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    Northern Ontario Canada
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    I have many interests, but don't have enough time nor money to explore them all. I love the outdoors and enjoying them with active sports. I also enjoy motorsports, along with watersports. My favorite season is winter, purely for the lack of bugs, and the sheer beauty of my local areas.
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    My AMD Build:
    FX6300 @ 4.8GHz, Zalman CNPS14X, MSI 970 Gaming, 16gb 1866MHz AData Ram, 3D Club R9 280X, Corsair 600M Psu, NZXT S340 RED Case, 240gb Mushkin SSD, 2tb Seagate HDD, 140gb Seagate HDD (recording gameplay), 5x CoolerMaster SickleFlow 120mm fans, Phanteks Fan Controller
    Sister's Intel Build:
    I7 4790k @ 4.4GHz, CoolerMaster 212 Evo, Gigabyte Gaming 5, 16gb 1866MHz Corsair Ram, 3D Club R9 390, EVGA 650GS Psu, NZXT S340 Case, D-Link 1200AC WiFi Card, HyperX 240gb SSD, 2tb WD HDD, Windows 10 64 Bit
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    College student


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    AMD FX 6300 Processor Overclocked @ 4.7GHz
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    MSI 970 AM3+ Gaming Motherboard
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    16GB DDR3 1866MHz A-Data
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    AMD 3D Club Royalking 280X
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    NZXT S340 Matte Red / Black
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    240gb Mushkin Eco SSD, 2TB WD HDD, 120GB WD HDD (game recording)
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    Corsair CX600m, replaced caps with Nichicon KX
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    RCA 24" 1080p, 60fps TV
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    Zalman CNPS14X, 5x CoolerMaster Sickleflow Red Led 120mm, Phanteks Fan Controller
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    Xtreme Gaming RGB Macro Keyboard
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    Xtreme Gaming RGB Macro Laser Mouse
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    Logitech Z313 Speaker System (recommend)
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    Windows 10 64 bit
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  1. Well... just got my first ticket ever. Speeding for 115 in 90km/h Was driving with a group of cars (around 15 in total), all doing around 115 on a 3 lane passing stretch. I was in the left lane with 2 guys infront and 3 behind me. Cop passed buy on the opposite side of the road. Pulled everyone in the left lane over. (all 6 of us). Decided to make an example out of me. Charged me with 25km/h over limit, and wrote everyone else some warnings. Wasted around 20 mins of our time just sitting there. I explained to him that i was just following traffic. His reply was "any speed over 90km/h is against the law", and that I was the fastest car (BS). Im soo pissed. All this because my civic looks a little sporty. I was very polite to him, even put on my 4 ways.
  2. The LEDs aren't actually yellow. The fog light housings are. If you want yellow lights, look into some headlight wrap.
  3. One of the original crappy h8 bulbs that came with my foglights just burnt out. Bought some LED bulbs to replace the originals. Had to remove the front bumper to get to the lights. PITA to do as the bumper won't snap back in properly unless you have two people. The bulbs are supposedly "rated" for 4000lm each at 25w. More likely around 2500lm, and have a 23w draw. Light throw is great to the sides, poor towards the front. They're great for fog lights. Minimal glare from oncoming, some to the sides. http://a.co/0Akx5fC
  4. Decided to take a photo while talking with some friends on the snowmobile trail. 2006 8th gen Civic coupe. 1.8L 5speed Cree LED bulbs in amber fog lights 35w 4300k hid headlights Studded snow tires on steel rims
  5. 35w HiD's yay. (yes I aimed them down) Took about a hour to install and re aim both lights. Color is 4300K. About 30% brighter than stock.
  6. Just bought my first car! Its a 2006 Honda Civic DX coupe, with a 5 speed. Only had 98K Km on it. Paid $5000 certified. Came with a brand new set of Nordic winters studded with steel rims, and a single season set of summers. Thinking HID kit for low beams, and LED interior lights as my first mods.
  7. Been looking at options for my spring semester. simply can't decide between driving to school 40m each way, or rent out a dorm room. For renting, it would cost about 6k plus food. The other option is to buy a family friend's wife's 2007 Subaru for $3k, and drive that. Food / house at home would be free. Total cost both ways adds up to around 8k est. Driving would mean that I get a car of my own. But the dorm means school is more accessible. Having my own car is a massive thing for me, as my location requires it for almost everything.
  8. Blown caps? Dead contactors?
  9. http://www.eqao.com/en/about_eqao/media_room/news_releases/Pages/technical-issue-during-online-osslt-trial.aspx Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) confirms that the cause of the technical issues that resulted in the cancellation of the October 20 province-wide trial of the online Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) was an intentional, malicious and sustained Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack—a type of cyberattack. An extremely large volume of traffic from a vast set of IP addresses around the globe was targeted at the network hosting the assessment application. The impact of this DDoS, initiated by an unknown entity or entities, was to block legitimate users’ (i.e., school boards’, schools’ and students’) access to the EQAO test application. Sorry, on mobile, gtg, will edit.
  10. Me too pls: Write answer in you own words, and any related code references from the OESC 1. What is the maximum distance that a No. 12 NMD 90 copper wire may run if it is carrying 16 A at 120 V with a 3% voltage drop? 2. What is the smallest device box required for one switch connected with a #14 AWG conductor on one screw and a #14 pigtail (4” of wire that doesn’t enter or leave the box) on the other screw; the pigtail is connected to two #14 AWG conductors. There are also three white #14 AWG conductors all joined together, and three #14 AWG bare bonding conductors also joined together. 3. What are the CSA Configurations for the receptacles in a residence that must be TR? Three easy questions
  11. I personally swear when i want to express my pain. If nobody is around, I probably wont swear. Kind of like how babies cry to let others know they want something. Shit i just called myself a baby. Shit I swore. Fuck Also, swearing at friends / bros is cool.
  12. Forgot to post this. Its from a month ago...