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  1. No it's not worth getting on the mining train with 1 consumer grade PC. You are too late. There might be some Cryptos that might make you a bit of cash, but people looking into this now have no idea what they are doing and are complete amateurs looking to make a quick buck. Not trying to be rude, that's just how I see this situation.
  2. Boot time will be quicker, everything will load quicker. You can use that 500GB drive as a secondary option if that case allows it.
  3. mintlou

    Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

    Episode trying to break computer components using static electricity.
  4. mintlou

    Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

    Can't find the normal video suggestion thread, not sure if you would choose to cover this in a quickie but: Video about how you would dry wet electronics using IPA VS Air dry VS Rice etc. EDIT: THANKS LTT. This episode went out today. 11/10/17
  5. mintlou

    What should I review next?

    Asus Zenbook 3
  6. mintlou

    Uni or not?

    I said no to Uni and took an Apprenticeship in IT. I'm earning and learning, getting professional certifications along the way. In my opinion employers are often going to want those with relevant experience, which is what working as an apprentice teaches. I've got a few Microsoft certifications this year and I hope to continue getting them as I'm working. I find that working also gives you time to find a style of work which fits you, so you can get a better grasp as to what direction you want to go on in for the rest of your life. What if you took a degree in networking, then got a job in networking, only to realise that the uni stuff was not comparable to it? That's just me though
  7. mintlou

    Need some help or some advice about my issue

    Try following this flowchart: http://www.fonerbooks.com/poster.pdf See where you get with it.
  8. mintlou


    KMSpico is a shady activation tool for Windows operating systems. It works with the legit Windows install to fool the activation process. Usually if you install Windows 10 from CD/USB from their download page it will still automatically activate anyway under "digital activation".
  9. Yes it is legit. YUMI is a great tool for making a bootable USB stick with multiple ISO files on it, something Rufus cannot do.
  10. Clone or not, this is (for me) a better alternative to the Macbook. I want Linus to do a review of it soon.
  11. mintlou

    Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

    Nice Giveaway! Username: Mintlou https://www.vessel.com/videos/X3_DNjcMT https://www.vessel.com/videos/fuPdK5xgs