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    Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3.00GHz
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    G.SKILL RipjawsV 8GB 3000MHz @ 2133MHz
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    MSI GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GB
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    DeepCool Tesseract SW-RD
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    WD Green 120GB SSD
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    Corsair Builder VS550 550W 80+
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    HP EliteDisplay E231
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    Windows 10

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  1. ah dang, PayPal isn't available here And yeah you're right, I'll look for somewhere else to buy probably a better idea, thanks.
  2. I mean thought it's general discussion, sorry.
  3. This is the site, I wanna buy a ring from them, saw it on instagram, is it legit? https://the-watanabe.com/collections/spirit-rings?fbclid=PAAaalYpKVc0-ScY1Oyy5y1lVZJo9qijkw2bt8FvDKNxDt1XFbM1F58Xhpwsk
  4. Nevermind, fixed it, used the backup & restore in the settings of the phone.
  5. I've backed up my data usig LG's Mobile Switch app before formatting my LG G7 and now that I wanna restore from the backup, I can't, backup is 4.3 GB and only options to recover from inside the app is from sd card, but I cannot copy the backup file to any sd because of FAT32's 4GB limit and now I'm stuck, help.
  6. Can anyone offer any new information? I'm kind of stuck. And one more question that I'm having that might let me switch between power sources but I need to connect both grounds from the two power sources for this and change the 5V inputs, would this work? I'm planning on connecting the negative of the batteries with the usb ground and switching between the amp's 5V output and usb's 5V. So something like this:
  7. I have a class ab amplifier circuit that I salvaged from a HP sound bar that had headphone jacks and I made it into a pocket USB amplifier. Now it is hard for me to always find an USB power source to be able to use it everywhere so I put two 1.5 volt batteries and a votage amplifier (MT3608) in it and directly connected it to the usb power input of the amp, controlled with a switch. I configured it to 4.93 volts but the amplifier still works with voltages down to 4.5 that I've tried so far. When I plug the amp to my laptop there's so little hissing that I can ignore it. normally I plug it to
  8. Hello, I replaced the fingerprint sensor on my phone with a replacement, THIS one. Weird thing is it works very good until I try to unlock the phone with a non-registered finger and instead of letting me try again, it stops working altogether. It works again only after I disattach the sensor from the motherboard and plug it back again, btw rebooting, shutting down and booting again doesn't work at all. Is it because of the phone or sensor? And how could it start working again after deattaching it? Like what changes? And obviously, how can I fix it? Thanks ^-^ Edit: Phone is Huawei
  9. This thing stays on the screen way too long, always gets in the way to be honest. Any registry kinda trick to fix that? thanks.
  10. I just got a quite not known branded tablet and want to root it. model and brand are Vorcom SX Pro. There's no custom recovery or something either.
  11. the thing that I don't get it is why stupid power management algorithm would kill it when it just got a new message, I thought these algorithms handled instant messaging apps differently.
  12. I would not guess so, it must be something about whatsapp's algorithms.
  13. update: It have been almost exactly half an hour past since the first message and the ones after that got delivered just now. Even more interesting.