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  1. nopin


    I would prefer the blade over the blade stealth because it would give me the power to game as well as be productive. I would also love the form factor and I don't see myself needing anything smaller.
  2. I love the whole concept of short throw projectors, and the size would be so nice. The portability combined with the whole image size aspect would be so amazing. Super video guys, and good luck to everyone (especially me, lol)
  3. I would definitely check out e-bay. My brother and I found a decent Alienware (to be specific: An Alienware m14x R2, 3rd gen i7 2.6ghz, nvidia gt650m, 8gb ram) for $650US and my brother has used it to play Metro: Last Light (not 100%) but I believe at least medium settings. My point is do a little research on older laptops and you can definitely find an awesome laptop. Hope this helps and don't be afraid to buy used.
  4. Gamestop has the Gwent Deck bundled with the Hearts of stone for $9.99 (http://www.gamestop.com/browse?nav=16k-The+Witcher+III+Wild+Hunt+Hearts+of+Stone+Gwent+Card+Bundle) but they do not have the PC edition. What I mainly want is the gwent decks, but I wanted to ask if either the ps4 download code or the XBox One code would work on GOG by some small chance. Thanks Nopin
  5. To be more specific, my brother and I have a wired connection between our computers (no internet on this connection), and to access it (say transfer a file over it, or play a local game over it) one of us has to disconnect from our wireless connection which provides internet throughout the whole house. What I'm asking, is there a way to prioritize the wired connection for file transfers and other interactions between the two computers so one of us doesn't have to disconnect from the internet. Nopin
  6. Well, I would probably have to say my first pc made for gaming was a dual processor 1ghz Pentium 3 with several different PCI gpus (the only one I can remember was a NVidia TNT 2). It was built to run Half-Life 2, which it did at like 5-10 maybe 15 fps, surprisingly my brother and I beat the game like that. Next PC was a dell inspiron 8600 then a Pentium 4 with a NVidia 6200.
  7. nopin

    Channel Super Fun Video Idea

    Maybe on a future trip, but I think it would be fun to see Luke learn to drive a standard. Then when they went to England (which I believe which still drives mostly standards) Luke wouldn't have to be chauffeured.
  8. nopin

    Channel Super Fun Video Idea

    Yea that would be tough to watch . I think he should have some instruction, not just yea here's something you've never done before, now strip my gears and ruin my clutch. I think it would be a fun video, but some instruction would definitely be necessary.
  9. So I had this thought, In the prank video where Luke says he can't drive a standard transmission. Maybe it would be funny and interesting to see how someone who has never driven one, reacts to one. The video wouldn't have to be very long. I just thought it might be funny. What do you think? Nopin
  10. nopin

    70 bucks to spend on Steam

    The Metro series is really good. Dishonored is a super great game, good storyline, interesting dynamics (stealth, combat, etc). Call of Juarez: Gunslinger was super good if you like western themes. Remember Me (haven't finished it yet) has been amazing, third person is a bit annoying, but the combat is pretty interesting, the storyline and concept are different and very well layed out. Borderlands 2 (not so much the first one, haven't played the 3rd one) Is one of the best games ever, in my opinion. The storyline is super immersive and is great to play with friends.
  11. nopin

    Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

    Username: nopin7 Favorite videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 P.S. Linus please don't get rid of your rig. You have put SOOO much work into that thing, and the case means more to you than it will to anybody. I do like the Idea of the two scrapyard wars pcs (just make sure you sign them, heck make sure you sign everything. that will make people happy).
  12. nopin

    Logitech G930 Headband Replacement

    I bought it used (very good condition, but no documentation) on ebay, about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago I believe. So even if the warranty hasn't expired, it wouldn't do me a whole lot of good. Thanks for all the replyies.
  13. Hello, I'm sure this is a common problem, but I haven't been able to find anything that tells how to do this. So what is happening is the memory foam headband (this piece for further description http://g-ecx.images-amazon.com/images/G/01/electronics/detail-page/B003VANOFY_G930_memory_foam_lg.jpg) Is beginning to peel, along with the ear pads. I know the ear pads would be a breeze to replace. What I want to know is how to remove the afore mentioned headband piece. I have found a headband piece from the g430 on ebay that looks similar the problem is taking apart the headset to get the old one out. If you need pictures or anything I'd be happy to take and post them. Thanks Nopin
  14. nopin

    Intel NUC Giveaway

    This would be pretty cool to check out.
  15. nopin

    Intel Core i7 5820K Giveaway

    This would be pretty cool, It would definitely prompt me to start getting into 3d modeling.