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  1. Looking for a bang for buck kind of thing. Ill spend a few $ maybe up to $500 but not looking for top of the line. Some type of monitor to watch movies on my projector. Using studio monitors now and they're just really bass heavy for movies.
  2. Does this exist? I have the 502 hero SE and it is garbage. Feels incredible, very smooth, very light, fits 90% perfectly in my hand. Looking for those qualities in another mouse. I don't care what the price is but what I dont want are buttons that fail within months, horrible software like ghub and really poor customer service. These are dealbreakers for me and why I am trying to move past using this g502. Any suggestions?
  3. Agreed on all fronts. Really did not want to include a mobo into this because that is just a can of worms and costs another $100 to save $20, etc. Plus my local place only has two B450's in stock etc. Anyway just wanted to share the deal. It was $20 less for me and I have been looking online for like 3 weeks consistently and not everyone has a Microcenter. Updated OP with YMMV
  4. Fair point but after tax it is only $1 less and TBH they were never in stock when I started looking so i stopped checking Microcenter. But if they have it at your location it is $1 less and can take home today so a better deal.
  5. At Newegg. No tax (at least where I live) and free ship.https://www.newegg.com/amd-ryzen-5-...600&cm_re=ryzen_5_3600-_-19-113-569-_-ProductNot the deal of the year but I have been watching this CPU for a few weeks and just ordered this one to save $20. Comes with Xbox PC pass. YMMV due to taxes and if you have a local Microcenter with this in stock.
  6. Yeah I mean do your thing. IDC and obviously I dont make the rules. I am rarely on here as you can probably see by my post count, I am a noob. It was just like dang, I am trying to find deals on PC stuff and I have to scan through 4 pages of games that i would never in my life consider playing lol.
  7. Hard to say this without seeming rude so my apologies but man. You completely spam this forum with these. Why not put it all into one thread?
  8. Yes true but the 1080TI is only averaging about $500 on ebay and that is what I paid ($500). I'm not upset, it was a fair deal in my opinion. I could have maybe got a bit more but I wasn't too concerned and the Vega runs better with my CPU I feel. Even with slightly less frames (I only play PUB G and Insurgency so there is hardly any difference in FPS) it runs smoother with Insurgency than the 1080 TI did as there is less of a bottleneck I think and that game is CPU heavy. I do wish it was the LE model but it was the only offer I had on my card and could not find too much info on t
  9. Posted on another forum. just trying to get some info. Anyone have one of these?I just got one in trade and I like it quite a bit but I can't find much info on this specific card.I do see there is an LE version and a NON LE. Mine is the non LE and the only difference I can spot is not having the RGB shroud around the fans.Was wondering if there were any other differences and how would this card compare to other Vega 64's out there?I traded a Strix 1080TI for the Vega plus $200 from him. I feel it was an excellent choice and fits my system better as I am using a 4790k still and I do
  10. Well AM4 launched Sept. 2016 and that is a 3 full years. Nobody knows what AM5 will be like or how long it will support but I am inclined to believe another few years. Much better than literally zero possible upgrade with my 4790k.
  11. Have been wondering this a lot myself. I just upgraded GPU to 1080ti (from a 970) and I feel it is time to upgrade the rest (i7-4790k). I do not like the fact that I literally will have to upgrade everything so I have been leaning toward AMD. I hear their chip support is several years vs. intel giving hardly any. I figured I could buy the first next gen chipset and then in 5 years still be able to upgrade the CPU to the latest at the time without having to do an entire new build.
  12. Unless your entire system is watercooled you lOsE MaStEr RaEc
  13. I have a Phanteks PH-TC14PE and IIRC it outperforms most AIO's or at least is on par. The downside it is the most god awful giant looking fan of all time. That is what I have with m 4790-K OC'd to 4.6 (my mobo sucks) and the temps are more than ok.
  14. One more post and I will stop but this long drawn out story is relevant. This is the company and game I thought of immediately when I saw this. I will try to say as brief as possible. I participated in a Kickstarter promising and literally guaranteeing certain things to happen (there is video evidence of the guarantees). The game was supposed to be a next gen Socom 2 developed on PC and ported to PS4. NOW I know Kickstarter is not a guarantee, even if the Devs say that it is (lie) in order to sell a dream but back then I was not so aware. The KS was a succes