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    Audio / LEGO (work oriented) / Football (no not american)
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    Senior Concept Architect - LEGO


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    Asus Z370-F ROG
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    2x8GB G-Skill Trident Z CL14
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    1080 TI ASUS ROG OC edition
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    Fractal Define R6 TG Blackout
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    2x1TB MX400 1x750 MX300 1x500 MX300 1x250 Samsung 830
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    Corsair RM850
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    ASUS PA238 IPS / Dell P2715Q 4K IPS
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    Noctua DH14 + Loads of 140mm
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    Ducky Shine 6 - Modded
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    G502 Logitech
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    Yamaha HS7 / HE 4xx / M1060 / K712 Pro / X2´s so i bit of everything, would not want to look in my old headphone graveyards, of unused headphones, it is a bit big
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    Windows 10

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  1. it is swapping the 2 GB from your harddrive, you are loosing a lot of performance i that area.
  2. you reach a point in life, where things just change. telling others what to do is nothing people can do, they have to make a choice them self, personally i am caught in the void. being 41 years old, having worked at high levels the last 10+ years as a high level specialist, my point of view differs, i´ve sought what linus has, self control, there is nothing worse than living in a company world, where management see you as an important tool, but also as a danger, because you are honest, so i have been thinking of stepping down for a long while. having been so stupid to "broadcast it" to my peers i started something that is hard to stop, they fight to keep me in the game, both as support, but also as power plays, putting me in situations politically that has taken a toll on my personal life, and also my sanity. to be honest, personally i have had the feeling to say, fuck the world in many years.. i do not see the value of working for other people, building shit for them. the egoism in this world is so extreme today, that you loose so much of your self.. the fun part is the "SUPPORT" i get, is trying to get me to play the game, so it would help me fly further into this "world" that i hate. to "file down" my edges, and to make me a bit more political, and "symbiotic" to the management. the grass might not be greener in another area, but atleast linus can set his own setup... and try to change the status a bit, so why not buy yourself free time, why not loosen up, and make it a fun place, i know entrepreneurs, they love the creation, but they also kill everything around them, because the believe they should have the same passion, and drive and time consumption into their creation. i´m a sucker for the Valve model, i don´t know it it works in Valve, although they sell it as such (valve employee handbook for a bit of context). maybe a bit of restructuring, and trying something else, will build something better, and stronger. i don´t know. i´ve learned though my years, that trust, creates speed, but also that it is important that you build a setup of actual specialist that can deliver the goals you aim for.. if you get that working you will be able to lean back, and see something great happen... you are not the center of the world, you are a catalyst, and that for me is something great to be.. sorry i might just be rambling.
  3. people have given up on VW in some forums, and got the engine remapped, and a DSG tune, it does solve most of the issues, but that should not be needed. all the rental firms keeps away from DSG since it is a expensive setup, and i you talk with most car dealers, they are popular as used cars, but most VW you need to have a large slump of money for quality issues, in the "used car warrenty period".. VW is not good quality it has never been. currently most DSG cars have issues, i bought my wife the POLO GTI 200hp with a manual (2019 model) people raved at me for wanting a manual, butmost GTI owners with the older more stable DSG 6 speed, which i knew back from the Altea days, where most bought the 140hp diesel with the DSG6 and not the 170hp with manual like me, they still have the same issue.. in cold weather on the DSG 6 speed, you can forget everything about getting reverse until 2-3 minutes of heating up your transmission. change of transmission oil has solve the issues of gearbox dying, but all the other issues are well documented, and everytime i am at VW shop (and that is often) there is always a guy working a warrenty issue at the desk with a DSG gearbox. but it again is just a small part of the HUGE mess of VW issues on engine, gearboxes, and just general things, like not being able to keep water out of a headlight, and having rediculus tolerances on WHAT is okay with that.. have a picture stating VW tolerances of how much water a headlight must have in it, since my FULL LED lights on the Polo has damp in them. (their issues with chain driven 1.0 and 1.4, which wrecks engines, all the diesel issues) fighting with a DSG issue and water in the headlights of my cars, seems to be lucky, noisy trim and stuff like that are just things i accept, since i am tired of visiting shops constantly
  4. The problem with the Dry Clutch DSG, is if you live in damp weathers like Denmark, then Micro slip, is an issue. it was really bad, and still is on my Passat, when it was new from factory it slipped up to 200-300rpm for 30minutes until REALLY Dry, and VW tried to refer to it being a "part" of owning a DSG... and that i could just force shift a lot, so it would only be 10-15 minutes. at 27.000km i got the upgraded clutch with a better grip, but it shifts hard, so it is not comfortable (and still has microslip, just the small kind, not 200-300rpm).. in Denmark, the issue is nearly all dry clutch DSG´s so there are forum threads on 600-900 pages refering to cars with this issue. i have yet to drive a VAG car with the 7-Speed DSG that does not in some way have micro slip. (but most are just "low amount" so you can just feel the DSG Slipping until it gets hot.. a Clutch not under warrenty in denmark is 26.000kr = that is over 4000 Dollars for that.. if it was not under warrenty.. i would much rather own a CVT that works that this piece of crap, even though i hate the CVT, would even own a old Citroen pneumatic automatic... if you live in a hot climate, this is not an issue. but these are german cars, not southern european so they should work in damp enviroments, VW has updated the DSQ (DSG) gearbox, to now not be dry.. so the issue should be solved, on certain new VW´s i think the Mark 7.5 150Hp 1.5 TSI had one of the good gearboxes.
  5. owning a car with a dry dual clutch automatic, i do however know that i will NEVER own a car with that gearbox in the future.. a regular old style automatic like the BMW 8 speed, or a manual is going to be it for me. I actually could live with a CVT more than the DSG gearbox (the DSQ200 and 250)
  6. i think it is okay to revert the discussion into the store products, it is normal for all channels to do it.. i do accept it a bit more on a "grown up" channel, i HATE when my 5 year old watches youtube, and they use "clicks" and other elements, as a needed.. for me though it feels more and more like the reviews are less and less interesting, because depth is not there anymore, even the 3000g athlon video, are 12 minutes used on a rant and 2 games and a syntetic. and thats it... it might have had a message, but seriously.. so for me there are so many hardware sites it watch on youtube, before LTT, since they do seem to have way more information on the given products, that can actually give you some direction. and it seems wierd, since LTT has such a bloated amount of staff, why it is not more invested in actually delivering quality.. but guess i am just old.
  7. RasmusDC

    New Rig

    a bit of tidying the cables, and removing the clear plastic over the heatspreader on the motherboard.. hate when these plastics are left on.
  8. they are entertainment, they do not have a high degree of knowledge in any area, as also seen by all the tinkering... at most generalists.. i would not.
  9. i love kbdfans custom keyboards.. but i you can find one, go for a ducky, ducky shine, or ducky ones are excellent keyboards. have a couple. they have double shot keycaps, cherry switches and really great quality..i know they are a bit more, than maybe a cheap corsair keyboard... but all models are sturdy and great quality, so you do not need to go for the newest ones, the older models are nice.. just figure out if you want to go tenkeyless, and what switch type suits you, i am a cherry mx brown guy, but there are many types of switches, that may suit you better, red/blacks for gaming, blue if you like your switches to really be extremely clicky. this f.ex. is an extremely old ducky shine 3 that i went back to from my ducky 7 i still have, i love this keyboard. it does have PBT keys from kbdfans.com
  10. yeah... guess i will 3d print som kind of replacement, i never use the keys so maybe a logo that covers all 4 keys and stabilizes in the outer Cherry stems.. it is fun these pbt keycaps, fell much better sound wise than the double shot from ducky, because they are lower, and less gab in the key, so they feel more compact... surprise by the quality, they were not that expensive.
  11. i have a ducky 7 and a ducky 3, and the old ducky 3 needed a refresh i know that it has backlight, but bought a decent set of pbt keycaps from kbdfans.com and they are really nice, lower profile than the doubleshot from Ducky, and they had the nordic layout, but i am missing the keys for the audio and calculator control.. so i have just used the extras.. i think they are laser etched, since i tried removing the text with nail poslish, any good ideas.. ?? because i really would like to keep the look of the keycaps....
  12. Just curious, i am remodelling my office, so i think i will be re purposing my 55 inch 4K tv from my simulator, just to a normal tv, and looking into a different monitor setup.. currently i have a 1440p SR75 Samsung as my main panel, and where thinking of getting 3x1080p 144-165hz IPS monitors for the racing simulator.. i have 4 display outputs on my 1080ti, 2 HDMI 2.0 and 2 DIsplayport 1.2, can i build profiles. so i either have a spanned 3x1080p setup or my 1 display, since this is how i will use them, either simulator, or desktop work, it will be annoying if i need to do this EACH TIME i want to run a few laps on the sim... but getting a wider perspective, and maybe higher FPS would be nice.
  13. i liked Rogue One.. but i don´t really find any of the other films that offensive, they where all good movies in my perspective, lots of fan service, and i am from the time of the first 3 movies, the originals (4-5-6) i HATED 1-2-3 but i do like 7-8-9 and i like the Mandalorien (only 4 episodes deep), and Han Solo was decent too. it was more of the star wars universe, and action.. it was fine. It´s the same with Star Trek for me, the real star trek captain will always be Jean Luc Picard, and Patrick steward (waiting for the new series) but i like the new versions with Chris Pine. the movie in general..
  14. haven´t watched that much... but Ford Vs Ferrari (did see avengers and so on), and the series is Chernobyl Ford vs. Ferrari just hit a personal note for me, when looking at Ken Miles, the fight between actual value and knowledge, and the management. How we don´t really praise actual achievement, it is all about showmanship. Liked Avengers, but for me it was just pure fluff, it was REALLY Great effects, great action, great cast. so a really great experience, but that was it.. like a GREAT rollercoaster ride.