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  1. Peltier cooling

    There's a reason literally no one does peltier cooling. If you want to go extreme you either do direct refrigeration on the CPU or a water chiller.
  2. Wouldn't be surprised if it was something else like someone forgot to reconnect a gas hose or something during maintenance and that screwed up a bunch of wafers. Fabs have battery backups that are backstopped by diesel or gas generators...they don't just "lose power".
  3. Can 1 cable power the GPU?

    Yep. I also misread your OP. You don't mean powering using 1 of the 2 connectors you mean using one cable with 2 connectors, which is totally fine. The cable might get a little warm if you were pushing some crazy overclock but that's it.
  4. GTX 1080 Ti Kingpin Waterblock

    Bykski is alright, actually. I was using one of their X99 CPU blocks for a year.
  5. Can 1 cable power the GPU?

    Generally yes. There is a scenario where the PCB uses one of the plugs for a section of the VRM vs. pooling both plugs to the same power plane. Try it and it'll either work or it won't.
  6. That is probably the thermal pads for the VRM section "wetting out". It's how thermal pads improve efficiency.
  7. Make sure your CPU cooler isn't leaking on the motherboard. When weird shit is happening that's usually the culprit. That PSU is a solid unit so I doubt it took other components with it.
  8. High temps with EK Supremacy EVO on i5 3570k

    It's possible you messed up the jetplate installation but not likely. The jetplate is keyed so it should seat itself, but it's possible the o-ring popped out of its grove but I believe you would see a lot of warping of the base with the whole thing put back together if this were the case. EK uses a mounting system that you're supposed to bottom out to get the correct pressure. Turn the thumb screws until they won't go further.
  9. So I've actually run for years with no fans in my cases. Z77, Z87, X99. Probably about 5 systems total. None of them cared that the VRMs and shit were passively cooled. It's only become a problem recently on heavy-OC X299 boards.
  10. What is your favorite Coolant?

    Mayhem X1 Clear Everything else is going to clog up blocks, stain tubing or the floor it drips on, or lead to corrosion.
  11. Should You Have Case Fans Not Attached to Radiators?

    VRM doesn't need active cooling except for X299 with a decent overclock. I've run for years with zero case fans or radiator fans and no problems.
  12. The room was something like 10C with < 25% humidity so while there was condensation it wasn't enough to start dripping.
  13. 7700k, 1 degree C water, direct die cooling. 1.75V pushing for 5.6 Ghz. I wasn't able to get that to do much more than boot Windows, but at 5.4Ghz running a stress test had a 350W CPU consumption, which is insane per-core wattage. On a 7980XE that would translate to 1575W.
  14. Don't you dare buy the QDCs from EK with their markup. https://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.aspx?itemid=28355&catid=926 https://www.usplastic.com/catalog/item.aspx?itemid=27572&catid=926 (FYI these are not "precision" QDCs that EK is using...they leak a fair amount of fluid when disconnecting. You'd be better off replacing everything with Alphacool Eiszapfen QDC or Koolance ones) Regular tubing uses plasticizer and phatalates and shit to make it flexible. High end WC tubing uses resins (probably polyurethane) instead. The tubing might still cloud over time due to absorbtion but it's clean-running and won't contaminate the loop. Mayhem Ultra Clear is the top dog tubing right now if looking for clear. EK ZMT = generic Norprene black tubing.
  15. I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic, but Trump never went *personally* bankrupt. He sets up every business as an LLC and those have gone bankrupt many times over. A lot of times he will use bankruptcy to force creditors to take pennies on the dollar for debt restructuring. It's arguably an abuse of the system. And when I say "he" I mean people way smarter than him set all this up and do his moves for him.