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  1. thanks for the answers guys. i think the voltage v speed benefit ratio is terrible. i have to raise it by 0.6 volts for a measly 100mhz. i don't think it is worth it. i will be keeping it at 4.4@1.335V for 24/7 use. i think it is a decent overclock for this chip. also do you think increasing the cache is of any use?
  2. got a 6900k recently and i have been OC-ing. i currently have it stable at 4.4ghz @ 1.335 VCore. I am running on a Asus Rampage V 10th edition.other settings are:Cache 35Cache voltage 1.15LLC 6RAM is corsair dominator 32GB (16x2) @ 3200mhz @ 1.35V (stock)also my workloads are not particuarly intensive and i am using a predator 360 AIO w GPU loop.I am trying to get to 4.5 just for the kicks, so far i have tried up to 1.39 which could successfully boot but i was unsure of testing it since the voltage is a bit high. i've read over various forums and so far i understand the consensus for 24/7 use
  3. oh did not realise that, i can definitely pull the topcoat sidewards lol
  4. i use my fingers and drag the top layer across to the sides, this is an IPS panel
  5. i might be going crazy but on my xb271hu especially when against a white backdrop, i see these weird vertical marks on my display which are in the same location on both the right and left side. i havent been able to properly capture it because cameras pick up the pixelation of the display. so i have been able to narrow it to being a problem with the layer of film on top of the display. if i pull the layer sideways, the lines disappear. does anyone have any experience? i have an otherwise brilliant display, no dead pixels, OCs to 165 hz np, minimal BLB, etc. i really don't want to
  6. PF1000U projector, what am i going to use it for? for what it was named P = Porn and F = Fap!
  7. you think i'll see any temp differences if i go with my proposed fan setup?
  8. ah yeah i do have an AC running most of the time when i'm home. ambient is nigh unbearable now. the predator is a fairly thick rad and while i was assembling i decided to go push/pull and immediately saw temps go down as opposed to having only the vardars in push.
  9. hi folks. i've caught what they call the cooling bug and am trying to go for maximum cooling from fans. i live in a particularly warm climate as well where ambient ~30-33C my case is the phanteks evolv atx. both i5-6600k OC 4.6ghz and 980ti running custom bios with higher boost clock on the predator 360 loop. right now my setup is: front intake = predator 360 with 3x f4 vardars 2200rpm in push and 3x jetflo 120mm 2000rpm in pull rear exhaust = noctua ippc nf-a14 2000rpm top exhaust = 2x ph140sp 1200rpm i'm contemplating the following:
  10. i have a predator 360 and it cools as expected. cpu temps werent that different from my previous h110i gtx so i guess its more of whether you're going to expand the loop or if you're going include your gpu. which is a nice option. as for expanding to include another rad, if you check out overclock.net there are a few individuals who have done it and also included an external res. however, having said that even with the r1.1 of the predators there still seems to be a myriad of issues. i am now in the painful process of having to get my unit replaced because the pwm splitte
  11. i've been using razer products for around 12 years now since my first viper which is still working to this day mind you. since then i've added, in order: imperator - used for a year before passing it on to my brother as i wanted the side-buttons on the naga epic naga epic - purchased in 2010 and still working but suffering from wear and tear from constant use over the years goliathus - purchased in 2014, its textile. hard to mess up blackwidow chroma - purchased mid 2015, had to RMA because certain keys did not provide tactile feedback. RMA unit ok so far naga c
  12. predator 360, gives you the option of future expansion. i personally have one and am happy with it tho one of the fans has a slight issue but EKWB's support has been fairly responsive thus far. another one is swiftech 320 x2, i've heard lots of ppl swear by swiftech. they give you the option to expand as well. both are massive AIOs so you're going to have to make sure they fit in your case
  13. whew looks like ive got a bit of learning to do! thanks so much for the link! unfortunately i've run into a slight issue with my AIO so might be replacing it.
  14. wow thanks for sharing. what software is this?
  15. interested in what other ppl are doing with regards to fan curves. do you use the same fan curve for your intake and exhaust fans? or is one more aggressive than the other? would also love to see how you guys set up your curves (non-sexual).