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  1. My Lg G6 randomly restarted then shut down. I went to plug it in and I get a battery icon with a red flashing question mark inside. When I shake the phone, there seems to be something big moving inside and I am thinking that the battery is loose, but this has been happening for a while so I don't really know... Should I open the phone and take a look inside?
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, didn't know that I could get a new S7 for the same price... Things I want/need are: - Phone to last a couple of years - A decent display - Decent camera for social media posts - NFC would be a plus
  3. I am looking for a new smartphone in the $300 (US) price point and I saw many suggestions for the OG pixel/Pixel XL... Would you say that it is still the best phone in that price range or are there better smartphones now?
  4. Thanks. So the Pixel has a better camera, a better display, and more updates; But, the G6 has a bigger display, a better build, and wireless charging? I would take a better display and a better camera over wireless charging and a bigger display if I had to choose... but I want the phone to last at least 3 years, do you think the pixel would hold up? Also, are there other phones in the $300 price range that would be a better choice than the Pixel?
  5. I have a budget of about $300 and the two phones that always come up are the LG G6 and the Pixel 1. I want the phone to last a couple of years, have a decent display, and have a decent camera for social media pics; Would you recommend the G6, the Pixel 1, or something else?
  6. The SE is listed for only $160 new with Cricket. Do you think any Android phone can beat that?
  7. I am looking for a phone in the $200 to $300 range. Things I am looking for are: - Unlocked (But Cricket would work fine too) - Decent camera for social media posts - A decent display - The phone to last a couple of years
  8. My dad's iPhone 5c broke and he wants to get a new one for under $400 (US Dollar). He's mainly just uses Facebook, Youtube, and surfs the web, but he is looking for a decent camera and wireless charging. Any recommendations? (Either unlocked, or Cricket locked)
  9. I haven't finished editing yet but I am using Davinci Resolve. When I render the videos I can use Quicktime with h.264 would that be a good choice to render in? And after the render use handbrake...
  10. I have 2 video files that total to about 15GB, I need to send the video files to my teacher through email but my internet connection is only 1mpbs upload, so I will need the video files compressed to about 3GB or less. Is that possible to do without losing any quality?
  11. So I am trying to edit a school project that was shot on the school's camera. I added the video file into Hit Film Express and it said something like Dolby audio is not supported, get the premium version in order to use Dolby Audio. So how can I change the audio format of a video(s)?
  12. I use Davinci Resolve and Hitfilm Express 4 Express as my editing software and I was wondering how to add a disco ball effect to a video clip. Do I have to download that effect? If so how? Also, if there is no disco ball effect, can I simulate it somehow?
  13. He doesn't really care, he will only use it to browse the web, a good camera would be nice to have though.
  14. My dad is looking to buy a new phone because his phone recently broke, his budget is $300, what is the best smartphone in that budget?