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  1. I was about to post about this, I own a bunch of those RTL DBT USB units and they work great, however, the range is limited with the default whip antenna, I recommend a Yagi antenna with a low noise amplifier for listening to satellites and as far as the ADS-B frequency range I recommend a J-pole or a Dipole antenna.
  2. I don't see why you had to correct my previous post but sure. Apparently, the Unit shown in the picture is referred to as "submaster" by some documentation. I agree on the unit being too old to try scavenging free software or any for that matter, you can probably find cheaper DMX controllers online for under 100$. I recall using a DMX Starville master 3 a couple years back for basic shows.
  3. So you want a flip phone to wirelessly transmit constantly to your PC?
  4. I actually would rather have that old ass board over usb, Having dimmers is the best thing to do on live shows and I mean who does not want to slide those things up and down like a pro. I just contacted some people on lighting forums who might know what software to use. Is the submaster connected to the DMX/ paraller interface or are they seperate? Apparently, you can even run the software on Windows 7 with compatibility but I can't find a download link. I remember using a system similar to this but it would output VGA itself with no need of a pc.
  5. Julian5

    In ear headphones

    RHA 750i, By far the best headphones, The warranty is also amazing and they have sent me 2 units for free even though I only asked them to fix a cut cable & faulty jack...
  6. If you can get a grip on it and it does not come out then you probably wont take it out that way, I would usually say heat or some lubricant but in this case its a motherboard, I recommend Warranty (probably does not cover it) or maybe USB jack replacement.
  7. You can probs get a cheap valve amp on ebay, Techmoan did a review on some a while ago.
  8. Tweezers? the worst case scenario just superglues something to it and pull.
  9. Yeah I guess 20€ isn't much when I have spent nearly a thousand on sim parts
  10. I think i'll try streaming to the raspberry pi which has Composite out, just until the adapter arrives.
  11. Yeah the old ATI cards and such, so no way to solder some janky cable on the mobo and get Composite? rip
  12. I would personally prefer 2 monitors for flexibility however it depends on what you'll need them for. It won't matter for work such as programming but gaming on 2 monitors is not really enjoyable. Also, your pc might not even be able to run games on an ultrawide.
  13. Fusion 360 is free and easy to use, I use it for everything.
  14. Im currently setting up a 737 simulator and a lot of the screens for it need composite to hook up to the pc, I have a GTX1060 so obviously no composite, I cant really buy a proper adapter but i have a raspberry pi and an arduino on hand, any help I also have a GT620 lying around but it only has VGA and the signal I believe is different.
  15. He could do another collab with louis rossman? He seemed to have the stuff necessary for this kinda job.
  16. Chill mate, dont be mean to our american friend
  17. The CMOS is a battery that holds the information of the BIOS and Date & Time, its a small button cell battery on your motherboard. Check your motherboard for which headers to jump to reset the CMOS.
  18. It gives a suggestion based on price and availability, just look for your own PSU.
  19. Reboot the PC, if that fails then reset the cmos.
  20. Some PC's can convert the wifi signal and output via ethernet, not sure if your mac can but a quick google search can confirm it.
  21. Ah ok, well i'd keep an eye out on Craigslist or gumtree, if thats a thing there. Good luck.
  22. maybe the local dumpster at this point... I actually found some incredible parts there hahaha