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  1. Im gonna do some jailbraking and it says I need to disable secure boot in the bios first but its not there. My mobo is Asus P8h61-MX.
  2. Why do i hear static noises/buzzing on my speakers/headphones when plugged in at the front jack and how do I fix this? Rear Jack works fine though.
  3. Im so tired of having to hold my remote and change the volume of my speakers everytime theres a fight scene/concert on screen. I will not have it anymore! Im sick of it! Its time i take action! Is there a way to make the loud sounds somehow quieter or on the same level of dialog without destroying quality that much?
  4. Im on an H110m C3d mobo and a zeppelin 2x4 ddr3 1333 CL 9 ram and everytime I oc it to 1600, the oc wont stick, it just restarts itself after 20 seconds of black screen and defaulta back to 1333. But... If I manually change the values of the advance timing configuration then this time the oc sticks and I get perf boost hurray!!! But... Heres the deal. Once you turn the pc on/reset, it goes back to black screen for 20 secs the resets to 1333 speed... howcome? Because I noticed that even when the OC stick, the Advance Timing Configuration values all goes back to 0 (d
  5. I did that too, sadly still not working Good thing tho is I think know the problem now, remember I said the Gtx is also not working in the 1st pcie slot right? Well I got to work by not putting the card fully in the slot so my guess is the pcie is faulty. Ill return it tomorrow and get a refund.
  6. Ill just return it.... this is so confusing
  7. it still works fine if use a pcie 1x to 16 riser on the first slot and i can even game on it.
  8. Second update: Both cards are magically working fine on the lower pcie slot and both still not working on the first.
  9. Update time!!! Ive installed the latest beta BIOS but still not working. Also, before all that, I mentioned in my post that the only way to get it to work is using the mining rised adapters and ever since that even the GTX 970 doesnt work ? i mightve f***ed something... ill reinstall windows windows, been working on this whole day now...
  10. Gonna try that later. Btw i didnt reinstall windows, do you think it has got something to do wid it?
  11. Just bought a used 1155 board and the Rx 470 is not displaying in it. My mobo defaults to Igpu every time. Its not even being detected in windows. I know my rx 470 works as ive been using it last week on my prev mobo (h110m) amd I also tried using pcie mining risers and it works but i dont want risers, i want it working as intended. Ive also tried a different GPU(gtx 970) on my current mobo and that works no problem.... Whats is going on? This is making my head ache...
  12. he didnt mention BIOS tho and I cant really contact him...
  13. Im mainly talking about speed. I found a sweet deal on a ram with 1600mhz ddr3 and got alot of 5 star reviews, then there's this one guy out of 100, rating 1 star saying that its actually 1333 when checked on command prompt (wmic memorychip get speed) even tho in every other place like CPUz it says 1600... Are they doing the same thing like GPU scammers do?