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    Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3.00GHz
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    G.SKILL RipjawsV 8GB 3000MHz @ 2133MHz
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    MSI GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GB
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    DeepCool Tesseract SW-RD
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    WD Green 120GB SSD
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    Corsair Builder VS550 550W 80+
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    HP EliteDisplay E231
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    Windows 10

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  1. That'll have to do yeah, thanks so much again. Oh and, what do you think about this tho
  2. Oh, so you mean physical like bending cables and resoldering things level physical right? I can do that, but it will void the warranty right?
  3. Thank you Just out of curiosity, now that I won't be using my headphone jack anymore, can overvolting it again cause any bigger problems? Cause I have nothing to lose headphone-jack-wise, I'm curious if it can fix it.
  4. My dad stepped on the cable that goes to my 2+1 speakers and it backfired and broke something in my laptop, now the left side is so much quiter, tried it with headphones too. My laptop model is Acer Nitro AN515-44. Is there any way to fix it easily, my university is starting 2 days from now and I cannot give it up unfortunately, thanks.
  5. There's no shielding around cables, just plastic cable.
  6. I crafted this microphone module for my headphone kinda thing in the photo to add microphone functionality to my earphone so I can use it on phone calls, it consists of a 3,5mm jack, 3,5mm port and a ripped off headphone microphone on a long cable. But as in the sound file I attached below, it picks up cell interference like crazy and I believe I know why but I wanted to ask you guys for a solution because I have no solution. Thanks in advance. 20210818_053520_Normal.m4a
  7. I fixed it! By flashing a TWRP backup containing system and boot partitions that I found on my pc, now with the phone working and vibration motor still not working, what do we conclude the problem was? suddenly disconnecting the battery or liquid damage?
  8. can it be fixed by flashing a new rom? like I said I can go in to TWRP and even browse through files on the phone. I could not get the pc to recognize the phone however but idk if it's the cable or not.
  9. I was trying to fix my other phone and now it cannot vibrate and can't boot into system, but I can go into twrp and such, it seems to be working fine, problem may be that I had popped the battery out while the phone was working + used a glue for back cover that I found out later that was a little conductive, so I don't know which one caused the issue. I don't have a proper usb cable to test it with a pc so I'm here. I've marked some possible places for a short circuit that I found some glue at, one being the vibration motor I think.
  10. Today I've bought Sony MDR WF-XB700's and sound quality is great but I feel like the maximum volume is too low for me, I listen to music loudly and these I think are normal for most of the people but I feel like bass could punch a lot harder but I just can't turn up the volume that high. I've tried the disable absolute volume for bluetooth and tried increasing the gain from viper4android (rooted) but it just clips the sound, I'm looking for anything even rooted solutions, thanks. Phone is LG G7.
  11. I finished taking care of my 5 year old pc and renewed thermal paste, cleaned dust off and such, and I removed and reinstalled the CPU while cleaning as something to know. After finished it all up, pressing the power button, American something screen showed up that shows up when you install a new part to ur pc and said new CPU detected bla bla didn't really read it, pressed F1 for setup, got into the BIOS of the PC, everything fine there, then clicked save and reboot on the BIOS menu, screen got dark, 5 second waiting to turn on anndd nothing, the PC won't boot now, it just sits there how it w
  12. ah dang, PayPal isn't available here And yeah you're right, I'll look for somewhere else to buy probably a better idea, thanks.