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    Audio / LEGO (work oriented) / Football (no not american)
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    Senior Concept Architect - LEGO


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    Asus Z370-F ROG
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    2x8GB G-Skill Trident Z CL14
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    1080 TI ASUS ROG OC edition
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    Fractal Define R6 TG Blackout
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    2x1TB MX400 1x750 MX300 1x500 MX300 1x250 Samsung 830
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    Corsair RM850
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    ASUS PA238 IPS / Dell P2715Q 4K IPS
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    Noctua DH14 + Loads of 140mm
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    Ducky Shine 6 - Modded
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    G502 Logitech
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    Yamaha HS7 / HE 4xx / M1060 / K712 Pro / X2´s so i bit of everything, would not want to look in my old headphone graveyards, of unused headphones, it is a bit big
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    Windows 10

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  1. that you like the 60hz soap effect is fine, i personally don´t like it, and many film makers don´t, i think it was the hobbit that did it, in cinemas, did not work at all.. where it did work however were big panning shots, it became more realistic.. it has plus and minusses, and guess it will be more and more a thing, the more the digital consumers become the norm, we older (40years) guys has just been brought up with something else.. 24 fps cinema formats. but i would still like the bitrate push, compression can be bad at times on youtube, being able to put more data into videos, would be nice. but i do feel that LTT is not where the 8k is priority, they have other issues, before upping that quality, production quality is just not good enough.. Marquess MKHB or what his channel is called, there is a guy that has the potential of running 8K
  2. RasmusDC

    Does my GPU have faulty memory?

    yeah the memory clock looks to be okay.. it runs 3500mhz stock, and you have boosted it 200mhz.. so it is fine. also the temps look great.
  3. running a 1080TI and a 8700k, i am waiting for the next generation. the 2080ti is just not enough.. went from 2x970 to the 1080ti. i would really like to upgrade, i run racing sims, currently on one 4k screen, but i would either like 3x4K or a HIGH resolution VR solution, the VR solution is not created yet, Pimax 5k+ (8k is rubbish) and the HTC VIVE Pro are still not good enough.. but to drive 3x4k or a VR solution, will demand a lot... so i guess that is when i will be upgrading next time. actually looking into downgrading my 4K 60hz IPS desktop monitor to a 2560x1440p 165hz, just for the gaming. But i really like having the same resolution at my gaming rig vs my simulator.
  4. Why .. seriously.. the 1660ti is fine, it is a 1070.. my 1080ti runs today on my 8700k, but had a 4970k and it took the place of my 3570k as a server, a 4core no HT cpu, that 3570k stock clocks ran fine with my 1080ti,.. buy the card, run it, if you feel GPU is running 50-70% then you might need a upgrade down the line. for me BF1 at the time, was the one not using the 1080TI to it´s full capacity, but that card is way faster than the 1660ti, i actually think that it is a good pairing, even a 2600-2700k would suffice.
  5. 60hz is not great for content, with video, i makes everything look like soap operas. i do however like it when showing benchmarks and Stuff.. the 8K youtube compressions is bad, but 8k would always be better even when running 4k because of the larger bitrate, but it just seems such a waste of time, and money at the current state. a few monitors and one samsung display supports it..
  6. these things only work at a non critical mass of people. But guess things are going great with trump...
  7. in my mind, removing net neutrality is kinda accepting bribery as a business model. what you end up having, especially in the US, where you have access to very few suppliers of internet in areas.. they will have the legal possibility of f.ex. saying to netflix. i you want our customer base to have access to your streaming services, at full speed, then pay us, that is extortion in my book. so the larger ISP will just gang up in cartels, to ensure that the customer has no choice. the next issue is that many ISP´s have there own stream services, so they can in theory block data completely to the speed that are non usable, to ensure that their service will be the preferred. i hate that you gave companies that possibility, because they will use it for the profitmargins. it really sucks. and things like trump did with facebook to get elected, will also be easier, since you can limit access to information, since you can throttle it to death.
  8. RasmusDC

    Does anyone have an RTX 2080 ti without coil whine?

    my experience is that all cards have some sort of coilwhine, if it is the more performance oriented versions. But i actually buy strix from asus, because normally it is a low deep hum... because i really don´t like the high pitch one. My old 1080 TI ROG OC, has it, when it hits 2000fps before startup of heaven benchmark, can be removed by capping fps... by capping fps at 200, mine is inaudible, in a silent room, unless i stick my head down to the exhaust. my Kraken X62 has more noise.. I run a Define R6 tempered, with Noctua fans, that idle or runs at 300+ rpm, so my setup is pretty quiet.
  9. RasmusDC


    I can see now that explaining what i had was not really smart of me, and i am sorry. If you want to go UBNT, it is going to be too expensive for you.. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XY1GHP2/ref=psdc_1194486_t1_B00N2RO63U this could be something simple for you, i don´t know if there is a POE injector in the box, but there should be.. so what you do is find your router, put a CAT cable from that into the POE injector, and then pull an ethernet cord to the access point outside, there will now both be data and power in that cord, and then setup the network, it is not fancy and MESH based, like a UBNT system, so it will be it´s own wifi (you can give it the same name, so items will switch over).. But it will work, and support your ring setup. they have solutions with up to 15KM range, but i guess this should do.. if you end up buying into the ubnt solutions, they do become expensive, this is an entry level integration.
  10. RasmusDC


    an external extender, is the best way to go, but it depends on what you believe that an arm and a leg is?.. Personally i run a UBNT setup with 2 Accesspoints, it gives me enough range, but i you could drag an ethernet cable outside, and just extend it with a outside accesspoint, for me that would be the best solution. but outdoor equipment, might need that you inject POE (power over ethernet) but that makes it really easy because it is only one cable.. i also feel that my Ring setup is a bit picky with wifi, the cams complains a bit, but an internal inwall AP that extended my NanoHD solved my issues.
  11. i would go XPS, it is one of the most complete laptops, and nice for office use.. But since it is for "school/work" i would always go lenovo.... X1 or T models, it is just one of the best
  12. RasmusDC

    Why does Linus have an issue with Monoprice?

    Actually like my M1060 that i bought over Amazon.de, planar headphones.. But i also seems like they have looked at poor element, that would fail, to bad the screen sucks, it would be so nice with a 27" 144+ monitor that actually did not look like a disco... i really hate these monitors with light and extreme colors.. "GAMING GAMING GAMING"
  13. RasmusDC

    What consoles do you own if you have any?

    hehe.. found my perfect condition Gameboy, the launch version... that´s a fun old thing..
  14. RasmusDC

    The WEIRDEST Video Card We’ve EVER Seen..

    it sucks that the standards war on connectors has been implementing so many new standards, remember in the old days, where i worked a B&O and we worked on Cat6-7 as only carrier of data, Sound/video... (Masterlink solutions) Why we have HDMI, Optical and so on, sucks... a good cat cable, and we could have a one cable setup for most of our hardware. Just so easy to have everyhing in a cat cable, i know that CAT8 is only 40gbit/s but hdmi 2.0A is only 18gbit/sec...
  15. RasmusDC

    What consoles do you own if you have any?

    damn.. i really don´t play that much console, but going through what i have.. i does look like i buy a bit too much Nintendo Wii/Wii U/Switch (only use the Switch) Sony PS3 (my kid plays with it) PS4 and PS4 Pro, VITA and PSP Fat Microsoft Xbox , Xbox 360 Elite, Xbox One (Old), Xbox One X only one used, are the PS4 Pro, Switch and Xbox One X for me, i have the old PS4 and Xbox One connected in the summer house.. i don´t think i have turned on a "non movable" console for a while, last game played were Red Dead Redemtion at launch week. Play the switch a bit at the moment, Trials Rising, even though it is a poor port.