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    ASUS Z97M Plus
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    16gb G.Skill Ripjaws
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    ASUS Strix GTX970
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    Corsair 350d
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    1tb wd black 2tb wd green
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    Cougar 850w 80+silver
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    SyncMaster bx2450
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    Noctua NH-D14
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    Ducky Legend
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    Zowie FK1
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    Windows 7

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  1. Your card is not going to be damaged running at 70c. Update drivers?
  2. https://webmshare.com/R3dQA https://webmshare.com/XyZK8
  3. I tried out those .bats and everything seems normal. Ty friendo.
  4. So I went to move my User Folders from my SSD onto my HDD to free up some space. After a quick google search I was told to change the location by right clicking>properties>location, and change to whatever I needed (seefig1) After moving several folders I went to check to make sure it wasnt screwed up and lo and behold I had screwed it up and none of the User locations were in the folder I specified them being to. I tried to undo it with no luck so I went to just recreate the folders and go from there when I see that the Folder My documents already exists? And a little further investigation revealed that 4 folders exist as the same name. They all change if I change the name of one of them. Deleting one of them deletes all of them, etc. So how do I go about restoring my user folders to their original location?
  5. Went from LEM to Gold 3, where I originally placed. Back to MGE in 20 wins so doing alright.
  6. I dont know much about TV's. Looking for one in the sub $1000 range $800ish would be ideal. Requirements are that it needs to work. Thanks.
  7. Buy yourself a good pair of headphones with one of these http://www.dx.com/p/xty-operator-style-earbud-microphone-set-2631#.VeuyjxFVhBc
  8. Id say if getting to a library is difficult, then get an ereader. Lazier solution to your reading needs.
  9. This is my idle temp with my nh-d14 that I bought 5 years ago. That on top of the 3 case fans is a good deal for $100.
  10. Rank doesnt actually matter anymore. Everyone lacks game sense.
  11. Correct, what you find good is subjective. When OP says "a good film" he speaks of an objectively good film. A film can be broken down into its parts: its cinematography, its writing, its acting, etc, and be evaluated on its quality, objectively. With that said you are allowed to dislike objectively good films and like objectively bad films. Just to be clear here my issue with your first post is just about semantics.