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  1. Do the classic resetting of everything (power off/on the WiFi access point and your device). That is a common fix for weak/weird wifi issues. If that doesn't do it you'll have to determine if its just your device or something else. Maybe the WiFi router has some issue, if other devices are connecting fine then its your PC. Maybe someone/something is doing something to weaken the signal at certain times, not on purpose but just what ever they're doing is interfering, maybe something you're doing. If you have a smartphone install the app named, WiFi Analyzer, you can use it to see where the signal is strong/weak and what the best channel your wifi router should be on for best performance, maybe another router's signal is conflicting/overlapping causing the disconnect. Pretty cool tool actually, there are others as well but this one is rather simple and quick to the answer.
  2. The expander choice is dependent on how you are using it, most are part of a back plane where the drives are connected directly then there are, the cards you see on the NewEgg link are usually for systems where the mobo and drives are in the same chassis.
  3. Drivers and even some hardware does not play nice with other drivers and hardware, so sometimes disabling or un-installing said bad hardware/software (drivers) helps prevent issues, we won't go into how Windows updates sometimes also interferes.
  4. SAS Expander: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_attached_SCSI#SAS_expanders The actual SAS expander cards : http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Description=sas%20expander&Submit=ENE You can even build your own, sort of : http://www.servethehome.com/sas-expanders-diy-cheap-low-cost-jbod-enclosures-raid/
  5. You can come up with millions of scenario's but you should know well enough if a company is giving it this much air play at CES, its coming.
  6. @P1X3, they sell half height cards for 1U servers, assuming you have a PCI(e) slot for it all is well. Just make sure the half height slot cover is included in the package, and save the full height slot cover in case you ever want to use it in a full height computer.
  7. Computer errors are human errors. Who programs the computers? You will still have to know how to drive your car just that in certain driving scenarios a computer can do the mundane task while you rest, read, watch a movie, play a game, oversee the car. I'm also sure there will be an override button for those emergencies when a car computer hits a bad line of code
  8. Then try disabling the Marvel controller and removing those drivers.
  9. If you're spending $7.5K on a computer and you main concern is boot time, you are either spending way too much money to fix a problem you never will or are not using it for real work as you state. If you are using it for real work the chances you actually shut it down are never. What you are taking about is a workstation class computer and as has been my experience those computer are never shut down unless there's a power outage. They are up and running 24/7 to do work, even work initiated remotely even if you are not in front of it. If you plan on turning a workstation class computer down regularly you are in for some surprises.
  10. @ArtVenom, which ports are you using for both RAID arrays? I know from experience the Non-Intel ports can cause issues (bluescreens, RAID resyncs, crashes). The drivers for the second SATA controller (forget the name at the moment) usually is the cause of the issue, and I've yet to see a fix, not sure if its the mixed RAID levels or particular drives but it does exist, I disabled the second SATA controller and no more RAID resyncs or crashes.
  11. Jump to the 0:49 time line. For the RAID 0 haters, they have a RAID 0 with two SSD's to benchmark USB 3.1, so go out and kick yourself in the pants if you decided against it.
  12. There are still ways around this, always have been, a VPN is just a lazy solution or easy to do solution. Just remember internet packets are just internet packets, if you know anything about TCP/IP you know blocking known VPN solutions is meaningless and only raises the bar.
  13. Self driving cars are just as terrifying as some of the drivers out there today! There are accidents because some of these same terrifying drivers cause the accidents due to being so freaking terrifying. The self driving car tech is coming whether people want it or not, it makes perfect sense out on the freeways where these days you have someone driving the speed limit in the fast lane and speeders on the slow lane swerving in and out of traffic because people have lane lock mentality causing those going faster to move in and out of lanes to get past them, had those lane lock drivers moved to the proper lane you wouldn't have that issue at the very least. (from one fast lane swerving driver)
  14. Its something that at this point should only be in a museum or set up in a safe place for target practice.