    It's @LinusTech site, he and his team can do what they want. I personally have the Google tracker on my personal WordPress site. The Amazon is probably for ad revenue and affiliate links.  TBH, I don't see why people get butt-hurt about these having trackers. If you don't like a particular site having info then run it in a container (Firefox has this feature) and call it good. I only do that for Facebook, because I know Amazon and Google both have their own cloud services so they know a thing or two about user data and how to keep it secure (that's why Google+ us shutting down because of a bug).


    Also to point out, I am a 2nd year IT major and so far from what I have learned so far about the web is that there is alot of things you can do with user data in order to make a site better and/or make money off of it. Without it every website online would charge you to just look at their site (web hosting isn't free). I pay $10 USD/month for my website plus around another $30-35 USD/year for my domain and the SSL certificate. I could host it myself but an internet connection with a static public IP address is more expensive (plus I would have to maintain the hardware) (the LAMP Stack is free to use in most cases).


    I'm also pointing out I own an Alexa and it can listen in (and see) on me in exchange for a handsfree assistant. My mom has both Alexas and Google and when I visit I use them too. I honestly don't care if they have my info in exchange to make my life easier.

  11. 4 hours ago, dalekphalm said:

    Dealing with Tesla directly has both benefits and downsides. The downside is if you don't live near one of the retail outlets/service centres? Well, have fun with that. The upside is dealing directly with the manufacturer, and no middle man.

    You make a good point. Some states here in the US have made it illegal for the Tesla sales model (direct to customer sales instead of franchised dealers) (because of auto maker and dealer owner lobbying), so if your car breaks you may have to drive or ship it to a Tesla Service Center (because your mechanic can't fix a Tesla for the most part because of their closed system).


    Here in my state (Arkansas), the people that have Teslas (which I've seen more and more of, especially the Model 3) have to take them to St. Louis (closest people would be 4-5 hours away at least, 9-10 hours at most for most people in the state) because of our state laws. Also there is no super charger (just a Destination Charger in Central AR) in the state.


    Whereas for the most part the major auto makers (GM, Ford, FCA, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and VW) can be found in within a 30 min to an hour and a half away in most of the state). Plus almost a hometown mancanic can work on them.


    Now if I go to somewhere more populas per square mile like the Tampa, Florida area (was there on vacation in 2018), you can find almost every car manufacturer with a dealership at least once, sometimes twice in that area.


    I can why places have laws banning Tesla's sales model. Here in the US, small businesses make up the economy in most places. While there are dealers that can rip you off, there are ones that give good deals too (got a great deal on my 2014 Rogue back in 2016) and the thing is if they really screw you over then you can simply take your business elsewhere which may force the dealer to go out of business or (the most likely) sell the dealership to the compitition. Also with these locally owned dealerships they usually can afford to give back to the community too.


    Tesla's model I think it is a great deal in some cases but when they get bigger they will need to have a franchised dealer option too. Rich Rebuilds talks about his nightmare about buying a used Tesla from Tesla online and it's been a multiple month process that started out with not knowing where his car is located to now having to fix the issues (mostly cosmetic) with the car. It even took them a minute to even send him pictures (there are stock ones on the listings).


    Tesla has a way to go. The traditional car makers have a way to go with electric too. For now I'm going to stick with a ICE vehicle for at least the next 8-10 years. There is still a way to go.

  12. You can also search for this:





    And once you connect and stuff you should get this in your Explorer's Quick Access with two OneDrive Options (top is my school's, the bottom is personal):



    Just keep in mind that anything in your school's OneDrive the school can have access to and they don't have to guarantee storage.  I have a tb but will never fill.

  13. 55 minutes ago, VegetableStu said:

    Day 5 Updates - 2019.01.11

    mainly videos this time ,_, not sure how much longer I can go


    That's what today seemed like. Anything released for the most part in the coming days will probably be redundant. I can see why a lot of people don't stay the last day (especially the people that mainly covered the show floor).

  14. Here is my recap today, decided not to do a whole week recap.

    Here are some sites recapping this week:


    On 1/7/2019 at 1:33 AM, This_guy1998 said:

    1/11 Recap:

    That it for me and CES 2019. This year it seemed like the focus was more AI, 5G, more IoT, new and small chips, and new concepts.

  15. I didn't do any kind of recap of my own because I was out all day. Since everything major has been announced and people have left CES already, I plan to do a recap of major announcements tomorrow (actually today because it is almost 2 AM here). I will say I am really impressed with 3rd gen Ryzen (just upgraded my dev box to 2nd gen Ryzen (2600) a few months back). When I do the refresh of my main rig next year (I am going for a 3-year refresh cycle, it was completed in the current config Spring 2017) I may use Ryzen instead of Intel.

  16. On 1/7/2019 at 1:33 AM, This_guy1998 said:

    1/09 Recap:

    Wasn't a whole lot interesting things today. Will look for more tomorrow. Night.

  17. 56 minutes ago, VegetableStu said:

    I'm going to try my best to include non-PC hardware coverage, but currently I'm depending heavily on The Verge, so if you know of any outlet that has foot presence in CES, and posts articles that does not solely contains press images, please do comment in the thread. Thanks!

    Used to be I relied mostly on CNET, "Android/Windows/etc" Authority for my CES (and other tech news) coverage (pre-2015) because I used to mainly keep up with consumer electronics and software projects (mostly fiddling around with them and they usually were some kind of mod for the consumer tech).


    (That was before I dove deep and started following and messing with newer computer hardware, which was strange because I've tinkered with computers since I was 7 (software mostly), got into messing with PC hardware (mostly hand-me-downs), when I was 10. Got the first mobile i3 in a laptop in 2010 when I turned 12. Kept up with consumer electronics (bought some with gift money) and software projects from 12-16. Then I learned about new PC hardware and how to build a PC from strach when I was 16 (2015). After that when I was 17 (mid 2016) I built my first PC. I turned 18 towards the end of 2016 and started learning networking and coding (Java and Python) at a local college when I was a High School Senior. Started college as a IT major in 2017 and turned 19 not to long after. Those are just some highlights of me and my technology journey.)


    The way The Verge has been lately with some of their PC content and their attitude towards content creators on Youtube and other platforms I try to ignore them now. 



    It's all these site I used to follow that are related to Android Authority (some of them are new too by the looks). Also Pocketnow is a good one too.


  18. 1/07 Recap:


    1/08 Recap:


    1/09 Recap:

    1/10 Recap:

    Didn't do one. I was out all day.


    1/11 Recap:

  19. 52 minutes ago, VegetableStu said:

    okay version 1.0 is up, waiting it out for a few more edits/uploads before the day is over at the venue

    Good luck for anymore updates this late.

    East Coast it is 2:24 am EST

    My timezone (middle of North America): 1:24 am CST

    Mountain Time (between me and West Coast): 12:24 AM MT

    West Coast: 11:24 PM PST there in Vegas (which is in NV (Nevada))



  20. Honestly, I can't wait for Nvidia to fill their next-gen product stack in the next year. I honestly can't wait for Intel's keynote (It seems like intel has been really working on IoT and other chips that are outside the regular PC market, ex. Drone 1000 light show and Intel Curie were a major part of their CES 2016 Keynote), so I'm excited for anything that happens in that keynote. AMD I want to see their next-gen GPUs and Ryzen 2.


    Other things I can't wait to be announced:

    • 5G deployments from the big 3 carriers here in the US (on Verizon (phone) and ATT (iPad with unlimited) LTE in some areas I can get about 50mb/s down, 10-25mb/s up, so who knows what speeds we can see on 5G networks (I can think of a few uses in home/office use that this will be helpful))
    • Cars of the future (electric, autonomous, etc...) 
    • IoT
    • and many more

    Tbh, since alot of big announcements happen outside of tech shows now, I kinda could care less (but still is appreciated) about the content around desktop and gaming PCs at CES now (Computex, press, and gaming events are a thing). I am excited about the possibilities of technology that is being used in ways that is hasn't been used before. Yes I do have a gaming PC, gaming laptop, and a dedicated Linux PC that are from within the last two years, but Moore's law is kinda leveling out everywhere (why do you think Intel and AMD both have physically huge chips on the high-end).


    So the some of the focus manufacturers are doing now is:

    • what can we connect to the internet
    • how can we make data centers more efficient so the consumer can use smaller and less powerful devices that offload the processing power to the cloud while having the same performance (my college does this with a good chunk of their general-use computer labs by using a VDI infrastructure to cut down on costs (both licensing, manpower, and energy)
    • how can we engage the customer
    • how can we produce and roll out this new technology as fast as we can while having quality, security, and effective costs (for both them and the consumer)

    Part of why I am majoring in IT is because I want to do good things, show people what technology can do, and help people with technology (been doing the last two for years already).


    I look forward to this thread. Because this will be the first year in three years I've been able to follow CES somewhat closely (last year, I was on vacation during CES so I kinda followed it but was busy doing other things a good chunk of the week and in 2017, I was a senior in High School and working in the evenings during the week of CES).