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Andrew Sh

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  • Birthday 1992-01-13

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    Computers, IT and the lot.
    Starcraft 2, League of Legends. Youtube.
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    I have little free time but love to research new tech, build computers, experiment with operating systems as well as playing games (who doesn't?). As a hobby I also make Youtube videos (Mainly on Starcraft 2 but some League of Legends also)
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    Something at Amazon.co.uk


  • CPU
    i7 8700k
  • Motherboard
    Asrock Z370m Pro4
  • RAM
    8gb Corsair Vengeanec LPX
  • GPU
    GTX 1060 6gb
  • Case
    Silverstone SST-TJ08E mATX
  • Storage
    240gb Sandisk SSD (OS), 120gb Kingston SSD (Recording), WD Blue 1tb / WD Green 1tb (storage)
  • PSU
    Corsair TX750M (Bronze 80+)
  • Display(s)
    BenQ 27" 1080p 2ms / Acer 24", 1080p 1ms
  • Cooling
    Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3
  • Keyboard
    Logitech K750
  • Mouse
    Logitech G600
  • Sound
    Corsair Vengeance 1500 headset
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Andrew Sh

    Insane cpu temps after adding side panel fan

    I would try figure out (and its hard to do this cause you've to look at the shapes and angles of where that side fan is blowing) whether you just rerouted hot air from the gpu to the front of the case. If your airflow is front to back and top like in most cases, routing GPU air to the front could cause reduced airflow to the CPU if the side fan is overpowering the front fans (or if you have no front fans) that are sucking in air. Hard to word exactly what I mean but try angle the fan a few degrees backwards by lifting the half closer to the front of case about 1cm. Try also remove it again to see if you're back to normal. Sometimes more air does not mean better overall temps if the airflow is just creating positive pressure but preventing air from blowing outwards.
  2. Andrew Sh

    Need help choosing a new graphics card

    General rule of thumb is get a good cpu and an SSD and then pump your budget into your graphics card. Would probably go for the 2070 super if you have the money. Definitely ignore the 2060 since that won't push 144fps at 1440p. Realistically, if you're going for 144fps, the 2070 super is your best bet. I somehow doubt you'll get 144fps in all titles at max settings but dropping AA a notch or two can make a big difference.
  3. Andrew Sh

    In 5-6 minutes of playime it starts lagging.

    This sounds like major throttling but other things could be at play. Would check temps. Get MSI Afterburner and see whether the lag spikes are affected by CPU/GPU temps and do they go up and down when it happens. You should also do a clean install of your GPU drivers to make sure everything is good there. If that doesn't help you may want to reset your bios. That can cause some issues in some cases if you did a bad overclock on cpu/ram. Probably some other things you could google but as a last resort I would reinstall windows.
  4. Andrew Sh

    Vega 56 vs 1660ti

    Nah not even close in price. These 2 are priced around £250 and I get them for £235 with a personal discount. The 2060 goes for £320 minimum for cheap models. Couldn't really justify the price hike considering ray tracing is of no value to me since i'm looking for FPS.
  5. Andrew Sh

    Vega 56 vs 1660ti

    Hi all! Looking for some quick advice on GPU coice, as the title suggests. The models are Sapphire PULSE Vega 56 vs Gigabyte Windforce (2x) OC 1660ti. I can get both at the exact same price (new), literally 2 euro difference. I know the vega 56 is older and more power hungry, but it's supposed to be a fair bit faster than the 1660ti. My main concern is getting high frame rate 1080p. I play CSGO, Heroes of the Storm and want to have the capability to have close to 144fps in most new AAA games. I'm aware neither will reach that in max settings, that's fine. So, power draw and old but faster or newer and more efficient? My PSU is a TX750M Corsair. Monitor is an Asus 1080p, 144hz Freesync monitor which has never had tearing issues with my gtx 1060. Thanks!
  6. Andrew Sh

    HDD+SSD Raid 1?

    Was considering an external aswell since that protects it from any electrical fault in the PC too, Found well priced 2tb external WD hdd which comes with automatic backup software that I can set to backup every 2-3 days. Sounds like a decent solution. I'll have local, external and cloud backups.
  7. Andrew Sh

    HDD+SSD Raid 1?

    Sorry you're right. I meant Raid1, disk mirroring.
  8. Andrew Sh

    HDD+SSD Raid 1?

    Hi all, Hope someone has experience with this. I need a raid1 setup for my photography work for failure safety and I'm looking for a good way to back up my data. I currently have a dedicated 2TB WD Blue mechanical HDD. 1. Is it possible to add a 500gb SSD as primary storage with the 2TB (i'll partition 500gb out of it) in Raid0 to backup it's contents? 2. Will the mechanical HDD slow down the SSD's write speeds or will the SSD write data and then the HDD can catch up after a couple of minutes? Thanks in advance all
  9. Probably going to be an unpopular opinion but Intel might be a better idea for high frame rate builds. Intel performs better in 1080p high fps builds.
  10. Andrew Sh

    1050ti PCIe power draw -- will it be OK?

    Check how much power the power supply provides. Most prebuilt office pcs come with about 200-250w. 200w may be fine with slightly reduced power limit as mentioned above. 250w will be perfectly fine. Anything more and you'l have no issues at all.
  11. Andrew Sh


    This forum is swarming with different build asks, just have a snoop around.
  12. For PS4 you also gotta remember that your hands are perfectly stationary and this is perfect for a recliner. Wouldn't quite work if you have to move around a mouse or type on a keyboard As a very casual gamer, and depends what you play also, you could probably get away with playing a pc game on a recliner.
  13. Well you have to look at it in the sense that you play PS4 on a large tv (50"+) about 3-5 metres away but your PC monitor is only about 1m away (or less in many setups). I have a 27" and a 24" monitor and they are about 70-80cm away for my face which makes them feel quite large compared to the TV I have at home. I know someone with a 32" and it actually feels like it negatively impacts gameplay when you have to move your head to see different parts of the screen. This ofcourse gets avoided by having the monitor further away from your eyes, but then you're just going back to the Monitor (1metre) vs TV (3-5metre) distance difference.
  14. Probably not worth the time to be honest. The Pi is quite weak in terms of compute power and you won't have a bunch of graphic cards attached to boost it.
  15. Andrew Sh

    Office pc insides in a gaming pc case

    In most cases (pun intended) this shouldn't be a problem unless it's one of those ancient office pcs that has different ports and such. Get a cheapo £20 case