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  1. Which Razer Blade 15? There are SOME examples of people getting it flashed. The issue is your GPU right now can't even run at full power. Go on MSI afterburner and click cltr+f to get the frequency curve editor. Adjust it so at your current voltage you get more speed. You can get more performance this way. If you really want to dive into bios flashing go here. There are people who have done it before. http://forum.notebookreview.com/forums/razer.1109/
  2. What laptop? To answer op, yes possible. Likely that someone with the skillset would be able to help you. Nada. There are alternative options to flashing bios through. Outside of increasing power and voltage limits (which you really don't want to do on thin and light max q laptops), you can probably do what you want to do on MSI afterburner. @amihail1 so what is it that you really want to do?
  3. it's almost strictly for games or content. I have a IPS 24in 1080p for work and will use the other one in horizontal with vesa mount. I love 1440p, its just that I don't want to turn down settings to run at 144hz. Right now 1080ti runs almost all games at 1080p 120fps+ stable.
  4. I grabbed this list off displayninja. Could someone help me decipher what the differences are between all of these. I'm leaning towards the Viotek GN27C2 right now. The only thing that I've found is the "updated revisions" like the C27FG70 -> 73 and the GN27C -> C2 etc are slightly better. But how or why, no idea.
  5. I've encountered another weird problem with my board and I'm just curious if it was normal. I was running 4.9ghz avx offset 1, 1.310v core, turbo LLC. This was rock solid stable on 8 hour Prime96 26.6 and Prime96 AVX separately. I didn't like how loud the fans were in the system so I swapped in some noctua fans, added a few extra ones for higher airflow and all of a sudden my previous settings were crashing left and right. It's now stable at 1.320vcore all settings the same. Why did I need an extra 0.010vcore to get it stable? I reverted back to my original
  6. any thoughts on safe voltage on 9th gens? I've heard 1.35 1.3 etc.
  7. So I spent the last few days tinkering around with my 9600k. I just want to know if I really REALLY lost the silicon lottery on this chip. 4.9ghz | 1.284v | Turbo LLC | AVX offset 1 | Low 70c BUT 5.0ghz | 1.354 | Turbo LLC | AVX offset 2 | High 70c Am I doing something wrong here? Why does it require more so much to push it up to 5.0ghz? Temperatures are not an issue. Running a NH-D15s. Just confused why 4.9 runs so much more efficiently than 5.0ghz Stressed on Prime95 26.6 and Prime95 current version for non-avx and avx stability.
  8. yep. as soon as i turn on all manual timings refuses to post. it goes through bootloops after bootloops. Everything swings but nothing displayed. Remove CMOS battery, go back to XMP profile, no problem. CPU is running at max oc no problem either. It's a really weird problem.
  9. Title says it all. Everytime I try to set manual memory timings, my system goes into a bootloop. Need to take out CMOS battery to get it to boot again. Anyone have any clues, tips? I don't want to run my 3600 at 16-18-18-36.
  10. I'm running a 9600k at 4.8ghz, 1.315vcore, medium llc, Aorus Z390 Elite board. CPU-Z reports 1.224v but Hwinfo reports 1.339v during Prime95 Which one should I use? They are so hugely different. AVX Offset 1.
  11. Don't know if you can tell but it says 330 818PB d ? anyway to find out what part this is? Any way to look at an Aorus 1080 mini schematic?
  12. Can you explain this? I have no idea what I'm doing so kind of worried. So desolder the entire part including the tabs?
  13. So I'm not entirely sure what I ripped off. But can I solder it back on? it seems like an extremely clean break. Basically, I was putting on VRM heatsinks onto my GPU for a Kraken mod and I was poking at the heatsinks and this one came right off. Can I resolder it on? Please help.
  14. The ud is fine. But hella barebones. The aorus z390 elite is not too much more expensive if you budget can stretch that