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  1. AMD probably has 10x the amount of flaws, just no one cares to check because they have no marketshare. It's the same "my linux is invincible" shit...until it wasn't.
  2. EVGA X99: still can't handle overclocking unless you manually lower the CPU cache ratios to < 35. I told them about it years ago with a ticket and nothing was done. I had this happen on 2 boards, the X99 Classified and X99 micro2, with known-good CPU's and such. Never bought another EVGA board. Meanwhile the X99 Rampage V Extreme could do 42x cache ratio and overclocking out the gate with no issue.
  3. If it's not exploitable through drive-by no-interaction then I don't care: "oh we need physical access and admin rights and intimate knowledge of all the memory address space to then get a bunch of data that is probably unintelligible anyways".
  4. It's called PubMed, it's like WebMD for people who understand medicine. (it might be a different tool name but my point is that they do basically use WebMD to do diagnoses). Your average doctor isn't really any better than what you can find online nowadays.
  5. Continue using my NAS or use spare desktop as NAS?

    I'm not an expert, but I would guess software raid is fine. Hardware is better for loads of drives and features that probably don't matter so much in a home environment with a single array + a few drives. Network shares are 3 clicks to set up. Clients have to log in with a dedicated "shared" user account that I created on the server. The router has DNS lookup for local machines so it knows that \\SERVER translates to my server's fixed IP address.
  6. Continue using my NAS or use spare desktop as NAS?

    My NAS is just a Windows 7 box running raid cards and a dual core Pentium. Works great, far more versatile than a Synology or WD nas.
  7. Ultra Bad Performance On a Good PC (Only Fortnite)...... WTF

    Make sure you're using fullscreen mode, not windowed mode. And that you don't have some sort of FPS limit turned on. Verify in Afterburner than your gpu is 100% utilized and clocking up to full speed. Also, set shadows and effects to medium. They rape FPS more than any other setting.
  8. XP is 16 years old now. Vista no one should be using....ever.
  9. Apples's Software upgrade of 11.4 draining batteries

    It's because the phone is probably rebuilding caches and indices and shit after an update and performance will be back to normal within 24 hours. We can drop this "it's because they want you to upgrade" conspiracy theory bullshit. There isn't a new phone being released for months anyways.
  10. High Internet Speeds, But videos ect lag when downloading

    Your mobo uses an Intel NIC which is a good product, but it doesn't have software on top of it like Killer does to do it's own QoS. You'd have to check if your router supports it (it probably won't because QoS is an "advanced" feature). Or you can install software like NetLimiter which can limit the bandwidth programs are allowed to use, so then you can set Steam to be capped at 50Mbps.
  11. High Internet Speeds, But videos ect lag when downloading

    70Mbps isn't *that* fast. Steam can consume 300Mbps, so you're just maxing out your bandwidth and leaving none for youtube / twitch. You can try traffic control / QoS to prioritize packets for those sites if your router / network card support it.
  12. Intel to release Gaming graphics card in 2020

    Intel graphics drivers are soooooo bad though.
  13. 8 core version of 8700k is coming this Fall!

    It worked out that way for the G3258, they didn't really depreciate as much as a normal non-special chip would. In general you always want to buy the highest model i5 or i7 since they hold value better than lower models. ie a 4790k is forever more desirable than a 4770k, by about $50 right now used ($210 vs $160). I live in a special place anyways where I don't ever lose money on selling CPUs years later, so for me I don't care about the cost so much as I care about the hassle vs. benefit of doing an upgrade. Also the motherboard pricing factors hugely in.
  14. 8 core version of 8700k is coming this Fall!

    The 8086 appears to be an on-average better binned part so more likely to eek out that extra .1 or .2Ghz. Moving to Z270 off X99 isn't a sure thing for me yet though. Buying a new motherboard that won't be as good as my X99 board sours the deal.
  15. 8 core version of 8700k is coming this Fall!

    Mmmm now I have to decide between staying with my 4.2'Ghz Haswell 6 core, getting a 5.2Ghz 8086k, or 8 cores. I'm leaning towards the 8086.