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  1. Uberskills is my vessel name links are: https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf https://twitter.com/Uberskills/status/580308379798671360
  2. i think the youtube channel is a great thing and has helped me out personally as well as the forum.
  3. linus went on a roll with this review
  4. that full metal body and the speakers are awesome
  5. linus i have some constructive criticism as you wanted in these comments and it has to do with the opening 'credits' were it has the community link and the company name and i think it should be more centered like so and then the sequence of the mice and cats and all the words behind it can compensate as well like so you don't have to change it if you don't want to but personally i think it looks a little better
  6. you should try and replace the stock cooler with the windforce one on your beast 780ti reference
  7. measure how much space you have and fit reservoir accordingly
  8. i'm 14 turning 15 in a couple of weeks and i'm 40
  9. 100 or more i cant remember but i dont watch most of them there just there
  10. sorry only got lga 1155 but go down to a local store that may stock one of these chips most of the time the'll let you borrow one
  11. only the excessive gaming mouses are expensive my g400 is great and only like $40
  12. i haven't owned one but my 7950 is going strong which is good
  13. 0/10 haven't seen you either
  14. sometimes i have this problem try and update to the latest drivers or even a beta driver
  15. this is mine at 10:10 on telstra and also dodo isn't the best isp provider http://www.speedtest.net/result/3051716956.png
  16. personally i dont see why you would need to upgrade i have a 7950 as well and personally i would wait for the next amd gpu launch after the R9 series or the 800 or 900 series for nvidia
  17. only if they are extention cables i.e. they dont plug into the power supply. if they do plug into the power supply it wont work
  18. https://twitter.com/Uberskills/status/389999767838658560 it has my comment on it underneath if you click the link its not just the video
  19. https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/63864-noise-canceling-microphone/ this is a topic i made and it should be able to answer your question
  20. 50gb of space baffles me, how are the going to fit on a disk to sell to consoles their biggest market?
  21. i chose coolbeans because he is the only one who used dominator ram which linus likes, except for the linus edition ram