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  1. Multi-computer Water Cooling

    D5 pumps are considered pretty much perfect reliability. I've never heard of anyone suffering an outright failure of one of them. In any case, even if the desktop-pump dies it's not like the system will kill itself...the CPU will eventually reach TJmax and throttle itself or shut down. When I do server loop maintenance I just turn off the pump and leave the system running. If I get done in 10 minutes then everything is still OK.
  2. Multi-computer Water Cooling

    You will have some head loss from tubing and and hard elbows. I have 125 feet of hose and through 3 heat exchangers and a radiator I run it at 15 PSI to have about 10gpm flow rate. My pump goes up to 30 psi. You want to think of the loop as requiring a fixed psi to overcome resistance. Then you look up the pump flowrate at that psi. Also so you don’t need to worry about redundancy. I’ve never had a pump failure and the whole shebang will run for a long time before water starts getting hot with the big thermal mass. At some point the heat exchangers themselves also act as radiators so the whole thing doesn’t go meltdown (I guess heat exchangers are redundancy because the desktop loops remain running)
  3. Phones and 7nm

    It's different design libraries. Phone CPUs are designed with low power and not high performance libraries, so for whatever reason (I don't know off top of head) that's easier to fab. Also "7nm" is probably not really 7nm. TSMC inflates their numbers really bad and does all sorts of tricks like "well one small section is kinda 10nm rounded down to 7nm and the rest of the chip is 16nm".
  4. Why are there no copper pump/reservoir combos?

    Copper is expensive.
  5. The XR is going to sell really well. It's 90% of an iPhone X and it lets poorer people pretend they're on cutting edge. The 5C was lame, the XR is close enough to the "full fat" version that it's not going to suffer the same fate.
  6. Multi-computer Water Cooling

    I have a whole-house multi-system loop deployed right now. You want to use heat exchangers from a cost and maintenance perspective. 7 gallons mayhem X1 (which would be a small reservoir) is going to cost nearly $200 and is a pain in the ass to mix. It gets contaminated and you're going to cry. Also leaks...water leaks it's a problem, coolant leaks becomes a disaster of sticky staining mess. PCs also don't need any airflow inside of them; natural convection works. By far and away is keeping the main reservoir from going to shit. One of my biggest errors was using an open-air (error .... air...haha) reservoir. Evaporation is a significant issue, it gets contaminated with algae all the fucking time, and occasionally some bugs find their way into it too. Sure I have filtration and UV sterilization but they're solutions to a problem that shouldn't exist. Version 29 of my loop is in progress with a sealed reservoir, built by me. Also, this whole thing is expensive as fuck to implement. You're basically dabbling in an area where no one else goes outside of commercial environments.
  7. Buying whatever the top end Apple Watch Series 4 is, sticking with my 7 Plus. The 8 wasn't a big enough upgrade. The X wasn't something I was interested in (FaceID only = no thanks). XS Max is a minor refresh of the X so *meh*.
  8. Intel might outsource 14nm prod to TSMC

    This is not how silicon fabrication works. You can't just send your design to another company and have them make it as though you're doing a 3D printing job. Intel does use TSMC already for some stuff that isn't "worth" making in-house, but it's not an easy task to send an existing design.
  9. 14nm is a super mature process at this point, so shortage probably means Intel is printing money.
  10. Apple Watch series 4 with bigger screen spotted

    I might buy this. Having to worry about battery life sucks, coming from someone that wears automatic watches, but having notifications on your wrist seems pretty handy. Plus I really need a device that I can use while skiing (pulling out your phone when its buried in a zippered pocket fucking suuuucks).
  11. iPhone Xs and Xs Plus Promo Images have Leaked

    I'm maybe/probably going to upgrade my 7 Plus to an X Plus. It depends on the camera quality since that's all I really care about in phone upgrades.
  12. Every idea re: watercooling has been thought of by someone already. Feasibility of implementation is the problem. You're describing how a heat pipe works. So yes, it's been done. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heat_pipe
  13. Battlefield V Release date pushed back to November 20th!

    Boy, when BF4 launched I remember how the netcode was complete garbage. You'd be 3 feet behind a corner and get moved back and killed. Or you'd come around a corner and insta-die. And it would consume 6 cores worth of CPU at 100% for no reason. And this was after a 1 month open beta. General opinion: not really interested in BF5. It seems like a reskinned BF1 from the few gameplay videos I've watched, and WW1 isn't (for me) going to be substantially different gameplay than WW2. The ray tracing thing might make it interesting though if it offers Crysis-like redefinition of visual fidelity.
  14. Looks like the 2080Ti going to be out of stock for a while. I probably should have gotten on the preorder bandwagon as soon as it came available and then cancelled if performance sucked, but then again I don't do much gaming nowadays. *shrugs* oh well...it eases the pain of dropping $1200 on the iPhone X Plus next month.
  15. Chilling Threadripper 2!!!

    I ran 2 aquarium chillers for several years (HC-500 and HC-300). I can answer probably most questions on them if you're contemplating getting into it. The LPT is that they're really not worth it. High cost of operation, a lot of setup cost (several thousand dollars if you want to have any hope of success), high risk of failure, loss of upgrade-ability of your machines, etc. On post-Kaby Lake you also run into silicon frequency limitations long before you run into thermal limitations, so you don't really gain any OC headroom going to 0C water.