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  1. Pretty much any EVGA card that's not a reference design is a great choice. So ya, that one is good.
  2. Did you also account for the overclocks that other users might have done to their gpu?
  3. There will be a difference, but probably less then 2%, so like maybe 1-2fps ish gains?
  4. Coil whine is fine if your worried your card is breaking or something. But like the silicon, coil whine is pretty much up to lottery in terms of who gets it or not.
  5. Getting a better cpu will boost your graphical score, but the gains are pretty minimal to the point where imo it's not worth it. But if you got a cpu with more threads and a higher clock you will get a boost on your overall score (and physics score). But in a gaming scenario the gains would be small in most games.
  6. ROTTR have been know to have problems with nivdia cards I'm pretty sure. But try reinstalling your drivers with DDU and see if that helps. Also hitting 144fps on max settings is a little bit unrealistic on expectations. In some games the even the 1080 can't hit 144fps on max settings @ 1080p. That's why you should check benchmarks before buying, always, so you know what your should be expecting when you get your gpu.
  7. Megahertz? That is how you abbreviate it. (But if you want to be picky the M and H should be caps but whateves)
  8. Yes, an unstable memory clock can cause games to freeze, crash and artifact. So you might have to dial it down until it stops doing that.
  9. Something like cablemod? You can custom config the colours and length. They also have a EU store, cus your in the UK.
  10. The Zotac and the MSI Gaming X should cool similarly. Pick the one that matches your system better or looks better to you.
  11. Unless you plan on water cooling, get the Zotac,
  12. The Intel Extreme Tuning Utility is kinda derpy, the readings are not correct because with my i7 6800k it reads it only having 3 active cores when I clearly have all of them pegged at 100%. Use something like HWmonitor for the readings and temps.
  13. I think it was just to meet the demands of the card at the beginning, as they probably had more 8gb cards ready to sell then the 4gb ones.
  14. Seems normal to me, my lowest max core temp to highest max core temp have a delta of about 17C at full tilt. So I guess as long you keep the hottest core under control it shouldn't matter too much.
  15. Try it with one stick of ram and if it's fine then try another one and see if that one is a problem. If the ram isn't the problem it might be your motherboard.
  16. They do the same thing really, so use what you want. I just right click on the drive then hit format because I'm lazy.
  17. Well, to hit 4.3 with my 6800k I needed 1.425V so you can try that (as long as you can manage the heat and keep it under 80C). I'm using about 1.45V for my 4.4 right now (it maxes out about 75C with full load). But if you can't hit 4.3 @ 1.425V then you might as well dial back to 4.2 as the heat output is not worth the small gains of 100mhz. (tbh I should dial my cpu back because it runs pretty hot) Once you get the core clock stable you can start to tinker with the ram and ring. But that could mess with your overclocks so I would be careful adjusting those.
  18. Should be able to, as long as the chips belong to the same family group (which they are).
  19. Change the ratio to Fixed instead of dynamic to see if that fixes the problem and if it's unstable/refusing to post try to put more voltage in (You might have to set the voltage mode to override instead of offset because of the fixed ratio). Also try setting the voltage going into the package to about 2v that might help with stability.
  20. I would try to pick a brand that have a good international warranty policy, incase anything goes wrong. But I can't think of one right now.
  21. Yup, if it deactivates then give windows a call. There should a prompt when you boot up (If window deactivates)
  22. Not really, your windows might deactivate though (mine did when I did a processor swap) so you might have to reactivate it. But it's pretty much just plug and play.
  23. It's fine if you don't have the top fans, they just help dissipate the system heat and it won't effect cooling performance too much. (and I just enjoy filling up all the fan spots)