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  1. Make sure you are trying different slots and swapping sticks between slots on the motherboard. I recently had something like this happen when I upgraded a computer to 32GB of RAM, it only had 24 useable and showed the other 8 as hardware reserved in windows. I thought I had a bad stick but eventually swapped sticks in a way the motherboard liked and haven't had an issue with it since. They were all matching sticks as well which only led to my confusion. Then when it was marked hardware reserved I totally threw a fit thinking the system had reserved it as VRAM for the integrated graphics.
  2. Yeah sorry about that, I tried looking up a model # for an image and didn't get very far so random stock image time... With a side of white background to offend all those dark mode users.
  3. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has warned that certain solid state drives will brick after exactly 40,000 hours (4 Years, 206 Days, and 16 Hours) of service due to a firmware bug. Assuming the products entered service soon after being bought that would place failures to start happening in October. There is a firmware update available, but If the drive fails in this manner there is no fix and the data is currently not recoverable. This could easily be catastrophic in servers using these in Raid or Parity configurations, since if the drives entered service at the same time, if they hit the 40,000 hour mark at the same time, would fail at the same time, causing the entire array to be lost. HPE is currently recommending for users to update firmware or plan on migrating to new drives before then. So, although a large majority of even LTT forum browsers may not have enterprise grade drives sitting at home. For those who make purchases of used hardware or do work with this type of hardware, this will be something to be wary of going forward. Sources: https://www.engadget.com/2020-03-25-hpe-ssd-bricked-firmware-flaw.html https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/hardware/hpe-warns-of-new-bug-that-kills-ssd-drives-after-40-000-hours/ https://www.techradar.com/news/new-bug-destroys-hpe-ssds-after-40000-hours Customer Service Bulletin: https://support.hpe.com/hpesc/public/docDisplay?docLocale=en_US&docId=a00097382en_us
  4. #104 is a bit of a heartbreaker, but considering that I started #201 that is a victory in itself. Competition was pretty stiff... Just glad I can shut down some of these clients, the weather didn't really get cold enough to dump all that heat without overheating a couple rooms. Had fun and look forward to next year. And don't worry, I'll leave one machine going for science, maybe I'll actually be bothered enough to put it in a case now lol.
  5. lazypc

    I went AMD!!

    Never would have thought Linus would get so excited over 2 cores... Also you can tell a lot about a man from his YouTube suggestions... for example, this man has hobbies that all start with C's, Cars, Computers, and Cooking... with a random tool song thrown in for variety.
  6. @leadeater those don't happen to be ASUS 290X's do they? I bought a pair brand new for me and my mate, his died about 2 years ago and mine just died recently. When his died I figured it was a fluke, but now that mine died I'm wondering if the design just wasn't that great.
  7. This could possibly be related: https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/a25346986/microsoft-hololens-army-deal/
  8. World of Warcraft? I'm jk, yes, I still play wow.. and yes this is a delimma for me... New Wow expansion hits in 2 weeks, but will I still play it when Fallout 76 comes out? I really only have time for one "MMORPG" in my life.
  9. Just having a launcher causes this effect, regardless of who it is through. I think the majority of the issue more lies in how many launcher programs do we really want running on our computers.
  10. Separate launchers for everything does seem to be the trend for the last few years. And if that is the way it is going to be so long as I can prevent the launcher from automatically starting with my computer I think I am ok with it. Not optimal, but livable.
  11. And just when capturing and deciphering WPA handshakes was one the only skills I learned in 2004 that was still relevant. I'm jk, it's about time.
  12. It is Windows 10... so you could try a clean install. Back up your stuff first. But my gut says its a hardware issue, specifically the motherboard. If there is another computer available that you can test the GPU in I would do that.
  13. I can relate through analogous fact of me having six-pack abs that are castrated by fat.
  14. Although... re-reading your original post, that "can't find steam" error may mean that you just need to reinstall the steam client. lol