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  1. a typo they didnt even strike me as weird with there current naming schemes
  2. no the xbox doesnt allow you to do network game storage, thanks
  3. Hi, i am a pc gamer with an xbox for occasional use, i bought the cheapest xbox and it only has like 450gb, i know i can buy an external drive but as money is tight as of the moment i was wondering if there was any way to partition off part of my 2tb computer HDD as a usb drive for my xbox then i would plug the xbox into the pc.
  4. i just came back the form after a long absence and i seem to remember the form being much more active specifically the tech support section. Has any one else noticed this as i used to be able to get answers with in minuets or at least someone willing to try but now i feel like there are much less posts and less responses. It may also be the season but i dont know. i also not shure if there are analitics but im curious if this is just my memory or if the form is in a recession
  5. you would need to re render if it is corrupt there is no way unless it finished the file the file is useless if it doesnt finish rendering, what are you rendering that takes 23hrs
  6. i have a password protechted hdd and i dont know what the password is, i dont care about the data but want to use the drive how can i format it, so far i have tried using a external drive holder but it wont initilaze and my laptop wont let the drive show up in windows if it pluged in directly
  7. Hello how do i apeal a ban on discord


  8. i would but she doesnt allow random discord DMs
  9. but spacificaly because i barely remember typing anything
  10. I joined the LTT discord a while ago and i now learned that im banned. i am a jerk online so i may have done something but i would like to know if my ban was rightful, is there a mod or something i can contact or a log of why i was baned.
  11. yea looks good just make shure they arnt sodered on and it is just screws
  12. dont know about price but cable mod makes the extention