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  1. Hi, I flashed a raspbian os to my sd card, but I don't use it in my raspi anymore so I want to use it again as a 16 gb sd card. Sadly I can only format it to 5.71 GB (that is a random number I guess). Can you help me? update: I can't even format it to 5.71 GB... The formatter program ("SD card formatter" or "Windows Explorer") fails everytime I try.
  2. I have a sprinkler system installed at my garden, but the controlling device stopped working. I do not want to spend a lot on an internet-controllable one so I decided to build my own. I was almost done with the relay system, when I realised that I have a 24 VDC adapter and not a 24 VAC one. (The solenoids of my magnetic valves require 24 VAC). I looked up on the Internet and found that the AC coils (in the solenoid) should work with DC power, but because I'm not sure about it and I do not want to kill it I decided to ask if they work with DC power.
  3. I've been using the 2TB version of that drive for a long time, and I didn't hvae problems with that. If you are scared of losing your files, backup them, or use RAID 1.
  4. Hi, I was looking for a monitor under 200$ for hobby video editing and some photoshop work. I found the Asus VZ239Q. Any thoughts? Do you have a better option under 200$? (I prefer 21-23 inch monitors with 16:9 resolution)
  5. Thy for answers, I'll buy a splitter then...
  6. Hello guys, I just bought a new desktop computer with a lot of 3,5 mm jack ports. I have a headphone with a combo jack, unfortunately the "Realtek HD audio Manager" doesn't recognise that as a speaker AND a microphone. Is there a way that I could use it without an adapter? (motheboard: asus 270-a)
  7. Well this wasn't the problem, I just rearranged them and they work fine now
  8. Hi, I was so dumb... I didn't realise that my motherboard (Asus Z-270-A) supports only 2133 MHz memory, and I bought a dual channeled Corsair Vengeance Lpx (8+8 GB) that runs at 3000 MHz. I installed those to the memory slots. My motherboard didn't really detect it (only the half - 8GB). Should I refund the Vengeance memory? Or are there any settings that would make these work properly? I'm a beginner at PC building, so be kind with me if I've made a really dumb mistake ;-) Note: This motherboard supports memory overclocking up to 3800 MHz. (If that's important)