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  1. Does anyone here have a Suzuki Cappuccino? I'm semi seriously considering buying one for a nice weather daily driver
  2. Probably. 970 was the minimum and I believe a 1060 6gb is just as good, if not better. There is a Steam app that will run a VR benchmark. See what that says
  3. Anything you can get to differentiate yourself from your competition. Certifications are better than none. Associates is better than none. Bachelors is better than Associates. If you are in USA, it is BALLS expensive to go to college, but it doesn't have to be.
  4. So I would have to buy a new Win10 license? and put it on the old SSD once it is installed in the new computer?
  5. Hello All, I am refreshing my 3 year old computer but I am NOT replacing the SSD or HDDs How do I put the old SSD into the new tower with new MoBo, CPU etc and retain the copy of windows? Is this possible? The computer was originally purchased with Windows 8.1 from iBuypower, and then was upgraded to windows 10 during their free upgrade promotion. What is the easiest way to move the SSD and HDDs to the new tower and retain all my files and whatnot
  6. USA "Reasonable" budget. Not going for a $500 mobo, but also not barebones bottom of the barrel
  7. Whats up guys, I just picked up an 8700k, but now I need other stuff. You know, like a motherboard, ram, etc. I am bringing over my 980Ti, PSU and all the hard drives, but I need suggestions for MoBo RAM Cooler Suggestions?
  8. Do you have a 4k monitor? Also use fast.com for a speedtest. Comcast and other ISPs screw with speedtest.net
  9. I know the 8700k and 8600k etc have "launched", but where the hell are they?? B&H still has them as a "preorder" Newegg has them only in iBuy systems.... When are they actually going to be available?
  10. a single better card will almost always be better than dual lesser cards.
  11. I'll be ordering the CPU sooner rather than later. That's not going to change. But I guess I'll have to wait to see what z370 board to get I 100% need to upgrade my mobo. I currently have a z97 Yes. I do a fair bit of video editing from racing and gopro footage. My current 4c4t just completely chugs along. I need more cores for video editing and I don't think a 4690k to a 8600k is substantial enough change. I'll be essentially 3x my cpu
  12. Hey guys, Currently I have: 4690k 16gb 980Ti H60i I would like to update my system with an 8700k. What MoBo, ram, and cooler should I get? I already have PSU, HD and SSD taken care of.
  13. even from a brand new phone, 1-2 days of moderate use is going to be tough. when my S7 was brand new, I would get about 36 hours of use. including sleeping for 8 hours... That said, I love my S7
  14. DIY, I know, but I'm SUPER lazy
  15. Whats up I've got a logitech G27 and in preparation of Forza 7 and (PC2) I need a stand for the wheel, pedals, shifter What do you all recommend?
  16. the UW is my only display at my home. I use it for work, school (I have since graduated), watching netflix etc, and games. The amount of horizontal realestate is perfect for multitasking. its like having 2 5x4 monitors without the bezels. Its also 1440p so everything looks fantastic on it
  17. Ultrawide. I went UW about a year or so ago, and I'm never looking back.
  18. I also have these. I was thinking of putting them in the same system
  19. I have an older version of these http://www.speakercraft.com/product/mt6-three-ASM87630 Seems to need 125W
  20. I need a receiver and a center speaker for my living room to connect to my TV and existing speakers. I have 1 L and 1 R and a sub, but I need a receiver to connect it all together. What do you all recommend? It must have optical in. HDMI does not matter.