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  1. I tried installing Fedora on the NVME M.2 drive twice with the Windows SATA drive plugged in and it would not boot. I took out the Windows SATA drive and it would not boot. I reinstalled Fedora on the NVME M.2 drive without the SATA drive plugged in and it booted successfully. So it seems the NVME drive has some confict with the SATA drive. I was able to boot Fedora successfully from the non-NVME M.2 drive with the Windows SATA drive plugged in.
  2. Ok so I installed Windows successfully on the SATA drive but I could not successfully boot off of the original M.2 drive that I installed Fedora on. So this would obviously point to a m.2 ssd issue. I had a spare m.2 SSD (this one is non NVME vs the original) that I used and I was able to dual boot sucessfully. As far as I can tell the readings from smartctl on the Fedora Live CD pointed to the original NVME M.2 SSD still being good however. So I'm not sure weather it is bad or not.
  3. A couple days ago I checked the M.2 windows SSD on my main pc with CrystalDiskInfo and everything seemed fine. I already have all my stuff backed up to my NAS. I'll try installing Linux on the M.2 SSD and Windows on the SATA like @TorCsaid and see if it corrupts again.
  4. I'm pretty sure I didn't update it unless if it did it in the background when I closed it. I took out the Linux SATA SSD and it doesn't boot.
  5. I was booting off of each drive with the one-time boot menu with F12. I'm pretty sure windows completely up to date both times. I used Fedora.
  6. I have a Dell XPS15 with a M.2 and a SATA SSD. I was under the impression that if I installed separate OS's on each of the drives (Windows and Linux), then I could boot off of whichever one I wanted whenever I needed. I got it working twice without issues, but after a couple of days it will not detect the Windows M.2 SSD as bootable media. Why is this the case?
  7. Do you have a surge protector that you would recommend? Does this mean I have to connect the ground wire from the surge protector to the ground screw on the UPS?
  8. I have a Tripp Lite SU1500RTXL2Ua UPS. I was previously running my Ethernet cable through the surge protection on the ups without an issue. After my power went out I can only get 3Mbps instead of the 100Mbps I usually get. The link light on my switch will blink yellow and green. I've tried different cables without success. Did my ups actually protect me against a surge and can I fix the surge protection?
  9. Might not be the best place to ask this question but I recently got electrocuted when I was plugging a ups into the wall. It only happened for a little less than a second. Now when I twist my forearm or contract my fingers I feel a slight pain. It didn't hurt when I got electrocuted, it just felt really wrong. Should I be worried or will the pain go away after a week or so?
  10. Thank you for such an informative reply. I ordered the 9GV0812P4J03 Sanyo Denki that you recommended. Hopefully it will be a bit quieter. I know the fan that I have now is well over 4 years old.
  11. I have a Tripplite SU1500RTXL2UA UPS that I got from my workplace. I want to use it next to a couple of computers I have at my desk. As expected, it is pretty loud. I used the software from Tripplite and found that it was idling at about 20C-30C. I opened up the ups after taking some safety precautions and found that it is a single 80mm 3 pin fan. So I want to replace it with something with good performance and ideally as quiet as possible. Any recommendations?
  12. Hello all. I am trying to overclock my 7700k. I am getting very high temperatures when stress testing using IntelBurnTest v2.54. At idle I get around 33C. Using the standard Stress Level, under load It spiked very quickly to low 90's on all cores so I stopped it. I did not touch the voltage at all so I am wondering why I would get temps so high. Never used this software before so I am wondering if I should use something else or if there is a problem with my computer. Thanks.
  13. What would be a decent graphics card that can support 6-7 monitors? I am mainly using it to monitor different programs on different displays. Does it matter as long as I get something new with 4 ports and use splitters? Thanks.
  14. I recently bought a Dell S2419HGF monitor for gaming at 144hz. It claimed to be able to run at 144hz overclocked (120hz normal) and have a 1ms reponse time. In the monitor settings I turned on the 144hz overclock and the Super Fast (aka 1ms) response time. On these settings I get slight ghosting on my monitor. I looked it up and according to reviews it seems to be a common occurrence on this model. I bought it on sale for $150 dollars and don't really care about the ghosting effect. I just want to know if ghosting has any drawbacks to competitive gaming where it would put me at a disadvantage.