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  1. Also with anything nickle in your build it's advised to not have silver kill coils in your loops as they will react.
  2. Running a 360 and a 240 rad. Both about 35mm. Cpu is clock to 4.4 with about 1.45v and gpu clocks peak at 2152mhz. Getting about 70c on cpu and 58c on gpu when playing something like pubg. Ambient is 26c.
  3. I've seen people do builds with just fittings. I'm sure it'll be fine, unless they're made of lead.
  4. Other then generating a ton of heat, overclocking cache usually is not worth the heat and energy consumption. You might have some gain in some workloads, but the diminishing returns are real. If you do decide to overclock your cache try to keep the voltage below 1.35v unless your cooling solution can handle the dissipation.
  5. That's fine, the drive can operate up to about 70C before it starts throttling. If you're worried you can put a fan to it but it won't really benefit from it and you just add more noise.
  6. So I just replaced my motherboard with an Asus x99a II, and found out it only accepts M.2 PCIe (Woops) So I Got a M.2 sata to PCIe adapter and was wondering 1) Will these actually work. (I mean does it plug and play fairy easily.) 2) How much of a performance hit will I take by using the adapter vsing just plug it right into a M.2 slot that does support Sata? For reference this is what I purchased: https://www.amazon.ca/IOCrest-SY-PEX50073-M-2-PCIe-Adapter/dp/B011D7A4CW/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1493172563&sr=8-5&keywords=m.2+sata+to+pcie It just converts it to a normal sata III drive I think.
  7. Updated scored with Maxed overclock. Gave the GPU another 10Mhz offset and the memory another 25MHz offset and got ~200 pts higher. Also put down the highest clock my core boosted to. Forgot to do that in last post.
  8. If it's a barb fitting like that one then only the ID really maters.
  9. The G1 is not reference so no (I'm assuming). You'll have to get a block specifically made for the G1. You might be able to hack it on the board like what Gamer's nexus did but it might not work or requires a shim.
  10. Still, look at the manual to make sure that you put the ram in the right slots. There are specific slots your suppose to fill first.
  11. I would take the 240mm. If you going to go with the 120mm you might as well go with a highend aircooler that will outperform it for about the same price. Something like a Noctua NH-d15 or be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3.
  12. Take a drill to your case. Only way really, assuming the only thing not fitting is the actual mounting holes and not the girth and length of the rad.
  13. Well, tbf the loop will need to be cleaned and maintained every 8-10 months and assuming you get lazy and don't drain the loop until 12 months. Your still going to have to take the loop apart anyway so why not water-cool your GPU too so when you do upgrade to the latest and greatest gpu it would just be part of the maintenance procedure?
  14. It could be algae or it could be plasticizer but it's probably both. Do you think you can post a picture of the growth? It's probably both so you might have to replace the tubes after running the loop with 1 part distilled water and 1 part vinegar for a couple hours to kill anything still alive in the loop. And then make sure you get somekind of biocide when you refilled the loop with distilled water.
  15. Yup, that should be fine. And if you could slap a nice OC on to it you should be a-ok.
  16. The closer you can get the ring frequency to your core frequency is usually better (or ideal) and you can gain some performance for certain work loads. But prioritise your core clocks over the ring as the performance gain from a ring oc is pretty minimal for the most part so usually not worth the extra power consumption and heat output.
  17. Return it and get a new one or RMA it. Looks like something is wrong with the gpu hardware wise.
  18. Got a screenshot of this "Glitch"?
  19. I personally use a heatkiller IV GPU and it's a pretty good block. Build quality is solid and it's better looking then the full acrylic blocks imo. I would've gotten the cpu block to if I didnt have a Swiftech XL2 laying around.
  20. If you don't want to do a full custom loop just get a EVGA Hybrid kit and convert it. I'm assuming the Aero is reference PCB, the cheaper 1080's usually are.
  21. Just whatever you do, don't get the steam version. It's garbage.
  22. Yes. Should work fine and the Precision X OC tuner should work fine to.
  23. Make sure if you get a powerbank, don't use the quickcharge port on it if it has one. It could damage the console.
  24. Along as your not running pure vinegar as a coolant it should be okay, I would dilute it 50/50 with distilled water. Probably just need to run the loop for about 48 hours and it usually gets the gunk loose and you can just run distilled water to clean vinegar off.