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  1. So after making a repair disk, Windows was still unable to diagnose or even attempt to repair the operating system. There are reasons why I will never buy a Windows based laptop. This shit cannot happen on a mobile machine. 


    When I'm at home, I have the resources to fix these kinds of issues, but not when I'm on the go. I have never had these kinds of issues with macOS. 


    sfc /SCANNOW finds errors but is unable to fix them, booting into safemode does not change anything, booting from a repair disk does not change anything, and trying to troubleshoot the issue just makes Windows recovery give up. 


    The best part is....I can still boot and the system appears to run fine! HOW IS THE SYSTEM SO DAMAGED THAT IT CAN'T BE REPAIRED.....BUT I CAN STILL USE IT?!


    If my games weren't only on Windows I would have kicked this piece of shit OS to the curb a long time ago. I'm fucking sick of it. Every single install of Windows 10 I've ever had has become corrupted or damaged in some way. Why is it so difficult to make an operating system that doesn't break itself? It's BS. 

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    2. Schnoz


      @DrMacintosh At least an external HDD? It's important to have off-system backups so in case your device is physically damaged or destroyed, you still have your data, easily accessible.

    3. DrMacintosh


      I've given up trying to backup data on Windows 10. It doesn't actually back up anything. Just files and folders that I couldn't care less about. Windows can't backup settings, programs, and media libraries, so whats the point? All my "important data" is on an entirely separate drive. My C drive is just Windows and all my programs which don't/can't be backed up anyway. 

    4. TopHatProductions115




      It doesn't actually back up anything. Just files and folders that I couldn't care less about. Windows can't backup settings, programs, and media libraries, so whats the point?

      Wrong. Proficient Windows users should have known about the System Image Backup feature since Windows Vista. It's been around for years. And even if it doesn't work anymore (as it did in the past), there are still other alternatives as well - ones that you didn't have to pay anything for. I've used them, and they work just fine. I know you're used to Time Machine and not having to put in some effort when doing system admin, but at least try before making a claim. This was, at most, a Google search away.

      Full image backup, at least once every 2 months. The only reason I haven't been doing them is because I rarely ever install anything new anymore. I also know how to get out of trouble if something goes wrong. 

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