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    SansVarnic reacted to Gorgon in Day Zero - It Begins   
    That would be quite the trick seeing as I'm not signed up. I feared I would be really tied up at work with the nature of the current emergency and was for a couple of weeks getting things ready but since then things have slowed down massively and there is a change freeze in-place so project work has pretty much ground to a halt and most operations as well.
    I decided to not participate anyway as I'm focusing on my duties as a Beta tester and providing regular reports to the researchers so Work Units can quickly transition out of Beta and to the general population. This gives me a bit of an un-fair advantage in some ways as with some recent changes I've been getting fed Beta WUs non-stop.
    The good news is that there are a ton of new CPU and GPU Work Units being prepared and at least 2 of the new massive Work Servers close to being in production with a few smaller ones popping up so I'm hoping things will improve so we can fully utilize all this contributed power.
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    SansVarnic got a reaction from lewdicrous in Day Zero - It Begins   
    Onwards fellow folders! to victory!
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    SansVarnic got a reaction from GOTSpectrum in Day Zero - It Begins   
    Onwards fellow folders! to victory!