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  1. SocomSuade

    Steam isn't going to count reviews from review-bomb periods

    One more post and I will stop but this long drawn out story is relevant. This is the company and game I thought of immediately when I saw this. I will try to say as brief as possible. I participated in a Kickstarter promising and literally guaranteeing certain things to happen (there is video evidence of the guarantees). The game was supposed to be a next gen Socom 2 developed on PC and ported to PS4. NOW I know Kickstarter is not a guarantee, even if the Devs say that it is (lie) in order to sell a dream but back then I was not so aware. The KS was a success and when they got the check everything changed, The CEO started firing people, not paying people/having them quit and then the face of the entire project (A former Zipper Interactive Employee aka The Creative Director of Socom 2) left the studio. The problem is that they hid this information because they knew what would have happened. Some fans literally pieced the puzzle together themselves, started asking questions and forced the studio to release a statement confirming everything on their forums. That is when the "review bombs" happened. Rightfully so, we now were left with absolutely nothing. A broken shell of a game on steam EA without a single employee to finish the game. We got scammed big time. The game was horrible and a complete bust with no refunds from an LLC. There were some community members who volunteered to finish the job and they are still working on that however the game is a mess and TBH I am pretty sure it will never hit console where the dream was sold (most socom fans who donated are on console). They even released a statement recently that was carefully worded but essentially read we have no idea what we got ourselves into and don't know how to port a game. But I will give credit that the game while still unacceptable is better than it was before. This KS was 4 and a half years ago BTW so now a game with mostly negative reviews for a very good reason will turn into mostly positive? Since the game is so small, barely has any reviews at all and most of them were "bombed" these guys get a free pass for a mostly positive game that is actually dog shit?
  2. SocomSuade

    Steam isn't going to count reviews from review-bomb periods

    You can opt out sure. But they are not counting reviews which they determine to not be valid reviews which is technically a form of fraud as stated. You may have also missed the Q&A where a random user asks if their review is posted at the same time as a "review bomb" and happens to be negative (and on topic/legit) will theirs count? And the answer is no it will not. I can somewhat see kind of where they are coming from to protect developers but at the end of the day the Devs did something wrong and IMO this is nothing more than a shady way for them to manipulate the system for their own personal gain. Edit: Saw a valid comment on steam: What about the POSITIVE reviews that say nothing more than "nice" or "this game cured my cancer"? Will those be removed from the overall as well? This shouldn't bother me as much as it does but I do consider this fraud and as gamers/consumers we are already allowing them all to give us the shaft with their barely playable games being released unfinished with tons of issues and with "future DLC"/battle passes.
  3. SocomSuade

    Steam isn't going to count reviews from review-bomb periods

    That is still a valid review. When I review a game I also look at the company. There are a lot of shady indie devs out there. Or in your case, a developer who will abandon a project. I completely disagree with Valve on this. DRM is also part of the experience. People can review a product how they want. TBH idk if it is possible but I hope a class action suit comes out of this. They are essentially dictating what I can say on my review that I paid money for. There is also a major conflict of interest since Valve makes money from each sale on their store. Seems like a very bad move to me. People can have whatever reason they want to dislike a product if I buy a game and do not like it because I spilled my drink on my KB when loading it that is my personal experience.
  4. SocomSuade

    Steam isn't going to count reviews from review-bomb periods

    Kind of confused on this. Maybe I am reading it wrong but it sounds like shit games will benefit a lot from this. So Steam is dictating what my review can say? That is kind of BS, if a game sucks it sucks and especially since Valve benefits from sales. Of course they want 100% positive reviews so others buy the game.
  5. SocomSuade

    Suggest me good Multiplayer Games

    I did play CS:GO for a while but now I have Insurgency Sandstorm. If you like CSGO it is worth checking out IMO. It is a lot like CS but better to me.
  6. SocomSuade

    Bought Another Bad Chair - Need Recommendations

    Following and I also say wait it out. That is what I will be doing. I spent over $100 on some BS vibrating/heated chair and it is complete trash. I sit all day at work and they have Steelcase here but they are very very expensive as well but I can sit for 8+ hours comfortably and at home I can literally feel my spine molding in horrible ways in my chair. I guess you get what you pay for and this is something that is impotant IMO for comfort and health.
  7. SocomSuade

    Suggest me good Multiplayer Games

    From the couple of games I played it did seem much better coded than Pub with better graphics too but I still love Pub G, even with all it's issues. Just tired of it I probably have over 1,500 hours in that.
  8. SocomSuade

    Suggest me good Multiplayer Games

    I may actually revisit some old games. I had a ton of fun with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare but quit playing because the graphics were horrible and I don't think they had a mic system.
  9. SocomSuade

    Suggest me good Multiplayer Games

    I did try Apex on the Console. I think I actually DL it on PC but never got around to trying it. Will definitely check it out, seemed kind of cool but idk how I feel about the 3 man teams. The teams in games just keep getting smaller and smaller lol. I don't think I could play Minecraft though. My kid has it on PS4 and I find it very uninteresting. Thanks for the suggestions though.
  10. SocomSuade

    Suggest me good Multiplayer Games

    Looking to branch out and try some other types of games but I really would like something interactive with multiplayer, team oriented kind of thing. I pretty much have been playing the same few games for years and looking for something new. I play Pub G, Insurgency Sandstorm and some B rated indie game that is trying to remake Socom 2. So yeah, basically multiplayer shooters. I could never get into campaign type games and prefer to play multiplayer. I did recently DL Guild Wars 2 and although it seems a little odd I will put a few hours in to give it a chance. What else do you recommend?
  11. SocomSuade

    Sennheiser or Audio Technica?

    I need open back to hear outside of game.
  12. SocomSuade

    Sennheiser or Audio Technica?

    Looking to buy a new headset and I have it narrowed down to a few. I'm starting to consider separate headphones with a mod mic but I've never used anything like that. These will be mostly for gaming. I play FPS so directionality is very important but I also record music seldomly and I kind of like the idea of having a detatchable mic for other uses, but in reality this will be 95% gaming. With that in mind the headsets im looking at are the Sennheiser Game One vs. Sennheiser GSP 500 vs. Audio Technica ATH PDG1. Regarding separate headphones and a mod mic I have no idea what would be good for that. Trying to keep the budget to $150 but if it's really going to be worth it I could possibly spend a little more. The only criteria is that is has to be from Amazon and they have to be open back. Pros and Cons from my research: Game One has a better noise cancelling mic but quite a bit of static from the cable around. GSP needs a separate amplifier to push them I'm hearing and I'm not too sure how I feel about spending another $150. I'm just plugging directly to the back of my PC with no fancy sound card but as I stated if getting an amp is something that would be a ridiculously good improvement, I could save up and/or consider. I can't find much info on the Audio Technica in comparison but it just seemed like anothet decent option. Anyone have any insight on these?
  13. SocomSuade

    Resale of gtx 970 4gb

    IMO that is a steal for selling 9 cards. Even selling one single 970 online, you'd be lucky to break over $100 after paypal fees and shipping from what I am seeing.
  14. SocomSuade

    Should I get a used unlocked CPU?

    TL;DR IMO even if they are pushed harder, whatever CPU you buy will more than likely last much longer than it would take you to decide it is time to upgrade anyway. I can understand where you are coming from and I have wondered this same exact thing. I am not a pro and can only give my recommendation/opinion. If buying new then yes I would absolutely get an unlocked CPU. If buying used, buy an unlocked CPU Everywhere I have read and searched say that it is SAFE to OC the CPU. I am sure some idiot could do some damage but I have a good story for you, I am in fact that idiot and there was no major damage done. I built my first PC 4 years ago. I ran Prime 95 straight away with a STOCK cooler on the i7-4790k. The temps were immediately pushing 100s and I was scared for a long time that I did some damage. But here I am 4 years later with almost daily gaming and the CPU is still working great. I am just now starting to OC btw to get more juice since it is old and kind of wish I did the OC all along. I don't know much about OC just yet but I do know these CPUs are built to last and can take a beating. Sure, Overclocking and pushing to the max could decrease the life of your CPU but I would imagine 99% of PC guys would be upgrading way before the end of life anyway so it doesn't matter. IMO if you are buying a chip from an Overclocker, they probably know what they are doing and the machine probably won't even boot if it is pushed too hard. If it was some fool like me (even I knew to shut down when the temps got crazy) and the temps were ran extremely hot, chances are that in a worst case scenario it was too hot for a brief period. I believe that can degrade your longevity but who will have the same CPU for 10+ years? IMO it is very unlikely and unlucky to get that small % of CPU's out there that would be on the fringe of death when you got it.
  15. SocomSuade

    quality 1080p graphics card

    Seems like everyone answered already but the how long will it last part. IMO there is no telling and that depends on you. Will you still be playing the same games in a few years? I have been thinking about upgrading and looking around. I happened to check my order history at new egg and I ordered my parts 3/28/2015. That is 4 years depending on your math and I am still running games just fine at 1080P. I can't run ultra on everything but I do get good frames at very decent settings in the games I play. If I stick with the same type of games I can more than likely get another few years out of it as long as my SSD does not fail me. I probably will not wait that long but I probably could if I needed to. i7-4790k GTX 970