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  1. Killer Lan vs Intel networking and how it works
  2. yes I'm aware of that, but what I meant was the extent of my knowledge is how to adjust the folding power from light to full, how to pause and fold. Beyond that I'm not really sure what to do with preferences and configure settings or how to set up multiple clients or even if I should and what benefits would I get for doing so. There's still so much I don't understand
  3. I don't know if I'm folding properly. I only have one client going which is local. Was I supposed to set up another client specifically for the Linus tech tips team? I was able to add the team info in identity settings so I know I'm definitely on the team. I'm just not sure what to do with the client connection settings and ports. And my GPU keeps failing, probably because I'm using the laptop with a GTX 1070 MaxQ. is there a helpful YouTube tutorial video or something that explains how to set a client connection up and if it's necessary in terms of joining the event happening in October?
  4. Where do you look see how many points you personally have and how many work units you've accumulated? I only see where it says points per day
  5. I'm using a 8750H CPU with a GTX 1070 MaxQ laptop and when I look at GPU usage the Intel graphics is roughly 10% usage but the Nvidia GPU is reading 0% and the GPU ID in the folding app keeps failing so I'm not really sure how to get the GPU folding properly. It seems to keep wanting to use the Intel GPU even though I used the always use Nvidia GPU in the Nvidia control panel setting. And the temperatures running on average of 95°C so should I only fold using the light setting?
  6. Yeah that sounds like a very logical answer and probably the most likely reasons. it's naïve but I would like to think they help each other out when times are tough for the other. The thought that we all live on the same planet and should work together to make the world a better place for everyone. Hippie mentality
  7. There were rumors about Dr. Lisa Su leaving AMD and going to IBM. She has come forward and claimed that rumor is not true. This obviously has everyone speculating on why would she leave AMD at this point when it's doing so well. but then I started thinking about the other important VIP's who have left to work for other companies over the years like Ryan Shrout a tech journalist CEO joining Intel along with many other VIP moving to Intel. All these tech VIP migrations are leading me to speculate WHAT IF all the tech companies are secretly working together to ensure that none of them fail because they know competition is important for thriving businesses. What if they are intentionally moving the smartest minds to the companies that are hurting the most in order to bring those companies back up off the floor and get them back on their feet. Now that AMD has gotten back on its feet, everyone's flocking to Intel trying to save them from falling. and IBM has been declining in the market for the past 3 years so perhaps there is talk of moving tech VIP's over to IBM in order to help keep them afloat. At the end of the day we are all tech nerds who want to see great things happen with technology. We want to see innovation and improve performance staying cool and using less power! It wouldn't surprise me if the tech giants are working together to achieve the same goals using different methods! But that's just a theory, a crazy Terry theory, thanks for listening :P
  8. I learned from a buildzoid video on Gamers Nexus YouTube channel that this specific motherboard is designed to work really well with all the RAM slots filled so yeah I was hoping my kit is a perfect fit
  9. I was wondering if I will be able to use my RAM from my X99 build in order to save myself money. I'm currently using the CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 3000MHz C15 Desktop Memory Black. I looked over the webpage for the Asrock X570 Taichi and under RAM they list various frequencies including 2933 and 3200 but they do not list 3000. So obviously this has me concerned. I believe that I'm going to need to purchase a new RAM kit for this build, but I would like some advice just to make sure in case I'm wrong. The motherboard's website for reference https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/X570%20Taichi/ The RAM I purchased in the past for reference https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XRG59PK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ~Terry
  10. My best guess would be a bit smart phone cameras require the ARM processor it was designed for in order to function properly. Like maybe they are only coded for that environment and it would take a lot of work to redesign it to work on Windows but I'm not certain. I wonder if it would be any more difficult using Mac or Linux
  11. My question pertains to smart phone cameras in general. I mention the Google pixel 3A specifically because Google is already integrated into so many things, I figure that makes them a decent candidate for the task. Samsung provides many displays for various laptops so it wouldn't surprise me if they could supply a laptop WebCam as well.
  12. It's odd to me that smart phone cameras in 2019 offer better visuals and audio compared to what we see in laptops. Laptop webcams are typically rubbish quality visually and provide terrible audio. What if laptop manufacturers decided to put the mobile camera from the Google Pixel 3A in their laptops? I guess it would cost them a bit more working with Google but having a great quality camera to handle conference calls and such, would that be worth the cost of doing business with Google to consumers in laptops? I suppose it's debatable considering some people really care about webcam quality and others don't care if the laptop comes with a webcam at all.
  13. I discovered some extra interesting information on the laptop screen, hardware devices under the monitor section it says generic PnP monitor but using software like HWinfo64 under the monitor section it says made by LG Phillips unknown model: LGD05C0. Serial number unknown. I find this very interesting that the laptop uses a LG panel apparently. I tried looking on the LG website thinking they might have drivers for this laptop but I couldn't find anything. If anyone else can please let me know what you can dig up on this laptop mystery
  14. Can someone please answer a question for me. I purchased a laptop from Digital storm recently and it turns out a lot of OEMs use Clevo motherboards in their laptops. my model happens to be called 95xER when I use software like CPU-Z. It uses a smooth 144 Hz screen driven by a Nvidia GTX 1070 MaxQ. or integrated Intel graphics with the Intel i7 8750H. It's a great laptop, but I'm experiencing a weird issue where 3D Mark tells me my benchmark won't be valid because G-sync is enabled. So naturally I open Nvidia control panel to disable it, but the problem is that there are no display options in Nvidia control panel. It only has the 3D settings section with adjust image settings with preview, managed 3D settings, and configure surround PhysX. and when I check my hardware devices it labels my monitor as generic which leads me to believe I don't have the correct drivers installed for this laptops screen and that's why the display options are not showing in the Nvidia control panel window. is 3D Mark right about my screen? Does anyone have advice for me?
  15. I tried clicking default settings in the bios and made sure everything was set to auto thinking maybe things would run better if everything was set as normally as possible and now my DRAM frequency says 1500 which is higher so I guess that's better than it was previously... But I'm still not happy that I can't get it to say 3000 MHz. But from what you guys are telling me it's never going to say 3000 because it's actually 2 numbers that are divided by 3000... I'm so confused