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  1. The important part of this whole thing is the chip stacking. This buries TSMC (and indirectly AMD), because now you can effectively treat your package as legos. Core = 10nm, Graphics = 14nm, SA = 22nm, etc etc. Yields go way up because 14nm and greater are near 100% yielding, and you don't need a giant substrate that adds to package cost and OEM cost. They can also be faster to market with corrections. Oh we need a 96 core server chip? Ok let's put a couple more tiles of cores on the stack. It's what AMD is doing right now with Infinity Fabric...except done better.
  2. AnonymousGuy

    Water Cool RTX 2080 ROG Strix

    Don't buy a custom PCB version if you want to waterblock it. The custom PCBs don't make a difference for performance anyways.
  3. AnonymousGuy

    Thermal Pads/Pastes/Tape on GTX1080Ti?

    That would be cutting it close. When I did my 1080Ti it probably took about 9 square inches, but I didn't bother cutting individual squares for the memory chips I just put down continuous strips.
  4. AnonymousGuy

    NVME SSD for a boot drive on old system

    You need to verify that your BIOS supports NVME as a boot drive. A lot of boards needed bios updates years after their release to support it, so I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of Z77 boards don't. If you don't see a BIOS update that says "Support NVME boot drive" or similar then it won't.
  5. AnonymousGuy

    Thermal Pads/Pastes/Tape on GTX1080Ti?

    It's probably worth doing, particularly if your case isn't a tunnel of airflow, but don't go out and spend big money on Fujipoly pads. You can probably find what you need for under 5 bucks on ebay.
  6. AnonymousGuy

    GTX 1080 TI FE vs ASUS GTX 1080 TI Turbo OC

    Oh the Turbo card....I wasn't sure which model OP was referencing. In any case then they're going to be the same card basically.
  7. AnonymousGuy

    GTX 1080 TI FE vs ASUS GTX 1080 TI Turbo OC

    The FE is the one that is actually a blower card. It's better in very tight spaces because it gets the heat out of the case. The downside is blower cards are noisier.
  8. AnonymousGuy

    Thermal Pads/Pastes/Tape on GTX1080Ti?

    http://www.phanteks.com/assets/manuals/PH-GB1080TIAS.pdf Use any paste for the gpu die. 1mm thick pads for everything else. The stuff being covered by pads doesn't really get hot anyways so it doesn't matter what you use (on the Titan X the memory chips on the back are completely bare and un-heatsinked). The VRMs are also very overpowered and efficient. You never need to disassemble the card to replace any of the thermal materials.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coffee_Lake#List_of_8th_generation_Coffee_Lake_processors The lower you go, the cheaper you go. If you're on a budget you're better off buying older generation hardware used.
  10. I'll just quote what someone else wrote in July about this. TLDR: they didn't really accomplish anything of significance and are probably being stupid for not licensing something that's already available.
  11. AnonymousGuy

    Locked i7 8700 BCLK overclocking.

    I'm in the same boat. My knowledge of bclk is outdated to where I usually say "it's not worth a 3% overclock to introduce a fuckload of system instability".
  12. AnonymousGuy

    WatchOS 5.1 bricking some Apple Watches

    Damn I didn't even notice but I'm happy to take credit for a good pun!
  13. I may be off a bit but upgrading from a 350Mhz P2 to a 600Mhz P3 was significant for me. I still have that desktop sitting behind me where I upgraded it to like a 1Ghz part that was still socket compatible.. They did eventually make a 600 Mhz P2 though.
  14. AnonymousGuy

    WatchOS 5.1 bricking some Apple Watches

    I would just buy a second Watch and return it when my original comes back from service. 14 day return policy ftw. Shit happens, it's a relatively "cheap" consumer product, and Apple is doing what they can to make it right. I'm still on the fence whether to buy one. On the one hand it seems functionally pretty cool. On the other I already have a much more expensive watch, and I'm not sure I really need notifications and shit on my wrist when I pretty much always have my phone within reach anyways. Maybe just the cheapest variant to use while skiing when using my phone is a pain in the ass (2 layers of gloves and zippered jacket pocket).
  15. AnonymousGuy

    It's getting cold outside

    He did...whole room watercooling.