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  1. Ah, so its just on me. I'm used to UPS with lights that shows it is charging (or having power input), so it felt weird to have nothing showing. I will try again once I charge it for at least 6h (based on manual). Thanks for the info!
  2. I bought a UPS earlier today. UPS model: FSP iFP 1000va / 600w. I haven't finished charging the 6 hours before initial use (but 1h passed, so I assume it should be able to turn on already), but all it does is a long beep (about 5-10s), the LCD/monitor turns on for awhile, and then it turns off. Anyone have any experience with it (or UPS in general)? First time "buying" and "using" one from fresh, so I'm not sure if I am doing anything wrong. There's nothing plugged into it yet, just me plugging it into power outlet to charge battery. No lights or anything tho
  3. Nope, but I recall they deliver to my city at least. Not so sure if they have a store here..
  4. Not super high, but I guess $100 or so tops? Just trying to get something minimalist, I guess. These are 2 examples I'm leaning at (though there are reasons I can't get the first one, seller is inactive lol)
  5. Not sure what I should put but I'm specifically unsure about the desk/table height for keyboard / mouse area the most. Preferring a minimalist desk/table, with: 1) Width: 1m - 1,5m 2) Depth: 50cm - 80cm 3) Height: 50cm - 80cm 4) Preferably with foot rest (not necessary) 5) Preferably being able to put PC on top of it / under the main area (Just want my case not to be on the floor directly) Current chair is around 40-50cm tall (not a gaming/office chair or anything). Would appreciate it if I can get some help on how to choose one. Thanks
  6. Ah, so the good ol' rip. Guess a new one it is then. I'm not too keen on getting it repaired either lol, its old.
  7. Hmm alright, I guess that ought to get a new thread instead then. Made a new thread for it. Will still leave this open in case anyone got anything else to add
  8. Samsung S22D300 (or something). It froze for me when I was using it earlier, and just kept going white and more white as time goes on (even with no connections). I have no idea if this would be still repair-able (I will take it to a repair shop/specialist of course), but if its not I will just get a new monitor. Does anyone have any idea for it?
  9. Would this be fixable? If yes I might just take it to a repair shop or something first. Warranty's long past due already anyway.
  10. Ah, well my PSU did die last week lol This is how my monitor looks like now
  11. My TN monitor just died (Samsung S22D300), lasted about 3-4 years. Trying to get a new one, but not sure if IPS can last longer or not (yes, I am fine with TN colors). Just trying to get it on a budget. 60fps is fine for me (PC is RX 580 + Ryzen 3600). Not a high fps gamer or anything. 1080p is my normal use. Currently looking at these 2 so far (I haven't explored all available options) ViewSonic VA2418-SH LG 22MK600 / LG 24MK600
  12. Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: Gigabyte RX 580 8GB Mobo: Gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming 3 PSU: Gigabyte P550B 80+ Bronze (temporary) RAM: 2x16GB GSkill FlareX 3000MHz Wondering if there's any recommended UPS / tierlist for it. Use case is for the PC - so it doesn't turn off instantly (as blackouts happens every now and then at my place. And also unstable voltage).
  13. Took it to a techie today, turns out it was PSU that died. Tested with another PSU of techie and it turned on. Guess it was on the brink of death since 2 days ago.
  14. Did test that, it wasn't booting (things tested on number 1)
  15. Specs CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 Mobo: Gigabyte Gaming 3 GA-AB350-Gaming 3 PSU: FSP Hydro-G 650w 80+ gold GPU (if it matters): Gigabyte RX 580 8gb What has been tested: 1) Shorting the mobo with screwdriver - FAILED 2) Shorting the PSU (I only unplugged Mobo and GPU cable from my hardwares) - SUCCESS (turned on, but PSU only of course) 3) Reseating cables (albeit I didn't reseat everything - only Mobo, GPU, and the Power Switch/Led/etc for case) - FAILED 4) Reseating (shorting/reset?) CMOS battery - FAILED 5) Reseating PSU power cable (from electri