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  1. My PC has this problem where when I am loading a game, for example, League of Legend's loading to screen to get in a game, if I alt + tab out of the loading screen, the rest of my PC is slow and lagging. When I alt tab out to watch youtube videos, I watch the video at like 10fps. Not only that, moving my cursor is laggy and the cursor lags behind, same as typing, it lags behind. But everything goes back to normal when my game finishes loading and gets into game. I play all of my games in borderless windowed mode. I have checked task manager and my memory is not at 100% usage. My PC specs
  2. So a PC I built a month ago has had this issue where it would often become unresponsive and freeze. The freezing would happen every so often, sometimes every few days. Also the freezing would happen slowly, as in while I can move my mouse and click on things, the clicking won't do anything. So I've experienced that when my PC becomes unresponsive, I can click on to another program like Discord while I'm browsing on chrome, the discord app won't show up, I can't even click on a different tab to move. When I click to close chrome or anything else, it won't close. I can however, click on my start
  3. Well Asus recommends a 850W minimum PSU for this card so I guess I don't really need anything higher than 850W, but correct me if I'm wrong (since this was the only reason I'm considering a 1000W PSU) but if I have a higher power capable PSU, wouldn't the 1000W PSU handle 850W better than the 850W PSU and thus fan spin slower, more quiet etc?
  4. I'm wondering what PSU I should get. So I purchased the Strix 3080 OC graphics card and Asus recommends a 850W PSU for this card and rumors say that this card can draw up to 450W by itself so I don't think my current EVGA 650W PSU will cut it. I'm planning on getting a Corsair PSU since I've heard those were the best but I'm stuck between deciding between a Corsair HX 850W Platinum standard PSU or the RMx 1000xW Gold standard PSU. Both are exactly the same price. Which one should I go for?
  5. 9319 for Graphics Score alone in 3DMark Demo TimeSpy. 21791 for Graphics Score alone in 3D Mark Demo Fire Strike
  6. I've used a 34inch 1440p for a month. Its just too big for me right now as i go a dual monitor set up.
  7. 5700XT. The price difference is about $35? I'm more wondering if there will be a big difference in video and gaming quality. I've used a 1440p monitor on a 34inch before for a month-ish when I was living away and the image definitely seemed sharper than what I was used to but now, I've forgotten and I can't really remember. Also that was a 34 inch monitor. Wondering how much difference there would be on 27 inch.
  8. I am currently using a cheap 60Hz 24 inch monitor. I want to upgrade to a 27 inch monitor with 144Hz. I've heard that Gigabyte Aorus monitors are pretty good and so I'm considering on buying them. I can't decide between the 1080p and 1440p resolution. Both are the same IPS panel, same 27 inch size, I believe the only difference is that one is 1080p and the other is 1440p. Would I see quite a big difference in image quality and sharpness in videos and games if I use a 1440p monitor or is 27 inch a bit too small in size to see a big difference difference between the two resolution compared to 32
  9. Yes, the RAM is clocked at 3200Mhz. As for bottlenecking, I'm not sure, but the video where a person tested the RX 5700XT in Apex said the performance was the same between all 3 CPU he tested with, the 3700X, 3600, and 8700K. As for Heaven Benchmark 4 scores, I've found a score of 6700 using EVGA 2070 Super and a Ryzen 3600.
  10. Yep I know that Apex is poorly optimized, but other benchmark/testing videos also used the Ryzen 3600 and got those results I was mentioning. As well as my heaven benchmark score being far below expected for a 2070 super has me concerned.
  11. I'm getting lower than expected frames for my ASUS Strix 2070 Super. I've seen some benchmark fps testing from some videos and my card isn't getting anywhere near it. I've seen RX 5700 XT get over 200fps in Apex Legends and the 2070 Super is known to get better frames than RX 5700 XT in Apex Legends. However, I've never seen my frames go above 170 and my average is at 117fps at low/competitive settings, whereas, Hardware Unboxed got 129(?) average fps at high settings. Other videos also seems to get results similar to HWU, much higher than mine. I benchmarked my card using Heaven Benchmark 4 a
  12. Could I ask what your card is and what its temp is at idle?
  13. Hello, I've currently got an ASUS Strix RTX 2070 Super Advanced. I'm not sure if this supports zero rpm mode as its not the OC version, but I don't know why it wouldn't. Can anyone confirm that my GPU does have a zero RPM mode and does anybody know how I can change it to that setting without having MSI Afterburner running in the background 24/7. Its at 38C idle and spinning at 1100 rpm.
  14. Its not coil whine, because while my GPU does have a bit of coil whine, I know what it sounds like since I hear it when I play BDO. It does not sound like coil whine, it sounds more like a constant whine from wind than from a coil. My GPU is also very clean, unless you mean clean between the cooler fins, because I haven't checked that, but highly unlikely how little dust there was on the fan.