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    ASRock Pro4S Z170
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    16GB Hyper X DDR4 (2x8GB)
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    EVGA GTX 970 SSC ACX2.0+
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    Factal Design Core 2300
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    120GB SSD + 1TB HDD
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    Corsair CX500M
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    AOC i2369Vm
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. That's what I thought it might come down to, need to wait for monday though. Thanks anyway.
  2. Hello, I bought an EVGA GTX 970 SSC ACX2.0+ (04G-P4-3975-KR) on black Friday 2015 from Scan. Last week I was having issues with it crashing randomly so, after some testing, I switched to my iGPU and installed older drivers for the GTX 970 and then swapping back again, that seemed to work until this evening when my computer crashed again while loading a CS:CO match, I tried restarting my PC and it happened again. When I tried to boot my PC again the fans only lit up for a second before powering off. I then fully power cycled my PC and the lights would be on for a millisecond before dying again. The final time I tried it smoke smelling of solder came from my GPU so I powered off and removed it. I am now using my PC again with the iGPU. I have been using the 970 with a 100MHz underclock since last week due to the issues and using Precision XOC's suggested fan profiles. Due to the solder smoke I would have to assume there is some serious overheating that hasn't been reported by Precision XOC, what can I do about this? The GPU is over a year old and I didn't take out any extended cover. General PC Specs: i5-6600k (OC @ 4.5GHz) Asrock Pro-4s EVGA GTX 970 SSC ACX2.0+ 2x8GB Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 CX 500M 120GB SanDisk SSD 1TB Seagate HDD TP-Link Wireless Card (only installed tonight because I couldn't use ethernet)
  3. Here you go - GTX970 Owner Club
  4. Welcome to the GTX 970 owners club. Please post your benchmarks and what model you have! (Happy now @Hackentosher and @Bananasplit_00)
  5. Fair enough. But I am more interested in this specific card, seeing that I own one and all that. Feel free to do it your self though.
  6. This is a thread for all the poeple out there that bought the EVGA GTX970 SSC ACX2.0+ (04G-P4-3975-KR). I got mine for £250 with a free mouse and Rainbow Six seige back in november, little did I know that you couldnt liquid cool it with any easily attainable block. So yea. But it does perform nicely, a solid 60+FPS in all games I play at ultra and runs stereoscopic 3D pretty well as well. But the main reason I started this was to see if anyone know/could find out if the two random pins on the PCB that you need to remove/bend to use the bitspower one are LED pins, because in GeForce experience you can edit the LED attributes! Anyway, a quick search of the site didnt show up anything about this GPU other than this. Which was pretty short lived. This is supposed to be something of an owners club, with me as the possible only member. Yay.
  7. That doesn't answer my question at all. We all know that he modded his card because no water blocks are available.
  8. I would like a new SSD for my system because my 64GB SSD is basically full and I cant decide what to kick to the HDD in my laptop - desktop is fine though :D. Everyone else needs an SSD because they are sooooooo much faster! 14 seconds boot time, who doesnt want that??
  9. Does anybody know where I get this in the UK? Even Europe would be good, it looks like the only places that stock it are Performance PCs and the manufacturer, but there isn’t a cost or add to cart button on the website... Just wondering, because it seems like a lot of hassle to get it shipped from the US/Taiwan, because that’s not exactly cheap.
  10. If it completely separate, then why do they get the profit? Also, if its not for profit, you can use all Monstercat music free of charge, and I know a few other lables work the same way.
  11. I really like that case, but with shipping it becomes ≈£50. Any other cases with a similar design?? The simple/minimalist design appeals to me!! Thanks againEDIT: I found it on Amazon for £40 with free postage. Also saves me money having to buy fans!!
  12. Unfortunately I really dislike what that design of case, it looks like a "wannabe gamer". I have designed a PC that is around £700 and I want a case that shows that, bit doesn't make the price £800. Sorry for being annoying, but thanks for the input
  13. I am trying to find good, cheap and good looking case for my first build. I am hesitant to spend more than £45 on a case. I have looked about and almost every case i have found has had something i don't like. For example, the NZXT Source 210 (and elite) dont have dust filters, and those cost £3-5 each on the web, and only the elite edition has USB 3. The BitFenix Neos looks good, but is supposed to be hard to build in... The S340 looks like a nice case, and has good reviews, but its over £50. I'm lost, any help would be nice... Thanks EDIT: Please check on UK stores and dont use a price converter, because everything is more expensive over here
  14. Is this with all motherboards of just certian motherboards? thanks for the reply, put me at rest a bit.
  15. Hi, Iin the build i am planning i would like to have 2 graphics cards (EVGA GTX970 ACX2.0 - newegg sells them for £225) in SLI. (Note: i will be buying these at different times, so dont suggest a 2011v3 board/cpu). Unfortunaltly this will leave me without the option to add any more cards because i am planning on using the i5 4690k, a 1150 socket CPU with 16 lanes. And you require a minimum of 8 lanes for SLI. After some research i have found that most motherboards are in a 16 0 0, 8 8 0 then 4 4 4 if you use all the 16x PCIe lanes, but in someone mentioned a board with an onboard chip that let the board use a 8 8 4 configuration that would let me have a last card. Although it appeared that the card had reduced speeds, that doesnt really bother me. You might ask why i need a 3rd card. Well, whats the point on having 3 16x slots and 7 all together if you cant utilise them, but also because i may need to have a WiFi card. But also the option to expand with out having to a ) get a board and CPU on the 2011 socket, which are much more expensive or b ) wait till skylake comes out, but it will be expensive and i only get substantial amounts of money for my birthday and christmas, which is why 2 GTX970 would work for me, but a 2011 wouldnt. TL;DR Mobo that can run SLI with another card on the 1150 socket. Thanks in advance, matt I didnt add my PCPartPicker build because i didnt think it would be relevant, but if you want to see it is on my Bio.