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  1. I'm sorry for the late reply I had forgot that I had this question asked @Applefreak , I will look to see if this SSD have ram caching, also I suspect that because the laptop is smaller than the otheone it could be a heat issue, maybe the system is slowing out because of the heat the smaller laptop cannot cope with, but I will also look out for all the other tricks you said, BIOS and alll that, thanks @SupaKomputa , the one that is slow is a 14 inches screen and the other one is a 15.5, so the slower is a smaller laptop yes, I think it can be it. @Vishera, there was no other app running in the background, both were at the most basic I could have them to be. Of course I would understand if there was something else running, but that was not the case, to my knowledge ( also had msconfig before running)
  2. Hello, please I really need help to understand why my 2 laptops that have the SAME CPUs are working at 50% different force. (the only difference would be also one has a SSD the other got HDD + Optane memory) The SSD is the one that is slow Here: I noticed this issue when I was using Handbrake to encode files I started handbrake on both laptop at the same time, using intel quicksync decoding option and the PRESETI use is : very fast 1080p 30fps // CODEC is: x265 10 bits, on both laptops everything else is DEFAULT ( I use intel quicksync, on both) One had a 3GB file to encode, the other had a 5GB file, both file to encode come from camtasia software, m4v files while I am writing I have (doing batch endcode) Have finished 7 files with one laptop and the other one, I have just finished the first one, which is the 3GB file (the other laptop cumulates approx 13GB maybe more, that is done in comparison) everything else is pretty much as default One goes 50%+ faster than the other NOTE, the slow laptop got a SSD drive in it I went in taskmanager and I saw something weird : in taskmanager details the fast laptop got around 430.00K of memory (active private working set) CPU value is 50 also.... virtualization : Not allowed The slow laptop 995,000K memory(active priv working set) ...CPU value of 90 ...NINETHY Virtualization ...disabled (the other one is not allowed this one is disabled, why aren't they both the same?) These are really weird comparison of identical CPU laptop (8250U 1.6 with 8GB Ram) The only difference being the slow laptop got a SSD in it, the other has "optane memory" + HDD Usually it is the SSD that is faster !! This time quite the contrary I am typing this on my tower, I can take screenshots if someone need something, or Please can you help me, why virtualization is disabled on one of the laptop, and why is it taking all these ressources?
  3. @WikiForce, also would you be the same opinion that using a Sata splitter would be a good idea?
  4. @DefineOG, you sure I can just buy X number of Sata splitter cables and will never have a "green bar" or some lagging or delays of any sort by using the HDDs to play music or movies ? @WikiForce, so you mean the board will have 10 usable ports at the same time and no port will be canceled by using the AHCI mode ?
  5. Hi guys I have a question, I want to buy the GIGABYTE C246-WU4 LGA 1151 (300 Series) because I want a board that will have the most SATA plugs as I want to plug my HDDs all at once. This one has 10 SATA plugs except... they say the 2 orange ones are "supporting AHCI mode only" Will I be able to plug 10 HDDs to this board or not ? https://www.newegg.ca/p/N82E16813145163
  6. I bought many used HDDs 6TB (wd blue) in a lot and 3 or maybe 4 of them have already stopped working Now I'm looking to buy something that will last, but it seems no retailer sells any Western digital HDDs with the retail boxes, I never saw a retail box from WD for their hdds. I'm tired of them failing. WD60EZRZ, that's what I have they were not old, the date was recent, all of them - One has stopped powering after a abrupt shut down (unplugged abruptly) - One has start doing a 'tic' when closing - One has started to scratch, and loose grip - two of them are doing this actually All this after , let's say from 3 months to one year of use, my PC stays open, HDDs power setup are on 'never sleep' my PC never sleep
  7. @-rascal-, how many months should be reasonable to buy it, 6 months?
  8. How to know if a HDD is really new? For example, the HDDs are cheaper on ebay, but how to really know if a disk is really new when you buy it? Crystaldiskinfo will not detect when the HDD has been formatted? It will read it as a new one, right?
  9. @CUDAcores89 , I want to fill my PC with all these HDDs because I want to have them available, and I don't have double the money to protect my files, my solution for this is to duplicate the important files to some other drives and If there's happen to be a failure, I will quickly transfer the files to another working drive, while the failing HDD is still working. I have a lot of music that I want to have quick access to.
  10. @Slottr They already say it in the specs that it can fit 6 HDDs I know there is 6 tray, but I'm sure it can fit a lot more , like 12 at least if you look at the HDD section I am looking to know how much it can fit at most and also if there is a way to put more trays in the case If somebody can tell me it would be really appreciated
  11. Hey guys, does somebody knows how many HDDs I can fit into the Fractal Define R6, If I use every option/space available? Can I fit 10 in it? (and more) If I put more trays I know I can put one more HDD by using the 5.25 drive bay and convert it into a HDD bay I'm pretty sure I can fit at least 12 in the case I just need the trays, where do I get the trays? I noticed that we can switch the trays but Fractal does not sells the actual trays separately, can I get some trays from another brand? willl they fit? I have 14 x 6TB and I want to plug the most possible into one PC because I am planning to buy a new build , my main problem has always been to choose the best case, It's been maybe more than one year since I don't know which one to choose, The Define XL can fit many but there is no side panel window, it's kind of boring because of this, so, if you have an idea which case should I use, if not the R6 or XL
  12. Hi guys, I have heard that the Asus X99 are not as great as I first tought they were (may become faulty quick etc.) I want a mobo that will handle 10+ HDDs in all (some are 8+2 I think we can get 10 with that) I want to have something that will be the best price value and quality value for the price ** and for the years to come I think of LGA 2011 what would you guys get if it was you? and what CPU would you suggest with it ! plzz